How to know that girl love

How to know that girl love

How to know that girl love: Let’s know about How to know that girl love. Do you love a girl with all your heart and love her very much and she talks to you very well with the girl. And you think that maybe that girl also likes or loves you but you do not have confirmation then this post is absolutely perfect for you. Let’s start How to know that girl love

Because this post your friend Shivani will help you completely and will tell you how you can find out whether the girl likes or loves you or not.

Sometimes our heart tells us many things, but until we do not recognize it well, we cannot draw any conclusion.

Many times we feel that the girl also loves me and we propose her but if the girl refuses you then you feel very sad at that time.

You had full faith that I used to think that the girl also liked me, but what happened and why did the girl reject me.

If you want to avoid this situation, then before speaking your heart to any girl or proposing her, you must find out whether what I am thinking is the same in the girl’s mind.

If you make a mistake in recognizing it, then it is possible that you are living only in illusion but it is possible that your heart is telling the truth but why to take chances.

Before expressing your love to any girl, you must find out whether that girl also likes or loves you. And to solve this problem of yours, today I am sharing this post with all of you.

How to know that girl love or loves you

How to know that girl love
How to know that girl love

1. Seeing the girl again and again

This is a very strong sign that the girl likes you because no girl looks at a boy again and again when she has a special feeling for that boy or that girl likes you only then that girl likes a boy. Looks again and again.

But girls are very clever, they never look at any boy continuously, they look secretly.

You keep an eye on that girl and try to be unknown for some time and suddenly see that girl, if that girl likes you, then you will catch her eyes and it will come to know that she also likes you.

2. He talks too much

Why do we talk more than any other person? We talk more to any person when we feel good talking to him and we feel very comfortable.

So in the same way, if that girl also talks to you a lot, then there is a lot of chance that she likes you and she likes to talk to you very much.

Look friends, we talk normal things with everyone, but if it starts happening a little too much and you feel that this girl talks less to others but talks to me a lot, then it is a very strong hint that that girl is in love with you. likes.

3. Chatting

Nowadays everyone has whatsapp and facebook in their mobile, but in our India it happens that girls chat more with girls and do less with boys.

But if a girl chats a lot with you especially on Facebook or whatsapp or whenever you send a message to her, she immediately replies to you, then it clearly means that she is not interested in chatting with you. Looks very nice and interest also comes.

You can test it, whenever you go online and if you see that girl is also online, then send her hi and if that girl replies you immediately, then you have to start talking to her.

Now if that girl also talks to you for a long time, then understand that that girl likes to talk to you very much and she has a different interest in you.

4. Sweet smile

This is the number 1 sign that the girl likes you 100%. Girls keep their behavior very hidden and they never openly express their expressions to anyone.

But if that girl always gives a lovely smile seeing you, then understand that that girl likes you 100%.

Now you will say that by giving smile to someone, does someone like someone a lot? Your thinking is also right, but when a girl likes someone in a different way, then her smile is also of a different type.

There is some shyness and style in it By seeing which you can easily find out whether it is a normal smile or there is something else behind that smile.

5. Helping a lot

Now I get a bit serious and give you some great hints. Look, in today’s time there is no time to help anyone.

But if that girl helps or helps you a lot, then it becomes clear that that girl has fallen in love with you, that’s why she helps you so much.

You can take a solution to find out about this even better, you share any of your problems with that girl and say that I am very upset, there is no one to help me.

Now if the girl loves you, she will immediately tell you that don’t take tension, I am here and I will help you. Friends, if that girl speaks to you like this, then understand that that girl has a great feeling for you and may be in love with you.

6. take care

You must have seen that how much any boyfriend and girlfriend take care of each other and by this they express to each other that they love their partner very much.

If that girl has started taking care of you a lot and your health gets a little worse, then she starts getting tension and she will tell you that you should not do this or that thing, then it shows that that girl You have a lot of concern and concern.

Because she does not want anything to happen to you and you to have any problem, my friend, when such feeling is in the heart of a girl, is it not love? This is the feeling of 100% love.

