Happy anniversary sister and brother in law

Happy anniversary sister and brother in law

In today’s post we will know Happy anniversary sister and brother in law. As soon as the thought of sister’s marriage comes, both happiness and sorrow knock together in the mind. On the one hand, the thought of going away from the sister starts troubling, but at the same time there is happiness that she is about to step into her new life. Then that day also comes when the wedding anniversary of the sister comes. To make this day special, you can make them feel special by sending them lovely greetings along with gifts. We have come up with happy marriage anniversary messages, shayari and quotes for didi and jiju. With their help, you can convey your love to them.

Happy anniversary sister and brother in law
Happy anniversary sister and brother in law

Let’s start the article with Happy Anniversary message for Didi and Jiju.

100+ Marriage Anniversary Wishes,

You can take the help of this article to send love messages to sister and brother-in-law on their wedding anniversary. Here we are also sharing love bhari shayaris along with anniversary greetings quotes for didi and jiju and marriage anniversary wishes for didi and jiju. Keeping in mind your preferences, we have created some segments where wishes, shayari and quotes have been sorted. You can choose the greeting message of your choice and share it, let’s begin again.

Let’s start the article with marriage anniversary wishes for sister and brother-in-law.

Marriage Anniversary Wishes to Sister and Jiju

To make the marriage anniversary of Didi and Jiju memorable, we have penned down your love in words, which you can send to them through Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Didi and Jiju , hope you like them very much. .

1. Sister, may your happiness continue, may
the pair of both of you be adorned like this.
Happy Marriage Anniversary.

2. Like a flower and a fragrance,
both go together like this.
Happy Anniversary.

3. Happy year to dear sister and brother-in-law for their journey, may they stay together for thousands of years. Happy Anniversary.

4. Holding hands,
both always together with love in their eyes.
Happy wedding anniversary didi and jiju.

5. Your love should never diminish,
this relationship of trust should never weaken.
May the pair of my sister and brother-in-law be safe,
may they never have any sorrow.
Happy Anniversary.

6. May life bring new happiness every year,
this is how you both celebrate your blessings every year.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

7. May the company bless both of them, May
the dreams be showered with happiness,
Be happy, Be prosperous,
This is our heartfelt wish to both of you.
Happy wedding anniversary didi and jiju.

8. May the garden of happiness be green, may
this couple always be close.
Both of them got love for each other for hundred years,
we wish this a thousand times.
happy anniversary didi and jiju

9. God has made a pair of both of you in such a way, seeing which the heart gets peace. Happy wedding anniversary to dear sister and brother-in-law.

10. May the many years to come open the storehouses of happiness and prosperity in both of your lives, we pray from the bottom of our hearts for both of you. happy anniversary didi and jiju

11. Be happy sister, keep smiling sister,
always keep smelling like this with brother-in-law.
Happy Anniversary.

12. Best wishes to Didi and Jiju on their wedding anniversary, May you both get all the happiness, glory, prosperity and a healthy life in the world.

Keep blooming like a branch of 13. flowers, may
your company keep on smelling like this.
May you get immense happiness,
this is my heart’s wish for Didi.
Happy anniversary didi.

14. These dates and memories of lovely people, lovely moments,
keep coming like this every year and keep showering love on sister and brother-in-law.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

15. Sister, your bracelet, your earring,
your henna, the redness of your cheeks,
your face is being decorated like this,
your home is being guarded by happiness.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

16. Sister and brother-in-law have built their world very beautifully, may it not be seen by anybody, Happy Anniversary sister and brother-in-law.

17. May there never be moisture in your eyes, if it is, then it should be full of happiness, Happy wedding anniversary to dear sister and brother-in-law.

18. May this bond of love of both of you remain tied like this, may
this river of your love keep flowing like this, may
you remain happy and prosperous,
this is our prayer from the heart.
Happy Anniversary.

19. Support each other in every difficulty, spend life laughing, this is our wish for both of you. Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

20. May your anniversary keep coming like this every year and we all keep seeing both of you smiling like this every year, dear sister and brother-in-law, love and anniversary greetings.

21. May the pair of both remain forever, may
the doli of blessings always be decorated.
Both of you get all the happiness of the world,
millions of gifts keep coming, Angana of both of you.
Happy Anniversary

22. May only love be given to both of you, May
every happiness be given to both of you first,
Be like this by being each other,
May both of you get the destination of your dreams.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

23. Congratulations are pouring in today,
today seems like a festival,
everyone’s love showered on both of you,
we pray this again and again.
Happy Anniversary

24. May both of you never get angry with each other, may every happiness find its own doors. Happy anniversary to dear sister and brother-in-law.

25. God has made this pair amazing, keep creating both like this, every year we wish you, this is what we want for the time being, Happy Happy Anniversary Didi and Jiju.

