How to lose weight naturally at home remedy

How to lose weight naturally at home remedy

Let us know about How to lose weight naturally at home remedy. Home remedies are the best way to lose weight. Most of us generally misunderstand that weight loss can be achieved by gym, workout or weight loss surgery. But, weight loss starts from home and hence, it is very important to be aware of natural ways to lose weight. According to many nutritionists, it is important to keep certain food items and lifestyle changes in mind while losing weight. These can help you reach your goal more quickly. All these lifestyle changes are natural and will not require any appetite or weight loss capsules to lose a few kilos. Read on to know the home remedies to lose weight at home.

How to lose weight naturally at home remedy
How to lose weight naturally at home remedy

home remedies to lose weight

From the list given below, you can know about different home remedy to lose weight –

1. Lemonade with Honey

Prepare a glass of lemon water every morning and add 2 teaspoons of honey to it. Blend it well and drink it. Honey has great medicinal effects and lemon aids in the detoxification of the digestive system. Both these ingredients together help in reducing the excessive body weight and the results can be seen within a week or two. This is the simplest weight loss recipe.

2. Chew Garlic

Garlic has antiseptic properties and is found in every Indian kitchen. Chew two or more cloves of garlic every morning. This can be beneficial in weight loss. But, the taste of garlic is very pungent and smelly, and you may end up avoiding it.

Even if it may feel bad at first, try to get into the habit of consuming raw garlic on a regular basis. Make sure to brush your teeth properly after doing this as the smell of raw garlic can linger in your mouth for the whole day.

3. Stay Hydrated

You will be surprised to know that even something as simple as drinking enough water on a regular basis can be a way to lose weight. However, most people do not drink enough water throughout the day. They do not even know how much water to drink or they drink water only when they are thirsty.

To determine how much water your body needs, measure your weight and then divide your weight by 30. The result that will come will be as much as you need water. Example, if you weigh 75 kg, you are recommended to drink about 2.5 liters (75/30) of water per day.

4. Chew properly

It is better to chew your food completely for proper digestion and to keep yourself away from snacking. According to a research, it was found that people who take time to eat eat less calories than those who gulp down their food.

To understand this better, you need to know why chewing food is important. Chewing can help break down food into smaller pieces and aid in digestion with saliva.

If not chewed properly, the food will take longer to break down and this can result in weight gain. Also, the longer you take between meals, the more likely you are to feel full even after eating a small amount.

5. Quit Smoking

Your biggest enemy in the fight against excess weight is cigarettes. A behavior that does not harm your health at all but you keep on smoking. If you want to work on yourself and lose some kilos, then quit your smoking habit today.

6. Avoid Artificial Sugar

Fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars. So, choose them instead of foods with artificial sugars. This means that you have to limit your intake of carbonated beverages, ice cream, desserts and sweets.

7. Sleep well

Getting eight hours of sleep is another great home remedy for weight loss. It is less a home remedy to lose weight and more a lifestyle choice. But, it is so simple that with a little practice anyone can follow it. When it comes to weight loss, it is just as important as having a proper diet.

food to lose weight

Including these foods in your diet can reduce your weight to a great extent.

  • fatty fish
  • leafy vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Apple
  • eggs
  • dark chocolate
  • avocados


You can get permanent results to lose weight with all the methods mentioned above. Eat less sugar and focus on fat-burning foods like green tea, oats, fish and barley.

Can we get rid of obesity through Ayurvedic method?

If you always have the same question in your mind that how to reduce obesity (M otapa kaise kam kare)  then you can adopt Ayurvedic method for this. Ayurveda provides natural medicine to fight obesity. Along with a balanced and healthy diet and exercise, Ayurvedic medicine gives the maximum benefit in reducing obesity.

How is obesity reduced by Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic medicines mainly eliminate mango by digesting it. It is almost impossible to remove obesity without digesting this mango. This is the reason why many people remain fat even after reducing their diet.

What are the diseases that can be caused by obesity?

Obesity not only fills a person’s life with despair, but it can also lead to many serious diseases. Because of this, serious diseases like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, brain stroke and cancer occur.

In which condition of obesity should the doctor be consulted?

If your body weight has increased, and due to this you have to face minor problems, then it is normal. If obesity causes pain in your ankles or joints, or you are not able to do normal routine well, then you can get a solution to this problem by meeting a doctor.