Honey during pregnancy

Honey during pregnancy

Sweet in taste and full of nutrition, honey is liked by everyone. Many times women do not understand whether this tempting honey can be eaten during pregnancy or not. Now there is a desire to eat honey in the craving that occurs during pregnant, but due to lack of information, women are not able to eat it. Here is complete information related to the consumption of honey during pregnancy. By reading this article, you can decide for yourself whether it would be right to use honey instead of sweet in any food when there is a craving for honey during pregnancy or not.

Honey during pregnancy

Can honey be consumed during pregnancy

Yes, moderate amounts of honey can be consumed during pregnancy ( 1 ). According to a research available in the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), honey has anti-bacterial effect. Due to this, UTI i.e. urinary tract infection (UTI) occurring in pregnancy can be avoided. Research has shown honey to be safe and effective for UTIs during pregnancy ( 2 ).
Pregnant women going through the problem of underweight are also advised to include honey in their diet ( 3 ). Before consuming honey during pregnancy, do check whether it is pasteurized or not. Always consume pasteurized honey, as unrefined honey may contain harmful bacteria called clostridia spores. These may pose a risk of botulism (rare poisoning).

Benefits of eating honey during pregnancy

A woman can get many benefits by consuming honey during pregnancy. On the basis of further research, we are telling the benefits of eating honey during pregnancy.

1, Immunity

The immunity of the body can be improved by consuming honey during pregnancy. Research also supports this. Research published by the NCBI website states that honey can boost the body’s white blood cells, such as T and B lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes, and antibodies ( 5 ) .
Also, it promotes the production of short chain fatty acids (SCFA) in the body. These fatty acids have the ability to improve immunity ( 5 ). Because of the properties present in honey, it is also called a natural immune booster ( 6 ). On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that honey can increase immunity.

2. For better sleep

Consuming honey can also reduce the problem of insomnia in pregnant women. According to NCBI, honey is also used in Ayurveda to cure insomnia. Honey is believed to have hypnotic effects. This effect may lead to better quality sleep as well as improved sleep quality. Honey is also considered effective in removing sleep disturbances due to some kind of disease.

3. Cold and cough

Honey has been used since ancient times to get relief from cold and cough ( 7 ). Actually, both cold and cough are caused by viral infection ( 9 ). In this case, the anti-viral effect present in honey can help in reducing the effect of cold and cough ( 7 ). Another research states that using honey can provide relief from cough and cold in children ( 10 ). On this basis, it can be said that cough and cold during pregnancy can also be reduced by consuming honey.

4. For throat infection and sore throat

Honey can also be used to get relief from throat infection . Actually, one reason for throat infection is also a virus ( 11 ). In this case, the anti-viral effect present in honey can prove to be helpful ( 7 ). One research paper notes that honey may improve symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.
It has been described as a cheap and effective alternative to antibiotics. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities present in honey may prove effective in relieving the symptoms of sore throat without causing any harm ( 12 ).

5. For allergic problems

Honey can also prove beneficial in problems caused by allergies. A research paper related to this states that some honeys contain anti-allergic agents. This can prove to be helpful in preventing allergies and removing health problems caused by them ( 13 ).

In research, it has been described as beneficial in problems like allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy), atopic dermatitis (red itchy rashes). Also, it has been recommended to do research on a large scale in this regard ( 13 ). Just note that some people may also be allergic to the B-proteins and pollen in honey.

6. Antiulcer

Research has shown that honey has an antiulcer effect. For this reason, it is also considered beneficial in problems like ulcers. Its use can provide some relief from some symptoms of ulcer. According to research, honey has gastro-protective potential, which is seen due to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cellular protective mechanisms. All of these effects can heal the mucosa (the membrane covering the surface of internal organs) ( 14 ). This is the reason why it is considered good for ulcers.

To get the benefits of honey in pregnancy moving forward, know the ways to include it in the diet.

How to include honey in your diet during pregnancy

We are giving below the ways to include honey in the diet during pregnancy.

• You can drink honey mixed with milk.
• Oats can be eaten by mixing honey.
• You can also drink honey mixed with lukewarm water.
• Honey can also be eaten directly.
• You can eat honey by applying it to bread.

Now in the article, we are further telling the disadvantages of eating honey during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Eating Honey While Pregnant

Of course, there are benefits of eating honey during pregnancy, but consuming it in excess can also cause some disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of eating honey during pregnancy, read further.

• Women suffering from diabetes in pregnancy are advised not to consume honey, as it can increase the level of sugar ( 15 ).
• The fructose present in honey can cause problems like gas, flatulence ( 16 ).
• There may be decay in the teeth.
• Consuming honey along with blood clotting medications may increase the risk of bleeding ( 17 ).
• Consuming some medicines with honey can increase the liver effect or side effects of that medicine ( 17 ).

It would not be wrong to say that if honey is consumed in limited quantities during pregnancy, it is beneficial. Of course, by consuming it, you can be successful in keeping many health related problems at bay. Nevertheless, do not forget to consider the side effects caused by its excessive consumption. Also, before including honey in your diet, do consult a doctor once, because not everyone’s pregnancy is the same.

Frequently asked questions

Who should not eat honey?

People suffering from overweight and gestational diabetes should avoid its consumption. You will find detailed information related to this in the article above.

Is it safe to consume lemon and honey during pregnancy?

Yes, lemon and honey can be taken with water in limited quantities during pregnancy.

Are Ginger and Honey Safe in Pregnancy?

Yes, ginger and honey can be taken in moderation with water during a healthy pregnancy.

Can a pregnant woman take honey for cough?

Yes, pregnant women can also consume honey to get relief from cough.