Happy birthday wishes for twins

Happy birthday wishes for twins

In today’s article, we will know about Happy birthday wishes for twins. There is no special day for children than their birthday. On this day, he wants everyone to shower him with immense love. This greed of getting love on birthday is not only for children but also for the youth. Everyone wants everyone to give them love, gifts and lovely congratulatory messages on their birthday. Everyone wants to make their birthday special and when it comes to the birthday of twins, the speciality doubles. To make their special day even more special. You can make the birthday of the twins more wonderful by sending these birthday wishes for twins. So let’s read the best twins birthday quotes and greetings messages.

Let us now have a direct look at the Happy Birthday Wishes for Twins.

Happy birthday wishes for twins

Happy birthday wishes for twins
Happy birthday wishes for twins

Whether it is twin brothers or twin sisters or twin siblings, there are different types of best wishes messages for all types of twins. You can make their birthday special by sending them on social media or speaking face to face. So let us first read the General Birthday Wishes for Twins:

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Read the Happy Birthday Wishes for Twins below in order.

Birthday Wishes For Twins

If you want to wish the twins a simple birthday, you can use the Happy Birthday Twins Greeting Messages below. You can send these messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, text messages or by writing on greeting cards.

  1. You may look alike, but your souls are completely different and beautiful. Happy birthday to both of you twins.
  2. We wish that both of you get endless happiness and love from this world. Happy birthday twins.
  3. From the bottom of my heart, I wish that both of you remain full of happiness throughout your life. Happy birthday
  4. I wish that with time the love between you both gets deeper and you both never leave each other’s side. Please accept the birthday wishes.
  5. No one can understand me better than you. Happy birthday to my lovely twin brother.
  6. You both are just like the moon and stars and because of you there is moonlight in our nights. Happy birthday to both.
  7. There are very few people who are lucky enough to have a friend throughout their life. But you both are very lucky that your friend is your twin brother. Happy birthday to both.
  8. There is nothing else in the world like the joy and experience of being a twin and you are so lucky to have got that feeling. Keep enjoying this feeling and keep celebrating your birthday.
  9. You two keep fighting with each other for everything and I wish that your lovely banter continues like this forever. Happy Birthday.
  10. The most wonderful birthday wishes to the cutest twins in the world. Live a lot and laugh a lot.

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  1. Double sweets, double gifts and double congratulations to both of you twins on this double birthday.
  2. My innocent twins, my wish for both of you is that life keeps you very happy and you achieve success in life. Happy birthday to you.
  3. Words cannot describe how wonderful our life is because of both of you. Many congratulations for coming into our lives and for your birthday.
  4. Twins cannot be separated only in the mother’s womb, but they cannot be separated even when there is love between them like yours. Happy birthday twins.
  5. My little twins are growing up so fast. We consider ourselves lucky to have such cute and mischievous twins in our lives. Happy Birthday.
  6. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching you two twins grow each year. Happy birthday dear twins.
  7. I can’t even imagine my life without you both. Thank you children for coming into this world as mother’s life. Happy Birthday.
  8. You both are father’s life, pride and pride, live a lot and have a lot of fun. Many many happy returns of the day.
  9. You both are the most precious gift of God and I am the luckiest father to have you. Happy birthday to both of you from my side.

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Read below the congratulatory messages on Happy Birthday Twin Brothers.

Birthday wishes for twin brothers – Birthday Wishes For Twin Brothers in Hindi

If the twins are both boys, you can send these Happy Birthday Twin Brothers greeting messages by writing them on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or by meeting them face to face. Hearing such congratulations from your mouth will make his day very special.

  1. Today is a very special day and may you be blessed with happiness. Happy birthday to twin brothers.
  2. The entry of both of you in our life has created a fair of happiness. Happy birthday my kids.
  3. I wish that both of you get lots of gifts, cakes and chocolates on your birthday and that your birthday becomes absolutely sweet. Happy birthday twin brothers.
  4. I am jealous that both of you have the same birthday and get so much love from everyone. But this day is also very relaxing for the sister. Happy birthday my twin brothers.
  5. You both are not just twins but are blessed by God as children. Many many happy returns of the day from my side.
  6. Today neither father can scold you nor mother can stop you. Today both of you can have a lot of fun. Happy birthday dear twin boys.
  7. Create double the explosions on this day, have double the fun, because today is also a day of double happiness. Happy birthday twin brothers.
  8. You two are different even though you are alike. Just like there are moon and sun in the sky. You two are unbreakable friends as brothers. Happy birthday to both of you.
  9. The lucky ones get twin brothers and both of you are blessed with luck. Happy birthday
  10. As you grow up, I pray that you will continue to support each other with the same strength. Happy birthday to twin brothers.
  11. If I had to choose between lakhs of rupees and you two twin brothers, I would choose you because I know life would be more beautiful with both of you. Happy Birthday Twins Brothers.

