Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt

Let’s know about Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt. Aunt’s love is just like that of a mother. In such a situation, it is necessary to make her feel special on her birthday. For this, just saying Happy Birthday Aunty to her will not be enough. For this reason, we have brought some messages in a poetic way to wish Aunt on her birthday. Just read this article and choose the birthday wishes for your aunt according to the love in your heart and send them.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt
Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt

Directly read birthday wishes and congratulatory messages for aunt.

50+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt

Given below are some of the best quotes to wish your aunt on her birthday. These quotes can be sent via message.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt
  1. She plays an important role in my life,
    she is not my mother, but she becomes a mother, she is with me in
    every happiness and sorrow, that’s
    why aunt is also called mother.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  2. Aunt’s birthday has come,
    she has brought a lot of happiness with her, we have also made a special cake
    for her aunt .
  3. O God, fill my aunt’s life with happiness,
    never give her any kind of sorrow,
    give her share of sorrow to me,
    accept my prayer on her birthday.
  4. Your company feels very special,
    Mother feels near when you are there.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  5. Happy birthday to aunt ,
    this year your marriage is shehnai,
    you get a lovely little prince,
    who is praised everywhere.
  1. Understands my problems, gets
    very worried for me , often becomes my mother
    to fix my mood . Happy birthday to such an aunt!
  2. Has not given birth to me,
    but takes care like a mother,
    fulfills my needs,
    fights for me even with my mother.
  3. One gets peaceful sleep in aunt’s
    lap, tiredness goes away when sleeping with head on her lap.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  4. Happy day today, happy birthday to you , happiness on your face every day, like a birthday all year long.
  1. May all the happiness of the world come within your reach,
    may all your needs be fulfilled,
    may no wish remain unfulfilled , may
    this birthday be fulfilled.
  1. There should be no restlessness in the mind,
    there should be no sorrow in life,
    there should be happiness in every moment,
    may your birthday be like this aunt.
  2. May you feel my age,
    everyone should support you,
    never feel lonely, may
    this birthday bring such a gift.
  3. May God protect her from the evil eye,
    bring a procession of happiness to her home,
    be happy always my aunt, may
    this birthday bring such a gift in her life.
  4. I pray that you get thousands of happiness,
    you get lots of love in every birthday.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  5. May the lamp of hope burn in life,
    may blessings be received as gifts from elders, may you get lots of love
    from your loved ones on this birthday .
  6. My dear aunt’s birthday has come, she
    has brought her happiness along with her,
    we have also decorated the whole house,
    celebrated your birthday like a festival.
  7. Aunty, thank you for your love,
    may you always be inhabited, may
    there never be any trouble,
    freedom from sorrows for life.
  8. She often becomes my support, she
    becomes a shore in the drowning sea, she sails every boat of mine,
    my aunt showers a lot of love on me.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  9. She protects me from mother’s scolding, supports me even in mischief, though she is my aunt, but she often becomes my friend. Happy Birthday Aunty !
  10. Sending lots of love to my dearest aunt,
    birthday gift via message.
  1. Life blossoms with your arrival,
    every problem is
    left behind, smiles spread everywhere,
    happiness comes home with your arrival.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  2. We have sent a message with the morning azaan, we
    have sent loving greetings to you,
    on this birthday of yours, we have
    prayed to God for your well-being.
  3. Aunty, wherever you go, you
    spread happiness,
    how do you do that?
    best wishes for your birthday!
  1. Happy Birthday Aunty,
    today is your day,
    happiness is everywhere, we have also shown our love
    through a loving message .
  2. May every shortcoming go away from your life, may
    whatever you wish come to you, may
    all your wishes come true on this birthday.
  3. May the sun’s rays give you comfort, may the breeze give you
    lovely fragrance, may you get all the happiness in the world
    on your birthday every year .
  4. May all the happiness of all kiss your feet, may the whole world dance for you
    on the occasion of your birthday .
  5. Got a lot of love in life, may
    everyone celebrate your birthday,
    as if it were a festival,
    it should not be just one day,
    it should happen every time.
  6. May you get success in every work,
    never face any problem,
    this is what we wish to God, with this we are sending birthday wishes .
  7. Your life is very beautiful,
    I am happy for you , many many congratulations
    on your birthday .
  1. Masi and our relationship
    The unique truth of love, Many congratulations
    to you on your birthday, from our side.
  2. I pray to God, may you
    achieve every milestone,
    may your stalled work be completed,
    love greetings to you on your birthday.
  3. You maintained the relationship well,
    expressed your love to us well,
    we also
    made you a chocolate loaded cake on your birthday.
  4. Start the morning with happiness,
    end the night with happiness,
    keep talking to everyone,
    spend your birthday with happiness.
  5. She pampers a lot,
    fights with others for me,
    I am not her son,
    but loves me like a son. Happy birthday to such an aunt !
  1. Seeking your happiness in every prayer,
    treating you like my mother,
    on this birthday of yours, we
    pray to God for your long life.
  2. Taught to walk by holding hands,
    showed the way to success, showed
    love like a son,
    today is the birthday of that aunt.
  1. Removes me from every problem,
    nurtures me like a child,
    keeps me happy every moment,
    takes good care of me.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  2. Every moment there should be a smile on your face
    , you should be unaware of every sorrow, the one
    who always makes you happy, may you always
    have such a person with you.
  3. You are a very good person,
    every other person should be like you,
    you make everyone very happy, may
    you also be blessed with happiness at every step.
  4. May your face bloom like a rose, may
    your name shine like the sun,
    may you never feel sad, may you just keep laughing like a flower, may
    this birthday be better than every other birthday.
  5. May the first ray of the morning bring gifts, may
    the darkness of the night bring a procession of happiness, may
    everyone sing on your birthday, may
    everyone wish you a happy birthday.
  6. There should never be a shortage of anything,
    there should never be moisture in the eyes,
    it is not only your birthday, but
    every day is full of happiness.
  1. May your every wish come true,
    may your every request be fulfilled, may you
    get whatever you want, may
    your every day become like this.
  2. Keeps courage in every bad situation,
    says everything will be good even in trouble,
    she is my aunt,
    but supports like a mother.
  3. May you get a lot of progress,
    may flowers bloom on your way,
    may this birthday of yours be such
    that you get whatever you wish for.
  4. Keep celebrating birthday every year,
    keep singing songs of happiness,
    never get sad in life,
    just keep smiling like this.
  5. May life smell like the fragrance of flowers,
    may your steps never drift towards evil,
    just keep doing good and sing songs of happiness.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  6. Knows my ability,
    treats me like a son,
    has supported my success,
    aunt has made me successful.
  7. This life of mine is sacrificed for you,
    we are very grateful to you,
    we will remain indebted to you for the rest of our life,
    for the attention you have paid to us.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  1. She calls me a hero,
    she lives in my heart,
    she is my aunt only,
    who calls me her son.
  2. She stays close even after being away from us, she is an
    aunt but stays with us like a mother,
    Happy birthday to such an aunt,
    May all your wishes come true on this birthday.
  3. His house also feels like his own , thinking
    how someone can be like this, everything seems like a dream, with his love everything feels like his own.
  4. She shows a lot of love,
    she shows her right on me,
    although she is my aunt,
    but she calls herself my mother.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!
  5. There is a pass in every festival,
    it is special for us,
    without it our day is incomplete,
    without it life seems incomplete.
    Happy Birthday Aunty!

Every child has a different attachment to his aunt. In such a situation, you can make them feel special by sending them the best Happy Birthday Aunty Shayari given above. Like Happy Birthday Aunty. Even after reading them, you can give birthday greetings to your other relatives and friends in a poetic way.