Now read congratulations status for Didi and Jiju’s marriage anniversary.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Di and Jiju Status

Expressing your feelings has become easier in this age of the internet. Want to update status to wish marriage anniversary to beloved didi and jiju, then can post any of the below mentioned wishes messages and greetings status.

26. Your pair like moon and moonlight,
look at the brightness spreading in your house.
May the happiness of the world come to both of them,
this is our heartfelt wish.
Happy Anniversary.

27. Every year we celebrate your anniversary,
there are thousands of happiness in the courtyard of the house.
We pray this every time, May
the world of both of you be filled with happiness.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

28. Share your happiness with each other,
never keep misunderstandings between you.
Do trust and love each other,
will become home, happiness and world.
Happy Anniversary!

29. May God bless you both on your wedding anniversary, May your life be filled with happiness, this is what we complain about, Happy anniversary sister and brother-in-law. Lots of love to both of you.

30. May you get an ocean of love, may
you get a bag of blessings.
May the partner get lifelong support,
this is our wish and congratulations.

31. May you get only love sister, may you never get any sorrow. Brother-in-law should love you so much that you may never even remember, Happy Anniversary didi and brother-in-law.

32. Happy wedding anniversary didi, happy birthday to you brother-in-law. Happy anniversary to both of you.

33. Happy anniversary sister, you are my life, brother is your life. Know this and keep the love intact. May both of you be happy always. Happy anniversary love birds.

34. May all the happiness of the world kiss your feet,
become queen and dance in the mind of Jiju.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

35. My sister and brother-in-law, may you both be blessed with thousands of happiness, may the
spring of happiness, peace and prosperity shower on you.
Happy Anniversary

36. Henna has been created in your hands, redness is adorned on your lips.
You are the heartbeat of brother-in-law, my sister is very lucky.
Happy anniversary to Didi and Jiju.

37. May the cycle of congratulations continue,
May the lamp of happiness keep burning in your house sister.
Today, on this day, this prayer has come out,
may brother-in-law and you be with you forever.
Happy anniversary to lovely couple.

38. Life should be fragrant like flowers,
life should be colorful like dreams.
Sister and brother-in-law should always be together, May
both of their lives pass laughing like this.
Happy Anniversary.

39. May new instruments of happiness be played,
new dreams of hopes be decorated, may
sister and brother-in-law get every happiness,
this is my blessing that both of them keep on laughing.
Happy Anniversary.

May your courtyard be decorated with 40. flowers of happiness,
may your hem be filled with happiness.
My sister and brother-in-law should be so lucky
that even your friend gets angry.
Happy Anniversary.

41. Always be happy sister and brother-in-law,
this brother will take all your blessings.
Happiness rained from the sky in your lap, I
had made you sit in the doli with this desire.
Happy anniversary.

42. With the glory of elders,
with the blessings of God,
you have got happiness today,
sister and brother-in-law, Happy anniversary to you from the bottom of my heart.

43. May Didi and Jiju get success and happiness in their new journey of life. This is the prayer of the younger brother. Happy Anniversary.

44. The relationship between both of you is priceless, it has no value anywhere. We pray that this togetherness and love will always be there, congratulating Didi and Jiju on their anniversary.

45. Your relationship is another name for dedication and trust, your relationship is an example of love. May this relationship always be strong and happy. Happy wedding anniversary to Didi and Jiju.

46. ​​May this company of love never be weak, may you both never be far away, may you always be happy Didi and Jiju, Happy wedding anniversary to you.

47. You both keep holding each other’s hand, may you always be like this, Happy Wedding Anniversary.

48. God has made your pair special, we always wish that
there should always be trust in both of you . Happy Anniversary.

49. May there never be a shortage in your happiness, may there
be a land of flowers at your feet.
May tears never come in your eyes,
if they come, they should be the moisture of happiness.
Happy Anniversary.

50. May your life remain green like this,
always keep playing the bean of happiness.
Sister, you are special,
that is why you are very close to my heart.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

51. Didi Jiju is our dearest,
that’s why you are close to us.
May the pair of both always be safe,
stay close to each other.
Happy Anniversary.

52. Happy wedding anniversary dear didi and jiju, may every day of your life bring love, happiness, prosperity, success and happiness.

53. I pray from the bottom of my heart that
you get the love of your family.
May it never be seen by the world, May
you get each other’s company longer than the moon and stars.
Happy Anniversary.

54. Sister, this is the effect of your love, that brother-in-law’s heart doesn’t seem to be anywhere anymore. Let’s pray that this love of both of you remains like this. Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

After the marriage anniversary greeting status of Didi and Jiju, now read the quotes.

