How to make lips soft

How to make lips soft

If the lips are soft and pink then the face looks attractive. On the other hand, if the lips look dry and cracked, then the glow of the face may fade. Lips can be made beautiful with some home remedies. Most people remove the blackness of lips and skin by using sugar and coconut oil. Although there are some other ways, by which the lips can be made soft. In this article, you will learn about these methods.

How to make lips soft
How to make lips soft

Using Sugar and Vaseline

A mixture of sugar and Vaseline can beautify the lips. In this case, first of all dip the cotton ball in Vaseline. After that wrap this pho in sugar. Now rub the skin and lips with cotton with light hands. After rubbing for about 10 minutes, ask the lips with cotton. After that, use lip balm or lipstick to keep the moisture on the lips.

toothbrush use

Dip a soft toothbrush in some warm water or any moisturizing oil, such as coconut oil , and gently brush your lips. By doing this, the lips not only remain smooth and soft, but their lost moisture also returns.

using sugar and water

Lips can become shiny with the help of a mixture of sugar and water. In this case, first of all take water in a bowl and dissolve sugar in it. Be careful not to dissolve the sugar completely. Now rub the mixture made on your lips. After rubbing for a while you will feel your lips soft. Also, the dead and dry skin from your lips will gradually go away.

Avoid consuming acidic foods

To make lips shiny, eat less acidic and salty foods. For example, acidic foods include oranges , kiwi , orange juice and lemon water . These foods can not only irritate your lips, but they can also make lips black. Apart from this, salty foods can make your lips dry. It does not mean that you have to remove these food items forever, you can consume in small quantities.

don’t bite your lips

Some people have the habit of biting their lips or biting their tongue. This habit is wrong. With this habit, your lips will look dry and cracked. Biting the lips repeatedly exposes the delicate skin, due to which it cracks easily. Although the nature of saliva is moist, it helps in preventing drying of your lips. But repeatedly applying saliva on the lips is not right.

drink plenty of water

Drink 8 glasses (1.9 liters) of water daily to keep lips hydrated. If you keep yourself hydrated, then it will not only make the lips look smooth but will also remove the cracks of the lips. However, by drinking water, along with the lips, the skin will also remain good.