Happy Housewarming

Happy Housewarming

Happy Housewarming: Whole life is spent in building a house. When you have your own home, there is no place for happiness. This happiness doubles, good wishes of loved ones. If your loved ones have taken home and you want to send a congratulatory message to them, don’t worry. Actually, in this article we have brought more than 100 housewarming quotes, shayari and good wishes.

Happy Housewarming
Happy Housewarming

Happy Housewarming

If your loved one has bought a house and you are not able to share in that joy, then you can express your feelings through messages. Here we are telling some quotes, which can be wished by sending them to your close friend, sister, wife and relative. These messages are a good way to share in their happiness even when you are far away.

  1. I pray on this occasion,
    May happiness always be at your door.
  2. Congratulations on the new home, May happiness find the address of your home.
  3. Congratulations on your new home,
    always be happy, always smile.
  4. Many congratulations, dreams come true
    , the house, courtyard and door smell of happiness.
  5. May God bless you always and may you get all the happiness, may
    your home be filled with happiness with everyone’s blessings.
  6. May all the flowers of happiness bloom,
    the moon and stars play in the courtyard.
  7. May there be joy and happiness in the whole house,
    may love be in everyone’s heart.
  8. Best wishes for the new home,
    may happiness and peace always prevail.
  9. The whole family should always be happy,
    there should be each other’s hand in every work,
    everyone should be together in every trouble.
  10. Love, memories and happiness together make a house a home.
    Many congratulations on your new home!
  1. our dreams came true,
    congratulations to you at home.
  2. Congratulations to you, may the new house be auspicious,
    may you get all the happiness, may the house be auspicious for you.
  3. New home, new hope,
    congratulations on your new abode, may
    your every morning be filled with happiness.
  4. May the new home be like a dream, best wishes.
    I pray that your doors and houses are decorated with happiness.
  1. Climb the stairs of success daily, Let
    happiness see the way in the courtyard.
  2. Decorate your new home with memories and happiness, may
    no sorrow ever touch you in life.
  3. Congratulations on your new home. May God fulfill all your wishes.
  1. New house, new aashiana, congratulations on your dream house.
  2. It is good to see you on the heights of progress. Congratulations on the new home, may God bless you with lots of happiness.
  3. Congratulations on the new home,
    may your dreams come true,
    may you get immense happiness.
  4. May you be blessed with happiness, stay happy at home, may the whole family be healthy. This is my prayer to God again and again.
  5. In the new house, the guest should get full respect, love, respect and honor.
  6. May the peace of the house remain, the camp should be filled with happiness,
    congratulations on the new morning of your new home.
  7. Don’t let obstacles come in the way of progress,
    keep holding on to the thread in the name of the Lord,
    many congratulations for the new home.
  8. May difficulties not find your address,
    may there be happiness in your life, may the world be together.
  9. May your housewarming be in a new home with new happiness and new enthusiasm.
  10. Happiness and prosperity found in the new house.
    Get name in the world, get fame.
  11. New dreams, new house.
    Happy new flight.
  12. Let Gajanand enter the house with Lakshmi,
    all troubles will be eradicated from your life.

In the next part of this article, we are giving quotes on house warming.

Quotes On Happy Housewarming

Can also send quotes for house warming. For this the quotes given below can help you.

  1. Happy housewarming for you. May you find lots of happiness in your new home.
  2. Happiness smells in the courtyard of the new house, the flower garden is always decorated.
  3. New home investment is one, it is special for the family. Congratulations on making a beautiful choice.
  4. Connect home with happiness, success will increase. Losses keep decreasing, sorrows don’t get your way. Many congratulations on the new house.
  5. May the whole family remain connected like the walls of the house, congratulations to all of you for the new home-world.
  6. May the warmth of the relationship always remain, share each other’s happiness and sorrow together in the new home.
  7. Your first step in the new home, always be with Humdum. Congratulations on this new world.
  8. New home, new path, happiness get your home address with a smile.
  9. There should be a foundation of love and trust in the new house, this is the only request to Ganpati Bappa.
  10. Sour-sweet memories settled in the new home. Happiness swings in the house, Happy new dawn.
  11. Buying a house is easy, making it a home is difficult. Let this be your home, let the stars twinkle in the courtyard.
  12. May God bless you, may your hopes come true.
    Always be happy, may obstacles never come in life.
  13. Stay bright in the new house, May there be smile on every face,
    Make happiness a nest, God only prays for this.
  14. Every guest should get respect, there should be no less happiness
    in the new house, the eyes should never be moist with sorrow.
  15. May the new home of memories be filled with faith, love and happiness. Many congratulations on the new home.
  16. When there is a foundation of love in the house, no decoration is needed. May your home be decorated like this. Best wishes
  17. A new home is the beginning of a new life. Leave all troubles behind and embrace the new world. This is the wish. Congratulations!
  18. May your new world flourish like a garden, may your entry into your new home be wonderful.
  19. May peace and prosperity reside in the new home, may new progress be found everyday, may happiness be near.
  20. New neighbors, new places and new routes. May you all get good like this. Just keep moving forward on the path of life.
  21. Enter the new house with Riddhi-Siddhi along with Ganesha, get all the happiness, get rid of the troubles of life.