How to look beautiful without makeup

How to look beautiful without makeup

Today’s article is going to be very beneficial for all the girls because today we will tell you how to look beautiful and pretty without makeup.

Friends, nowadays every girl wishes to look as beautiful and beautiful as possible. Now girls have two options in this, firstly they can look beautiful by applying makeup.

And the second way is that they look beautiful naturally without applying any makeup. Because you all know that by applying excessive makeup on your face, your facial skin starts getting damaged and it also turns black.

We had written many articles related to beauty and fashion tips on this blog of ours and we had received this request from many girls that please tell us the tips, ways and ways to be beautiful.

That’s why we are writing this post today and in this post we are going to tell you all the natural ways which will help you to look beautiful without heavy makeup.

So let’s start the post without wasting any time and we want you to read this article completely so that you can know all the methods and methods very well.

How to look beautiful and beautiful without makeup

How to look beautiful without makeup
How to look beautiful without makeup

1. Cleanse your face

To look beautiful without makeup, you people should wash your face with cold water twice a day. This clears the dust from your face.

Keep doing this regularly and you will start seeing the difference on your face within a few days. Friends, we take bath only once in the morning and then do not clean our face throughout the day.

Many girls are such that people go out only by applying cream on their face. But these girls make a big mistake.

Before applying any cream, first of all you should wash your face with cold water so that the dust stuck on it gets cleaned, then after that you should apply the cream on your face.

2. Apply a good moisturizer

Friends, to become beautiful, you should apply a good face moisturizer on your face regularly. It is very beneficial for the care of your facial skin.

Now everyone’s skin is not the same like someone’s skin is very oily and someone’s skin is dry.

In such a situation, you should choose the right face moisturizer. If your face is very oily then you should use oil free moisturizer.

If your skin is very dry or rough then you should use aloe vera natural moisturizer.

3. Use good face cream

Friends, you can also apply face cream on your face to look beautiful. Most of the girls and women in India use Fair and Lovely Cream.

This is a very good cream, apart from this you can use Patanjali’s beauty cream. This is an Ayurvedic cream which does not have any side effects.

All types of Ayurvedic herbs have been used to make Patanjali Beauty Cream and it is very beneficial for your facial skin.

Apart from this, you can use any cream of your choice which suits your face. If you have any kind of problem then you can consult your doctor about it once.

4. Treat pimples

There are many girls who have too many pimples on their face, especially the girls who are 17 or 18 years old, then a lot of pimples start appearing on their face.

Now we will tell you a very good solution and treatment for this. You all would know that in the market you can find many creams and lotions to remove pimples.

But all these creams and lotions are of no use, you get benefits only as long as you apply this cream or lotion on your face.

We are going to tell you about an Ayurvedic syrup whose name is Safi, which you will get in any medical store. By using safi syrup regularly, all the pimples and spots on your face will be removed naturally.

5. Sunscreen Lotion

Whenever you go out of your house in the sun, you should apply a good sunscreen lotion on your face. This provides protection to your facial skin from sun damage.

Your face becomes black due to too much sun exposure, to avoid this, you should apply sunscreen lotion of any good company on your face.

6. Remove dark circles of eyes

Nowadays many girls complain of having dark pits under the eyes, this is called dark circles. Because of these dark circles, no matter how beautiful the girl is, her look does not look good.

For this, you should apply aloe vera gel on the dark circles under your eyes before sleeping at night. You will get this in any medical shop and you should use it regularly.

7. Hair Style

To look beautiful, you should also pay attention to the style of your hair. There are many girls who look at the hair style of others and make their own hair style similar to that of others.

This is not right, everyone’s look is different. The hairstyle that suits someone does not necessarily look good on you too.

Select only that hairstyle which looks good on your face.

8. Draw eyebrows

To look beautiful without makeup, you will always have to set your eyebrows and keep in mind whether they are correct or not.

If they increase then you should go to the beauty parlor and get them set. Always keeping your eyebrows in the right shape will make your face look more beautiful.

9. Use good face wash

To bring glow and shine to your face, you should use a good face wash. By the way, there are many face washes available in the market.

But the name of the face wash which is full Ayurvedic and very good for bringing glow to your face is Patanjali Beauty Face Wash.

This is a very good face wash which is being used by lakhs of girls and they have seen positive results from it. Because no chemical is used in this product and it is completely safe for the skin of your face.


So this was how to look beautiful and beautiful without makeup, we hope that after reading this post you will know what you should do to become beautiful.

To tell the truth, anyone can become beautiful by applying make-up, but the real beauty is seen only without make-up. And the girl who looks good without or with normal makeup is beautiful in true sense.