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  1. You both have something unique to offer to the world. Hope you keep shining like this and one day you will bring laurels to the world. Happy Birthday.
  2. You two are growing up so fast and we are happy as well as shocked. Happy Birthday.
  3. Some things in life cannot be planned, but they happen. Like you two came into our life and I now know how sweet some random things can be. Happy Birthday.
  4. Both of you are a double dose of trouble, but still you are the life of our house. Happy birthday to twin brothers.
  5. I am thankful that I got to spend a whole life with both of you, not a day, a week or a month. Happy Birthday Twins Brothers.
  6. I could not have found a friend more lovely and beautiful than both of you. Thanks for being a friend to a single dad. Happy birthday my kids.
  7. The team of both of you is heavy on everyone, have fun and mischief on this day, as much as you want. Happy birthday twin brother.
  8. Twins are an unacknowledged gift, given only to those who have the strength to handle them. God has blessed us in you. Happy birthday kids.
  9. The great thing about having a twin brother is that you never feel lonely because God has sent your best friend along with you. Happy birthday twin brothers.

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Read below Birthday Wishes for Twins Sisters.

Birthday Wishes For Twin Sisters – Birthday Wishes For Twin Sisters

You can send the below mentioned Happy Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters on the birthday of twin sisters. You can also post these congratulatory messages on social media and also write on any beautiful greeting card or gift.

  1. By the grace of God, your family members got two happiness in a single day, when two daughters came in their lap. Happy birthday to twin sisters.
  2. My dear twin sister, wishing you a very happy birthday with lots of love and acceptance from my side.
  3. I pray that both of you twin sisters, even after shining together, keep separate identities and bring laurels to your parents. Happy birthday twin sisters.
  4. The journey of life is very difficult, you should always support each other in this. With this wish, our best wishes to both the twin sisters.
  5. No matter how difficult life is, both of you shine like stars, twinkle-twinkle. Happy birthday twin sisters.
  6. May there never be any sorrow in the life of our little twin fairies, may happiness be immense and they always smile. Happy birthday twin sisters.
  7. It is said that small children cannot do anything, but if they are cute twin sisters like you, then they can always bring a smile on everyone’s face. Happy birthday twin sisters.
  8. I pray for my daughters that the way the innocence of both of you pulls everyone towards itself, the same happiness keeps getting pulled towards both of you. Happy Birthday.
  9. It is said that daughters are the Lakshmi of the house, but both of you should not only bring happiness and peace, but also be capable of snatching your rights when needed. Happy birthday to twin sisters.
  10. Happy birthday to the lovely twin girls. Happy birthday to you.
  11. May God fill both of your pockets with happiness and make your every day smell like Holi. Many many happy returns of the day.

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  1. There are many twin sisters in the world, but none are as lovely as you two. Happy birthday from my side.
  2. Two beautiful girls, who have a heart and are even more beautiful. I pray to God that the lives of both of you also become beautiful like this. Happy Birthday.
  3. No poem, no rose, May you both get immense happiness on your birthday. best wishes for your birthday.
  4. The meeting of both of us is the biggest blessing of God. Our life is absolutely colorless without you both. Happy Birthday.
  5. Both of you daughters are the darlings of your parents, both of you have smiles in the colors of the rainbow. You both are a source of happiness for the whole family. Happy birthday daughters.
  6. I wish that both of you become a reason of pride not only for your family, but also make the whole world proud of you. Hearty birthday greetings.
  7. Just like a hungry person gets halwa-puri to eat, so may your every wish come true. Many many happy returns of the day.
  8. Today is a very happy day for the whole family as it is the birthday of two mischievous and innocent fairies. Happy Birthday Twins Angel.

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Read on for Happy Birthday Wishes for Twin Brother and Sister.

Birthday Wishes For Twins Boy And Girl

If you have a boy and a girl twin, then you can make their birthday special by sending the below mentioned Happy Birthday Wishes for Twins.

  1. Today there will be not one, but two parties, because the reason for happiness is also doubled. Today is the birthday of twin sister-brother and both will get lots of congratulations.
  2. What a wonder it is of God, brother is naughty and sister is calm. God gave two boons in a single day. Happy birthday twins.
  3. There is no festival so lovely and wonderful in this world, which can bring more happiness than the birthday of my twins. Happy birthday to twin brother and sister.
  4. God also did not differentiate between son and daughter and sent them as twins. May both of you get equal respect and progress in this world as well. Happy Birthday.
  5. Twins are very lucky for any parent and to have a boy and a girl means to consider yourself lucky. Thank you both for making us lucky and happy birthday.
  6. My dear children, on this birthday of yours, we wish you new heights of success. Happy birthday to both.
  7. Lots of love and affection from uncle and aunt to twin sister and brother. I pray to God that both of you get happiness and success in life. Happy Birthday.
  8. Being the parents of twins is a matter of immense happiness, because you get a bumper gift of happiness. Happy birthday my lovely twins.
  9. There is no better friend for a brother than his sister and you both are lucky that you both have got a friend from mother’s womb itself. Happy birthday twin brother and sister.
  10. It is our heartfelt wish that you two twin brother-sister lives be restored happily. Whichever way you go, there will be a market of fun. Happy Birthday.
  11. We pray that whatever dream you both see, it gets fulfilled and you achieve success till the heights of the sky. Happy Birthday Twins Brother and Sister.
  12. No matter how many years pass by for your birthday, our love and blessings for you will remain the same. Happy birthday twin brother and sister.
  13. Today is both of our birthdays, but I want to tell you how lucky I am to have you as my twin sister. Happy birthday my twin sister.
  14. I may have never told you before, but you mean the world to me, my twin brother. Happy birthday to you.
  15. We are both fortunate to have twins and are one of the very few to get to experience this rare feeling. Happy birthday my twin sister.