How to eat watermelon seeds for weight loss

How to eat watermelon seeds for weight loss

Let us know about How to eat watermelon seeds for weight loss. People try a lot to get a fit and attractive body. Regular exercise along with a balanced diet is also required to reduce excess body weight. People consume watermelon a lot in summer for weight loss. It is very low in calories and is rich in water. It also helps in maintaining hydration in the body. But did you know, not just watermelon, if you make watermelon seeds a part of your diet too, it can accelerate your weight loss journey.

Most of us eat a lot of watermelon in summer, but remove its seeds separately. Whereas, watermelon seeds are full of nutrition. In these also the amount of calories is very less. If you make them a part of your weight loss diet, it can help in healthy weight loss and also provide many other benefits to the body. Now the question arises, how can you include watermelon seeds in your diet? We spoke to Clinical Nutritionist and Dietician Garima Goyal to know more about this. In this article, we are telling you about it in detail.

How to eat watermelon seeds for weight loss
How to eat watermelon seeds for weight loss

How Watermelon Seeds Are Beneficial in Weight Loss

As we have discussed above, watermelon is very low in calories. They also contain a good amount of healthy fats, proteins and carbs. It provides energy to the body. In addition, eating watermelon seeds helps in regulating metabolism. This is because they are rich in Vitamin B complex, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, folate and potassium etc. All these nutrients help in increasing metabolism. You do not feel hungry soon after eating watermelon seeds. This also reduces the cravings for unhealthy foods. In this case, you eat less calories.

Also, when your metabolism is working properly, you burn extra calories faster. If you have a healthy metabolism, you burn calories faster even during minor physical activities. Also, you burn calories while sleeping. In such a situation, if you make watermelon seeds a part of the diet, then it can prove to be a good option for weight loss.

How to consume watermelon seeds for weight loss?

According to dietician Garima, you can consume one cup of 28 to 30 grams of watermelon seeds without any hesitation. You can include them in your diet in many ways like,

  • While eating watermelon, you can also eat its seeds.
  • You can consume them by lightly roasting
  • can be added to your dishes
  • Can be added to shakes and smoothies

frequently Asked question

How to reduce belly fat with watermelon?

During weight loss, watermelon should be consumed in the morning breakfast. Apart from breakfast, you can also eat watermelon as a salad in dinner. Experts say that those who are consuming watermelon as a salad at night, they should eat something else along with it, so that they do not feel hungry suddenly at night.

How to use melon seeds for weight loss?

If you plan to eat other low-calorie foods, simply eat your melon seeds with other foods. The seeds are rich in nutrients that have been shown to aid weight loss and keep your body hydrated. Watermelon seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Should watermelon seeds be soaked before eating?

First, soak the seeds in water overnight, and then you have to wait for a few days until they germinate. At that point, they are ready to be dried in the oven, dehydrator, or under the sun. And after that you can eat them as a healthy snack.

Can watermelon seeds be soaked in water overnight?

Fresh watermelon seeds should be soaked in water overnight before sowing, which speeds up the germination process.

How Much Watermelon Seeds Should I Eat Per Day?

A cup of watermelon seeds gives the needed kick to your metabolism and also nourishes your body with essential nutrients. However, they are still high in calories and eating too many of them can lead to weight gain so be mindful of your portions.

What is the harm of eating watermelon seeds?

Eating watermelon seeds gives you many benefits, but consuming it in excess can harm you. Due to this, you may have the problem of allergy, constipation or itching. Apart from this, if you have any health related problems, do not use it without the advice of a doctor.