How to increase sperm motility

How to increase sperm motility

Sperm i.e. the number of sperms, their health and their motility are the three major factors that are looked into while examining the fertility potential of men. Sperm motility refers to the ability of sperm to reach the eggs and fertilize them while crossing the ovaries through the vagina. When the motility rate is low, sperm may be present in large numbers but fail to reach the egg. Using home remedies to increase sperm motility can help you bring male fertility back to normal levels in no time. 

Best Ways to Improve Sperm Motility and Increase Male Fertility

How to increase sperm motility
How to increase sperm motility

Here are some of the best ways to improve sperm motility in men.

1. Improve diet 

Everyone knows that a well balanced diet can solve half the problems we face in life. But rarely do people follow it. Just as there are certain food items that can cure heart problems or diabetes, there are also some essential foods to increase sperm motility.

Most of these foods are those that contain a lot of antioxidants and are found naturally as well as in processed food. Linolenic acid is one of them which is very beneficial for improving sperm motility. Such as eggs, spinach, bananas, broccoli, pomegranates, walnuts, carrots and even dark chocolate.

Avoid eating processed meat as it directly lowers the sperm count.

2. Stay away from chemicals or plastic cookware

There are many doctors around the world who are puzzled by the increasing number of cases of loss of sperm motility. The increasing use of chemical-related items as well as utensils made of plastic has been considered as one of the reasons for this. It sounds strange, but there is some truth in it as some chemicals and components present in plastic utensils have properties that can reduce sperm motility.

These are usually the chemicals used to make things like non-stick cookware, BPA, flame retardants, pesticides, GMOs, and nitrates. All of these cannot be completely removed from life, but there are certainly ways to reduce their use.

The best way to do this is to use organic products as compared to conventional products. Choosing organic fruits is considered a very good thing to increase the motility of sperm. Along with this, instead of plastic cookware, ceramic or glass utensils should be used for cooking and heating.

3. The age of electronics is not good for sperm

A large part of today’s young generation, resort to using electronic devices for their work or carry some or the other device with them. Smartphone is such an essential thing that many men prefer to keep in their pants pocket near the scrotum. Also, computers, especially laptops, are used by keeping them on the lap for long periods of time.

Apart from the heat coming out of the device, the different types of radiation emanating from it create an electromagnetic field around itself, which indirectly affects the sperms. It is stronger when the instruments are very close to the testicles, making them closer to those areas.

Men should avoid using desk with laptop on lap, as well as try to keep your phone in your shirt pocket, so that it can help in re-increasing sperm motility.

4. Sperm likes the cold

Your body is able to regulate its temperature and focuses its attention on keeping all the vital organs at the right temperature. However, the testicles are outside the body and are controlled by the surrounding temperature.

Optimal sperm production is observed when the testes are a few degrees cooler than the body. This is why biology has evolved to make the testicles hang out.

If men usually use tight underwear or fitting pants, it tends to push the lower limbs upwards, exposing them to body heat, which can hinder sperm life. Staying in a hot bathtub for long periods of time or holding a hot laptop on your lap for long periods of time has a similar effect.

Men should try to wear loose boxers and comfortable loose pants whenever possible, especially at home. They should keep in mind that the testicles remain cool for a long time. Start bathing with cold water instead of hot water and you will see an increase in sperm motility. 

5. Quitting Cigarettes Immediately 

Smoking has many side effects on the body, out of which it directly affects the sperm count and their health.

Tobacco contains many ingredients that are known to react negatively with sperm production and affect everything. Its effects include not only sperm count or sperm motility, but also the shape of the sperm, which is biologically designed to move faster toward the egg. Men who smoke for a long time also start to affect the DNA of their sperm, which can mess up the structure of the embryo if the sperm successfully fertilizes the egg.

If you think it is too late now, then there is good news ahead for you. Studies have proven that after you stop smoking, sperm health begins to improve rapidly and new sperm are healthier and better able to reach the egg.

6. Get enough sleep 

It’s one thing to use your bed to conceive. But the bed is also necessary for the sperm to move and fertilize the egg.

Sleep comes when the body is doing the most work. Lots of repair needs to be done, the brain puts together all the information it has gathered and even sperm production is optimal. Studies have shown that when men get a good 8 hours or more of sleep a night, their sperm count is more likely to be good.

Testosterone production in a man’s body increases rapidly during sleep and increases sperm production. One hour of sound sleep can increase testosterone levels by about 15%, which directly affects sperm health.

7. Stopping frequent alcohol consumption

Casual drinking has become a common practice these days, due to which men are drinking much more alcohol than before. But drinking alcohol continuously in a week can have a direct effect on the development of sperm.

Studies have found that even drinking 5 beers a week or less can reduce sperm motility and lower sperm count.

There is no specific drinking number that should be followed, but the less men drink, the better their sperm.

8. Stay Healthy, Be Smart and Exercise

Just as food and fruits provide vitamins to increase sperm motility, regular exercise is also necessary to keep them strong. This is also due to testosterone, which is produced during exercise and makes a man feel more energetic and powerful. Regular exercise 5 days a week increases the sperm count which has a significant effect. However, too much intense exercise, and little time for rest and recovery, can have the opposite effect on sperm health.

Men feel very weak due to decrease in sperm count and motility. But this is not a reason to worry as they can increase sperm motility naturally by adopting some small changes in balanced diet and lifestyle. After all, only a healthy father can produce a healthy child and for that his sperm must also be healthy.