High knee exercise benefits

High knee exercise benefits

Let’s know about High knee exercise benefits. It is necessary to warm up before starting the exercise . Exercising without warming up increases the risk of injury . High knee exercises are great for warming up, as they activate the whole body including the hips and legs. At the same time, just doing this is also right in terms of health. Performing high knee exercises can help in reducing calories by increasing the heart rate. Along with this, the posture of the body can also be improved. Today in this article, you will learn about the benefits of high knee exercise, how to do it, types and precautions –

Benefits of high knee exercise

High knee exercise benefits
High knee exercise benefits

Exercising high knees warms up the hips and legs as well as other parts of the body. Actually, it prepares the body for other exercises and activities. Also the performance is better. Come, let us know in detail about the benefits of high knees exercise –

burn calories

High neck is great for heart health. After a few seconds of doing this, you will feel that the heartbeat has increased. By doing this, calories also decrease rapidly. If it is done fast and with strength, then about 7 calories can be burnt in 1 minute.

great for lower body

High knees activate the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes and hip flexors. In this way the balance in these muscles improves and strength also increases. By doing this with high intensity, the strength of the lower part of the body also increases.

improve posture

High knees exercise strengthens the whole body along with the abdominal muscles. Therefore, it can help in improving the posture of a person.

How to do high knee exercise

Before doing high knee exercise, it should be checked that where this exercise is to be done, the place should be flat as well as clean and there should not be any kind of smoothness. Along with this, it is also necessary to wear the right kind of running shoes. High knees exercise looks easy, but it is beneficial only if done properly. Come, let’s know how to do high knee – 

  • Stand straight and keep both feet close. The hands should be on the sides of the body. Make sure that the spine is absolutely straight.
  • Now bend the right knee at a 90 degree angle and lift the leg up. At this time the upper part of the body should not bend forward, the body should be in a straight line.
  • After this, the knee has to be brought near the chest. Along with this, the left hand will also rise upwards.
  • The same process has to be repeated with the other leg and hand as well.
  • In this way both the legs have to be moved up and down rapidly.

High knee exercise can be started with 30 seconds. A break of 30 seconds can be taken between each set. 10 to 20 rounds of high knees exercise can be done for warm up.

Types of High Knees Exercises

High knees exercise not only strengthens the body but also helps in burning calories. If a person wants, he can do it in two ways by changing its intensity. Come, let us know in detail about the type of high knee exercise –

high intensity high knee exercise

In this type, along with raising the knee more, one also has to speed up. If a person wants, he can also increase the number of sets. Not only this, a twist can also be brought in the process of raising the knee, such as by rotating the knee instead of raising it straight.

low intensity high knee exercise

While doing this exercise, its intensity can be reduced by slowing down the pace. For example, instead of raising the knee fast, it can be done at a slow pace. This can be done like a normal walking movement. It keeps things simple for couples.

Precautions for high knee exercise

If a person has any kind of problem in knee, ankle or hips, then special care needs to be taken while doing high knees exercise. It would be better to talk to the doctor. Only the doctor can tell correctly that this exercise will not cause problems for the knee or joints.


High knees exercise is usually done as a warm up, but it is a great exercise in itself. It activates the knees, hips and lower body. By doing this, calories burn faster and posture also improves. While doing high knees exercise, exercise is done in the right way only by keeping the whole body straight and the hand at the edge. People who have problems with their knees or joints, they should consult a doctor before doing high knee exercises.