If you don’t call that girl one day, does she call you and ask “You didn’t call me yesterday” then this is also a very strong signal that she is in love with you.

7. wish

We wish good morning or good night to our close people on Facebook or whatsapp in the morning or night. If that girl sends you good morning or good night every morning without sending any message to you, then it means that she likes you.

If that girl also does not send, then you must try this trick and for a few days regularly send good morning messages to that girl only in the morning.

After that suddenly do not send any message to her for a few days, if that girl herself messages you or asks you the reason for not sending message, then it is a very strong hint that that girl misses you.

8. Being Touchy

See, when any girl loves a boy, she becomes very touchy with him and she talks very clinging to that boy or tries to stick to him.

You can find out this thing very easily, whenever you talk to that girl and if she talks to you very close or secretly, then that girl has started loving you and she wants to make you her boyfriend. wants to

The girl should be touchy to you and tell you that you like her very much and she likes you very much from her heart.

9. Flipping Your Hair

When a girl falls in love with a boy, then while talking to that boy, that girl repeatedly twirls her hair.

She will caress her hair again and again while talking to you and will also be a little shy. This shows that some other feeling arises for you in that girl’s heart and she likes you.

A girl never twirls her hair like this when she talks to a boy she likes, then naturally her hands touch her hair.

10. Giving you a gift

This is also a very powerful signal which shows that the girl has started loving you. You must know that boyfriend and girlfriend give gifts to each other on their birthdays.

If that girl wishes you on your every birthday without forgetting and also gives you a gift, then it shows the love for you in that girl’s heart.

Whether someone wishes you a birthday or not, if that girl wishes you a very happy birthday every year without forgetting and also gives you a lovely gift, then it is clear that she has a feeling of love for you.

How to know if a girl likes or doesn’t love you?

Friends, above I have told you all those things and signals by which you will know that the girl loves or likes you. Let me help you a little more now.

It is a bit easy and if a girl does not like or love you, then you have to consider the following things. If the girl does the below-mentioned points with you, then understand that no such feeling has yet arisen for you in that girl’s heart.

But friends, I am not saying all these things to make you sad. I always speak the truth to you and share the reality with you. So let’s see by what things you can find out that there is no special feeling for you in that girl’s heart.

1. Talking less

If you are always eager to talk to that girl but the girl does not have any interest in talking to you, then it shows that the girl does not have any special interest in talking to you.

2. Ignore

When a girl does not like a boy, then she tries her best to ignore that boy. If you feel that the girl is ignoring you too much, then she does not have any special feeling for you.

3. Call not picking up

Whenever you call that girl and she does not pick up your phone, then it tells that that girl does not like talking to you on the phone.

And if she does not pick up your phone even if you call her many times, then there is a high chance that the girl is not picking up your phone intentionally.

4. She leaves

Whenever she is sitting somewhere and you come there but that girl leaves from there immediately or after some time, then that girl wants to keep distance from you and she has no interest in you.

Because if the girl is interested in you, then she deliberately sits there for a long time so that you talk to her, but if she does the opposite and immediately leaves from there, then you should also understand that she likes you. does not.

Will that girl ever like or love me?

Look friends, love is such a thing that it cannot be ascertained when and with whom it happens. If you like and love that girl from your heart, then you should not lose courage.

You should try to impress that girl as much as possible and who knows, that girl may fall in love with you.

It takes a lot of time to win the heart of any girl and there is no shortcut for it, you have to work hard.

As time passes, there are high chances that that girl will also fall in love with you and she will start liking you.

But in one more thing I want to tell you that love is never found by force, it has to be achieved. You just have to do your hard work and rest is on that girl.

If you like that girl, then she will definitely fall in love with you, if there is no such feeling in that girl’s mind, then it is also good for you to know the reality.

Yes, you can definitely try to impress that girl, but never force it, you will not get her love but hatred.

There is no such thing in the world that if you desire from your true heart and you do not get it. If your love is true and your feeling is also true, then that girl will also realize it and with time she will also fall in love with you.


Friends, I have tried my best in writing this post and I hope that by reading this post you will definitely get help in knowing the heart of any girl.