How to eat dragon fruit

How to eat dragon fruit

Let’s know about How to eat dragon fruit. Pitaya or dragon fruit is native to northern Mexico and Central America and belongs to the cactus family. It is considered as a superfood due to its rich nutrition and antioxidant properties. Dragon fruit is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Its fruit looks like a dragon. Questions are often asked related to when and how it is eaten, that is why we are explaining the complete information related to it here through Kheti Bari.

How to eat dragon fruit
How to eat dragon fruit

How to eat dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is such a fruit which is in the line of very important fruits. Dragon fruit contains vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidant properties. Due to this it is very beneficial. Dragon fruit should be cut with the help of a knife and make small pieces by removing the pulp inside it.

This is the right time to eat, it should be eaten in the form of salad before eating. You can eat it with the help of a spoon or like a kebab. Its salad is very beneficial and beneficial if eaten before eating food. Its taste is sweet like watermelon. The benefits of dragon fruit have been explained in Ayurveda.

The outer part of this fruit should be thrown away as it tastes repulsive in food. You can eat this inside pulp like papaya and watermelon. By removing its pulp, you can also make its juice, which will not be a problem for more adult people.

How to cut dragon fruit

Before cutting dragon fruit, choose good fruit only after that it should be cut. Dragon fruit should be very fresh in appearance. Like its upper skin should be pink and should have green tips. After this the fruit should be ripe i.e. after pressing the fruit should be slightly pressed. Only then it should be considered worth eating. If the fruit looks shriveled from above and the color starts to look like a stain, then reject it.

The method of cutting it is very easy. First, wash the fruit completely with water. After that cut it like a watermelon with the help of a knife. After that take out the pulp inside and cut it into small pieces.

dragon fruit uses

How to eat dragon fruit | Dragon fruit is a fruit loaded with a lot of nutrients. Due to this, the symbolic power of disease increases and one can get relief from very serious diseases. We will know in detail how we can use fruits in our human life.

  • It can be used for the control of diabetes because the antioxidants, phenolic acids, flavonoids in it control the blood sugar.
  • Due to the presence of omega 3 and omega 9 in the black seeds in its pulp, it strengthens the heart.
  • It is also used in dengue. Doctors recommend eating its fruit to increase platelets.
  • Dragon fruit is used to reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Bones are strong due to the high amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus in it.
  • Use for good eyes because it contains beta carotene.
  • Can be used by women during pregnancy as it contains Vitamin B, folate and iron content.

Dragon fruit taste

Here we will know the taste according to the varieties of dragon fruit. You can read about dragon fruit origin.

White Dragon fruit flavor

It is called selenicereus unadatus and Hylocereus unadstus. The outer part of the fruit of this species is pink in color and the pulp is white in color from inside. It tastes sweet like watermelon.

Red dragon fruit flavor

It is called Hylocereus costaricensis and Pitaya Rosa. The outer part of the fruit of this species is pink in color and the pulp is red in color from inside. It tastes sweet like pineapple.

Yellow dragon fruit taste

Its botanical name is called Hylocereus megalanthus. The outer part of the fruit of this species is yellow and the flesh inside is white. It is very sweet to eat.

Where is dragon fruit found?

This question is often asked by people. Dragon fruit is also easily available in your nearest grocery store or fruit shop. Now it is also available online. Applications have also been released for vegetables and fruits. You can also buy from this. Its fruits are also available in mall or D mart. But if you want very fresh fruits then you can buy from any farmer also. And you can plant dragon fruit plant near the house too, so you don’t need to buy it from any shop.