Happy birthday brother

Happy birthday brother

Let’s know about Happy birthday brother. The relationship between elder and younger brother is very sweet. Small fights keep happening between them, but both know very well that how much both love each other. By the way, sometimes it also happens that both are unable to show their love to each other. In such a situation, you can express your affection with birthday greetings. We have come up with special birthday greetings messages for younger and elder brother, which will further strengthen your love.

For big brother

Happy birthday brother

1. Wanted to say a lot,
but could never say,
could not stay with your brother every moment,
sometimes it was for studies,
sometimes it was an excuse for work, but could not live a day
without quarreling with you . happy birthday big brother

2. Brother, you are my support,
you are the edge of every destination, there
is no journey of life in which you are not there,
whatever it is, brother, you are the only one.
happy birthday brother

3. When I am lonely,
someone supports me,
though he is my brother,
but he calls himself my friend.

4. We fulfilled the duty of being a younger brother very well,
showed our love by posting Happy Birthday Brother status,
because you taught us to post status as well.

5. Never taught me to stop depending on luck,
never taught me to bow down before anyone,
like this is my elder brother,
whose birthday is today.

6. The new day of birthday has brought a new gift,
brought a procession of happiness,
where success will come like a bride,
and apply tilak on my brother’s forehead.
happy birthday big brother

7. Every morning and every evening,
one name comes on the tongue,
Brother, you are no one else, my pride, my pride,
whom I respect from the bottom of my heart.

8. Happy birthday brother,
today we are far away, but I miss every fight of childhood,
whether it is the beating of father’s slippers or the sweets made by mother’s hands,
once again I want to say, happy birthday my elder bro.

9. Brother, I am just learning from you, I am
writing what I have told you,
there are crores of people in the world,
among them my brother is looking different.

10. There was no dearth of friends,
no tears in my eyes,
my brother is with me,
that’s why there were no difficulties in life.

11. Can’t live without talking bad about each other in front of me,
brother, I can’t say that I have no better partner than you,
but can’t tolerate when someone does bad things to one of us,
this is the relationship between us, that’s why we can’t live without each other.
happy birthday brother

12. My school day would not have been memorable,
if you were not with me,
I would cry alone at the end of the day,
if you were not with me.
happy Birthday bro

13. May the smile be on your lips,
may the world be in your footsteps, may
my heart say this to God every moment, may
my brother be safe all my life.
happy birthday big brother

14. He calls himself my shadow,
comes in front of me in trouble,
no one is called elder brother just like that,
he fulfills his responsibilities very well.

15. Someone has come before me in my life to spread colors,
I have made a chocolate cake for him,
on which Happy Birthday elder brother has been written.

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birthday message for younger brother

You must have always been troubling the younger brother for his work, but make his birthday memorable through the message written by us.

1. Happy birthday brother,
today your day has come,
there is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere, I have fulfilled my duty
by wishing you a happy birthday .

2. There is little intelligence, stubborn every moment,
yet you do not lack ability,
no matter what the problem is, you are able to deal with it.
happy birthday little brother

3. He is the apple of his mother’s eye,
everyone’s darling, he
does all my work,
that’s why he considers himself poor.

4. Holding hands, teach me to walk,
teach me to fight every problem,
today is my younger brother’s birthday , show my love to everyone
by putting Happy Birthday Brother Status .

5. No matter what the situation is,
no one can support me,
but there is one who stays with me,
that’s why my younger brother is special for me.

6. The one whom I used to drop from school,
started going to college,
now he also started helping me in my work.
happy birthday brother

7. The one whom I tease by saying that I have picked him up from the way,
I decorate dreams for his future.

8. I will give you all that I did not get,
Brother, I have a life in you, I just want to say this to you.
happy birthday little brother

9. I had become lonely and was looking for support,
then my dear younger brother came.

10. The one who considers me his hero,
the one who wants to be like me,
the one who calls me brother,
only he lives in my heart.

11. The one who used my old things, today started making new things,
the one who used to learn from me, today started teaching people.
happy birthday brother

12. Fighting-quarrel is also necessary,
meeting-separation is also necessary,
but we live in the same house,
there is no distance between us.

13. Sometimes persuading, sometimes not showing love,
this is what the world has been doing with the younger brother.

14. He imitates me in everything, he
is smaller than me that’s why he is afraid of me.
happy birthday little brother

15. If you are not together in the festival then there is no fun, if
you are together there will be a fight,
without you I will not be left alone.
happy birthday brother