How to cut dragon fruit

How to cut dragon fruit

Let’s know about How to cut dragon fruit. Each fruit has a different shape and the method of cutting them is also different. There are many types of fruits and we might not even know the name of some. Some fruits are cut and some fruits are peeled.

These fruits like apple, banana, guava, orange and papaya etc. are eaten the most in our homes. Some fruits are expensive and in these fruits the name of dragon fruit comes. Today we are going to tell you the right way to cut dragon fruit.

How to cut dragon fruit

what is dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is also called pitaya. It comes from the family of cactus and is very tasty to eat. There are many benefits of eating this delicious fruit, it reduces our stomach and heart problems.

It is of two types, one with white pulp and the other with red pulp, it contains many nutrients like minerals and vitamins. It is a good source of fiber.

how to cut dragon fruit

By the way, there are many ways to cut dragon fruit and people cut it according to their convenience. But today we are going to tell you the right way to cut this fruit.

  • First, cut off the top and bottom of the dragon fruit.
  • Now make a slight incision in it from one side and then peel it off with light hands.
  • Now cut it into two parts.
  • If you want, you can also cut it into long slices and also into cubes.
  • Now decorate it in a plate and serve.

use like this

  • Fruit salad is very tasty. You can use dragon fruit as a salad.
  • Dragon fruit smoothie can also be made. It is very tasty. If you want, you can also prepare a tasty smoothie by mixing many fruits.
  • If you are making fruit chaat, you can add it to that too. If you want, you can also make chaat of only this fruit.