Happy Kiss Day

Happy Kiss Day

Let’s go, why do we celebrate Happy Kiss Day. Celebrated on 13th February every year on the seventh day of Valentine’s Week. Kiss Day or Kiss Day is very special for love birds. On this day, couples express their love for each other through kisses and express their heart to them. It is said that on this day ‘kiss’ enhances the depth of love. If you are also in a relationship, then you can express your love in beautiful words through ‘Kiss’. This day will become special for you and your partner.

Kiss day is very important for couples. Loving feelings make this day more special and memorable. On this day love birds also take the help of whom to express their love. Kissing not only increases love, but also increases respect for each other. However, due to being busy with work, many times people are not able to tell their heart. So this time say something like this in your heart.

Types of kisses

Happy Kiss Day
Happy Kiss Day

The eternal medium of expression of love is kissing. By this you sacrifice all your love on your partner. This is the way, which makes you feel the sweet touch of your partner. While kissing in different places has its own esoteric meaning, there are many such ways of kissing, which will increase your love . And then anyway, if any work is done in the right way, then its matter is different, so let’s talk about these methods –

Kiss on the cheeks – Kissing on the cheeks is considered a symbol of friendship, but it also requires a lot of preparation. First of all, put your hands on their shoulders and pull them towards you and then kiss their cheeks. Keep in mind that with this kiss you show how much you like them, so do it as best you can.

Butterfly Kiss – When you want to kiss your partner in a packed gathering, then this method of kissing can help you a lot. For this, first of all, look at your partner continuously, until his attention reaches you. After that blink your eyelids repeatedly. If you do it properly then your lover will easily understand your gesture.

French Kiss – The most important way to convey your romantic feeling to the sweetheart. This type of kiss is called intimate kiss. To take this type of kiss, you have to bring yourself closer to them and bump their tongue. Actually, the tongue itself remains important in this. Most of the people adopt this kiss that increases excitement and executes it in the right way.

Eskimo Kiss – This is a different way of kissing, which will bring you a little fun along with love. For this, take your partner’s face in your hands and touch the nose slowly. Remember this action should be slow enough that you can feel the feeling through it.

Freeze/Melt Kiss – Surely this method of kissing will not only enhance your romantic mood but will also add some fun to the romance . For this, you put a small piece of ice in your mouth. Now kiss your sweetheart and put this piece of ice in her mouth. Repeat this action for both. This innovative French kiss will give you double the pleasure of kissing.

Earlobe Kiss – The earlobe means the tip of the ear. When you kiss the delicate edges of your sweetheart’s delicate ears, their romantic mood suddenly rises because this is such a place, yes by kissing you add to their excitement. But you just have to take care that do it very slowly and delicately. Take full control of your breathing, as fast-moving breaths can interfere with you and your concentration.

Kiss on Hands – Kissing their hands shows the extent to which you love them. For this, you take their soft hands in hand and then kiss slowly. This historical way of kissing will add to your love life.

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