Hello friends, in today’s post, I am going to talk with you in full detail about the advantages and disadvantages of Horlicks, after reading which you will know what are the benefits and side effects of eating Horlicks.

Friends, Horlicks is very popular not only in India but all over the world. You can see this as a supplement. Horlicks is used by everyone, elders and children, men and women because its benefits are immense. If we talk about India, then Horlicks is the best selling food supplement.

The popularity of Horlicks has increased a lot due to the school going students and young children. Horlicks is the largest selling food supplement product in the food supplement industry in India.

If you also want to get complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of Horlicks, then you must read this post completely.

Let’s start this important post without wasting any time friends.
Benefits and Side Effects of Drinking Horlicks


Friends, in order to explain well to all of you, first we will talk with you about its benefits and benefits, then in the end we will discuss about the harm and side effects of Horlicks, so let’s start.

1. Increases Length

This is a very good food supplement to increase the height of children. And the company claims that regular use of Horlicks increases the height of children very fast.

If you feel that your child’s height is short, then you can give him Horlicks twice a day, this will increase his height well.

Horlicks is also very beneficial for those children whose height has stopped otherwise. Use it regularly and it will increase the length of your child very well.

2. Increase Strength

Friends, whether children or elders, if there is a lack of strength, then consuming it will increase the strength in your body. If your child is very weak then you can give him Horlicks with milk, this will remove the weakness of his body and will give strength to his body.

In some children, the lack of strength is very much found, due to which they are always lethargic. But this is not a good thing for your child.

This is a very good food supplement to increase strength, so you should regularly feed it to your child.

3. Sharpening the Mind

Whether it is small children or children studying in school or college, Horlicks is like a boon for all those people.

Regular use of Horlicks sharpens the mind, so that children get a lot of help in writing.

If your child is very weak in studies or he forgets things very quickly, then you must give Horlicks to your child, it will make his mind very sharp. And his performance in studies will also be very good.

4. Vitamins and Minerals

Do you know that it is very important for your child to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals for his growth.

But the sad thing is that our child does not get all these nutrients in our food. Due to which the overall development of your child is not able to take place well.

Horlicks corrects this deficiency and provides your baby with all the nutrients such as essential vitamins and minerals so that his overall development takes place in a very good manner.

5. Muscle Growth

Friends, protein is found in Horlicks, which strengthens the muscles of your children and at the same time strengthens and develops their muscles.

If you feel that there is too little meat in your child’s body, then you should give him regular Horlicks, this will increase the meat in his body so that he will become even more strong and powerful.

6. Strengthening the Immune System

Friends, if the immune system of our body is weak, then we get any disease very easily.

Similarly, if your child also gets sick very often, then it means that his immune system is very weak.

Horlicks contains 9 types of nutrients such as Vit B6, B12, C, D, Copper, Folic Acid, Iron, Selenium and Zinc that strengthen your child’s immune system.

7. Strong Bone

With regular use of Horlicks, your child’s bones become very strong. It increases the amount of calcium in the bones of your children, which makes their bones stronger.

If your child does a lot of sports, then it is very important for him to have strong bones, otherwise even the smallest injury can take a very terrible form.

8. Increasing the Concentration

If your children’s attention is not focused on studies at all, then you must use Horlicks.

By using it, your children will feel like writing in their studies. The company claims that the use of which increases the concentration power of children.

Many parents complain that their child does not pay any attention to his studies. If your child has the same problem then you should give him regular Horlicks.

9. Increases Weight

If your child is very weak or his weight is very less then you must give him Hardlax.

Now many people will feel that drinking Horlicks will make our child fat. Friends, it is not so because lean protein is found in hardlax which develops muscles in your children without increasing fat or fat.

So that there is an increase of lean muscle mass in the body of your children, due to which the weight of your children increases in a healthy way.

Side Effects

Friends Horlicks is not a company of today. It has been the best selling children’s food supplement in India for a very long time.

So far, no harm or side effect has been seen in adults or children by drinking it. It is a completely safe and secure food supplement.

Children and adults can drink this regularly without any tension.

When and how to drink Horlicks

How to use

Friends, Horlicks should be drunk with breakfast, this is the best time to give Horlicks to your children.

Give two to three spoons of Horlicks to your children in 200 ml hot or cold milk.

If your children do not like to drink milk, then in such a situation you can give them Horlicks with water, but drinking it with milk increases its benefits even more.

If your child does not have any problem with drinking milk, then you must give him Horlicks along with milk.

After adding horlicks to milk or water, mix it well. You can also add sugar to it according to your need.

You can give Horlicks to your children regularly, it does not have any harm and side effect, you can give Horlick to your children daily without any tension with milk or water.

You will find Horlick very easily in any medical shop, whether you live in a big city or a small village, it is very easily available in every small and big cities.

you and friends

Friends, this was the advantages and disadvantages of drinking Horlicks. We hope that after reading this article, you must have got complete information about the benefits and side effects of Horlick.

Apart from this, we also told you when and how to take Horlick so that your children get more benefits and benefits from it.

If you have any question to ask us, then you must ask your question with us in the comment section. Apart from this, do you feed your kids Horlicks? If yes, then do share your thoughts with us. Thank you.