how do girls like boys

how do girls like boys

Are you always immersed in this thinking and wondering how girls like boys, then you are on the right post because I Shivani, your friends, am going to tell you the whole reality.

In this post, I will tell you the whole truth because I am a girl, I am also beautiful and I know very well that how most girls like boys.

If you want to make yourself a perfect gentleman so that more and more girls become crazy about you, then you must read this post completely.

Because whatever things I am going to share with you in this post are 100% true and whatever qualities I am going to tell you about boys, boys and girls like them very much.

I guarantee you that after reading this post completely, you will not need to read any other post because in this post I am going to tell you in full detail. Then let’s start.

How do girls like boys?

how do girls like boys
how do girls like boys

1. Cute boys are the choice of girls

Yes friends, you heard it right, girls like cute boys very much because there is a different thing in them and seeing them, a lot of love comes from the heart.

If any girl finds a boy very cute, then that girl automatically gets impressed by that boy and if the boy wants, he can easily impress that girl.

Look, what is the other quality in a boy, it is known later, but in the beginning, if that boy looks cute, then the girl gets attracted to that boy quickly.

If you look very cute, then this is a very plus point for you, but if not, then there is no need to be disappointed because just being cute is not going to work.

Girls see many things in boys, to know about which you kept reading this post further.

2. Good personality

Boys whose personality is very good, girls like such boys very much. It is only natural that you also like a girl with a good figure, right?

So in the same way, if the personality of the boy is very good, then any girl gets impressed very quickly by that boy.

If your personality is good, then you must be very happy to hear this and you should be because this is the choice of girls.

3. Mentally Strong Guy

Every girl has this desire that whatever boy becomes her boyfriend, he should be very strong mentally. Because there are many problems in life and to face all these problems a strong and mentally strong boy is needed.

Girls are very well aware of this and they like such boys who are very strong mentally and are able to solve any problem.

4. Must be intelligent

Well, who would be such a girl who would want her boyfriend to be an idiot, not just anybody. It is the choice of every girl that whoever becomes the prince of her heart should be very intelligent.

Girls like intelligent and smart boys very much and if you are intelligent then understand that you will not have much problem in setting any girl.

If you ask 1000 girls what kind of boy do you want, then more than 90% of them will say that they like intelligent boys.

5. Boy should be sensible

Being intelligent and being sensible are similar to some extent, but it is not necessary that the boy who is very intelligent will also be sensible.

To do any work, wisdom should be used. If that boy is very intelligent but he does not use his mind to do any work then what is the use of it.

Even if he is intelligent, he will be called mindless and girls do not like such boys. They like boys who work sensibly with intelligent and there is no doubt about it.

6. Cleaner

Girls don’t like boys who keep dirt even a little bit, they always like boys who keep cleanliness.

Who would like a guy who takes bath only once a week, always wears dirty clothes, smells bad when he talks, never washes his socks, etc.

Girls always stay far away from such boys and never even in their dreams think of making such a boy their boyfriend who has not kept his cleanliness.

That’s why if you want to impress a girl, then you have to take a lot of care in this matter and always be neat and clean only then you will be able to win the heart of a girl.

7. Good job

Look friends, girls are very clever and if they want to marry a boy or with whom they want to have a serious relationship, then they pay a lot of attention to their job and career.

Think for yourself, if you were a girl, would you want to make such a boy your boyfriend who is a vagabond and who does not work anywhere?

Girls always pass time with such boys and never stay with such boys forever. So you don’t have to run after girls only, you have to focus on your career as well.

Because when you have a good job and you are well settled then you will get one better girl than the other.

There are many boys who leave their work to get a girl and start impressing that girl, and even if that girl is satisfied, then that girl does not stay with her for a long time because that boy has no future. does not happen.

8. Good Boys

Girls hate stray boys very much and they always like to stay away from such boys. Many boys think that if I will chase a girl day and night and set her in Tapori style, then this is your wrong family.

Girls find Tapori and stray boys very bad and they never want to make such a boy their boyfriend. That’s why leave avarapanti and engage in business my friends.

9. Money Boy

Many people will agree that girls run a lot after those boys who have a lot of money and bank balance.

I have to say what is true because I never lie to my friends. The boy who has a lot of money can fulfill every wish of that girl.

What more does a person need than this? I am not saying that only money is everything in life, but the truth is that money means many things.

10. The one who respects the girl

Respecting any girl is a sign of a gentleman and girls like such a boy. If you want to impress a girl, then you always have to respect that girl.

Whether you like that girl or not, but like a good and educated boy, you should respect each and every girl.

If you respect a girl, then that girl will also respect you and a feeling will arise in her mind that this boy is really a gentleman.

11. Understand the feeling of the girl

Girls are full of feeling and if a boy understands their feeling well, then the girl likes that boy very much.

This is a very good way to make a place in the heart of the girl you want to impress, that you have to understand her feeling well and show sympathy.

Girls do not like such boys at all who think only about themselves and ignore their partner’s feeling.

12. Boys Who Don’t Drink

There is no doubt in this that girls do not like boys who drink alcohol, liquor and beer at all. There would be hardly any girl who would wish that her future boyfriend or husband drinks alcohol.

If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, then leave this habit immediately because I guarantee you that the day that girl comes to know that you drink alcohol, that girl will leave you immediately.

Boys who do not drink alcohol, liquor or beer at all, such boys are number 1 choice of girls.

13. Boys who don’t smoke

Girls don’t like even 1% of boys who smoke cigarettes. Many boys think that it looks very stylish and girls are impressed by it.

This is 100% lie, girls like to stay away from such boys and will not like a boy who smokes cigarettes even in dreams. That’s why you have to say goodbye to cigarette.

If you have every good quality but you smoke cigarette then you should leave it immediately because girls hate it a lot.

14. She likes tall boys

90% girls like tall boys because their personality is unique. If you don’t believe me, then ask any girl about this and see.

If you give a choice to that girl, what kind of boys do you like, tall or short? So see, those people will 100% say that they like tall boys.

But it doesn’t mean at all that they like 7 or 8 feet boys, they like medium height boys very quickly.