How to Apply Foundation

How to Apply Foundation

Nowadays women use foundation to make their face spotless and beautiful . But if we are not able to use the foundation properly, then it causes a problem of cakey or patchy look on our face, that is why we should apply foundation on our face properly. To make your face look spotless, today we will tell you how you can apply foundations and what is the right way to apply foundation so that you can make your face spotless and beautiful.

Precautions while applying foundation

If you apply foundation on your face, then for this we should take many precautions so that your foundation can be applied well on your face and your face can look beautiful and spotless.

1. Before applying foundation, we should moisturize our face properly, so that foundation can be applied well on your face.

2. We should not blend the foundation by rubbing it on our face, because the foundations does not apply properly on your face.

3. If we do not apply primer on our face and only apply foundation, then our foundations is not able to give a good look.

4. To apply foundation, we should set it with banana powder, it makes your look good and the foundation also lasts for a long time.

5. We should not blend our face for a long time after applying foundation or many people do not blend after applying foundation.

6. We should always apply foundation on our entire face and not in between, your foundation gets applied well on the whole face.

Mistakes made when setting up a foundation

We always make some mistakes while applying foundation on our face, which spoils our foundation and also spoils the look of our face, that is why we should work very patiently while applying foundation, only then you can make the foundation good. way to put it.

1. Forgetting to moisturize the face before applying foundation.

2. Do not wet the beauty blend.

3. Apply by rubbing the foundation on the face.

4. While applying foundation, we should move the beauty blend from top to bottom while we should move the blend from bottom to top.

5. Avoid applying primer to your face and apply foundation directly.

6. Do not set it with banana powder or face powder after highlighter.

7. For applying foundation, we should use a beauty blend and not a brush because the foundation does not apply well with the brush.

Right way to start foundation

There are many steps to apply foundation, which we do one after the other, with the help of which we can make our face look beautiful and spotless. .

1. Moisturize the face

Before applying foundation, we should moisturize our face properly, so that your foundation spreads well all over the face and you can easily apply foundation on your face.

And this covers the spots on your face well, if your skin is oily then you use oil free moisturizer and if your skin is dry then you use oily moisturizer.

2. Primer is essential

Now after moisturizing the second step primer, we should apply the primer from our face to the neck because after applying the primer, we apply foundation comfortably, primer is very important for the face.

If we do not use a primer, then the foundation becomes much less and if we apply the foundation after applying the primer, then the foundation gets applied smoothly on the whole face and also removes our face from stains.

3. Use of Skin Characters

After applying primer, we should use skin character on our face, if you have spots on your face then you should use green colored character and if you have darkness on your face.

So you can use pink color skin character, you can apply it by patting it all over your face and then apply well.

It hides the blemishes and darkness of our face and prepares our face for foundation.

4. Foundation Apply

After the character, now it is the turn of the foundation, we should take the foundation in our finger and apply it dot-dot on our entire face, we should keep in mind that we should apply the foundation all over our face.

After this, we have to moisten the beauty blend with the help of water and squeeze it and then gently pat on the foundation, we do not have to rub or spread it, it can remove your foundation.

We have to gently pat the beauty blend all over the face, so that your foundation gets applied well on your face and your face looks flawless.

5. Using Highlighter

The foundation has been applied on your face but it is not fully completed yet because now you have to highlight your face because without the highlighter the foundation is not complete.

For this, we have to take a light foundation matching our skin tone, then pat it under the eyes, between the forehead, where we dot and under our lips and on our cheeks with the help of beauty blend. .

After this, you have to make it even with the help of banana powder or face powder, this makes your foundation complete and your face looks beautiful and spotless.

Final Thoughts:

So friends, this was the right way to apply foundation, we hope that after reading this post you must have come to know how to apply foundation.