How to Lose Weight in Thyroid

How to Lose Weight in Thyroid

How to Lose weight in thyroid, let’s know today. Body weight can increase due to wrong eating habits or lack of physical activity. In such a situation, increasing weight can be reduced by changing these habits. But some people are very worried about their increasing weight due to thyroid. They feel that the increased weight due to thyroid cannot be reduced. But it is not so. By adding or reducing some things in your diet and routine, you can reduce the weight in thyroid. But first of all it is important to know that what is the reason for weight gain in thyroid. In this article, we will tell the reason for increasing weight in thyroid and ways to reduce it.

Why does thyroid increase in weight? 

A thyroid gland is present in our neck, which is the size of a walnut. This gland works to control metabolism. But when there is a blockage in the work of this gland, then the weight of the person starts increasing. Thyroid is also of two types – hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. When a person has hypothyroidism, the patient loses appetite and gains weight. Whereas a person who suffers from hyperthyroidism feels more hungry and has the problem of losing weight continuously. However, they also have other symptoms. But this hunger and weight are the main ones.

What to eat to lose weight in thyroid?

There is no need to follow any special diet to lose weight in thyroid. You can reduce your weight by just making a little change in your regular diet. This change is as follows –

  • High amount of fiber – Include such things in your diet, which have plenty of fiber inside . Fiber intake is absolutely safe for thyroid patients. In such a situation, a person can include things rich in fiber in his diet like avocado , strawberry , apple , banana , carrot , broccoli , kidney beans , oats , almonds , chia seeds etc.
  • Consumption of carbohydrates and sugar in limited amounts – Low glycemic diet means a diet that keeps cholesterol levels normal in the body, reduces weight, reduces the risk of cancer and also reduces the chances of heart-related problems. Yes, those things can add up. For this, people include apples, kiwis , broccoli, carrots, strawberries, rice, dairy products such as milk , yogurt , cheese , coconut milk , soy milk , almond milk , pasta, whole grains , etc. in their diet. All these have been included in the low glycemic diet. inside of The amount of carbohydrates and sugar is limited.
  • Add protein-rich foods – Protein-rich foods can be of great help to you in preventing the increasing weight due to thyroid . It not only helps in building muscles but also helps in strengthening the muscles which become weak due to hypothyroidism. In such a situation, you can add protein -rich foods like eggs , almonds, oats, milk, broccoli, pumpkin seeds , fish , peanuts etc. to your diet in your diet.
  • Add Foods Rich in Healthy Fats – By adding healthy fats to your diet, one can keep the lipid levels in the body balanced and prevent the effects of hypothyroidism. In such a situation, you can add avocado, cheese, dark chocolate , egg, nuts, chia seeds, olive oil , coconut oil , coconut etc. to your diet as healthy fat foods.

Learn some remedies – Weight loss tips in thyroid

To lose weight in thyroid, along with making changes in diet, it is necessary to make exercise a part of the routine. In such a situation, lifting dumbbells or balanced weights can help in increasing the muscles. It can also strengthen bones and improve metabolism. However, for what type of exercise is right in the thyroid, take the help of an expert. If you are adding calories to your diet, then also take care of its quantity. You can also take the help of a nutrition expert to choose the right diet.