Anniversary greetings quotes for Didi and Jiju

Any gift given on the wedding anniversary of Didi and Jiju will not be complete without your loving congratulatory message reaching them. Yes friends, to fulfill this deficiency, we have included anniversary greetings quotes for Didi and Jiju in this segment. Let’s see.

55. Sister and brother-in-law, we have seen your love and know that true love makes a person very beautiful from inside, May this love of both of you remain like this, Happy Anniversary.

56. Millions of Happy Marriage Anniversaries to the cutest and luckiest couple in the world.

57. I pray to God that the love of both of you continues to grow with time, may you remain happy anyway. Happy Anniversary.

58. May you both always have faith in each other, may the love last forever, happy wedding anniversary didi and brother-in-law.

59. Sister and brother-in-law, we pray that both of you live such a life that the onlookers get proud and keep watching your progress. Happy Anniversary.

60. Happy wedding anniversary to sister and brother-in-law, I pray to God that every day of yours is a new flight of success, every moment of both of you is filled with happiness.

61. My sister and brother-in-law look like a lamp and a wick, they look like a king and a queen, keep being with you anyway, this is what we request, happy wedding anniversary.

62. Holding the hand of brother-in-law and sister, both of you stay together, happy wedding anniversary.

63. May my sister and brother-in-law always be happy and safe, Happy Anniversary.

64. May the shadow of sorrow never come over both of you, wherever you go, make happiness a home. Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

65. Happy another year to Didi and dear Jiju, wish you both stay happy and smiling like this forever. Happy Anniversary.

66. Best wishes to my sister like a fairy and my brother-in-law to the prince for another year of marriage.

67. As the stars look beautiful in the sky, similarly you both look beautiful together, may both of you always be together like this. Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

68. Keep smelling each other, in love or in dispute, spend every moment together, Happy anniversary didi and brother-in-law.

69. Congratulations on the second year of marriage, this earning is of great faith, how did both of them make a splash, take it, didi and jiju heartily congratulate the anniversary.

70. May your life be filled with thousands of colours, may the love of each other shine, this is our prayer that the fever of misunderstandings never rises. Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

71. Our salute to the bond of your love that is bound by seven rounds, just like that, keep being like the sky on each other. Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

72. May the rain of love shower on both of you, may the crop of your faith keep ripening like this, Happy wedding anniversary to you, may these beautiful moments keep coming in the future.

73. Happy Anniversary didi and jiju, hope this day fills you with your golden memories once again and gives you a chance to create new memories.

74. My dear sister, may the love of both of you remain like this throughout life. May you both always be together and keep making the world beautiful with your love. Happy Anniversary.

75. You match well with sister and brother-in-law, may their love prosper with time, we love you both very much, be happy. Happy wedding anniversary.

76. Happy marriage anniversary to both of you. Your marriage is an example of friendship, trust, dedication and encouragement, may it remain like this, heartiest congratulations.

77. May both of you find a world full of happiness and prosperity, may your honor increase every day. Happy wedding anniversary from our side.

Read the marriage anniversary poems of Didi and Jiju in the last part of the article.

Marriage Anniversary Didi and Jiju Shayari

In simple words, it has become old fashion to wish marriage anniversary for sister and brother-in-law, poetry has taken its place, in this segment of the article, we have brought some such anniversary wishes for you. , Which you will like very much and will share quickly. If you want, you can also wish your sister and brother-in-law by reciting this poem.

78. Didi, brother-in-law is crazy about you,
look how they make excuses.
Seeing both, my heart sang this song in love today,
sister my sister you just be happy.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

79. Smile like a flower sister,
never shed tears sister.
Playing with brother-in-law sister,
supporting brother-in-law sister.
Happy Anniversary.

80. As happiness is made of love,
so living together with both trust.
Share every sorrow together,
This is how the relationships of the world are made.
Happy Anniversary.

81. May this year pass with a smile,
may there never be any regret in life.
May you get every happiness that both of you wish for,
it is a blessing, if it is fulfilled then it will be wonderful.
Happy Anniversary.

82. Today everyone will congratulate you for happiness,
everyone will remove your troubles.
Your smile is special for everyone,
be happy, this is everyone’s hope.
Happy Anniversary.

83. Be it love, be it happiness, be it loyalty,
may your anniversary be in the fragrant evening.
May these moon and stars burn with your happiness, may they
all fall at your feet.
Happy Anniversary.

84. We will support you in every difficulty,
we will bear your every trouble.
Just call me with love, thinking that
I will sacrifice my life for you sister and brother-in-law.
Happy Anniversary.

85. Happy day, today
is Didi Jiju’s anniversary.
We are made like a wedding party,
this is how the gathering is decorated today.
Happy Anniversary.

86. Sister-in-law is the most wonderful,
creating a ruckus wherever he lives.
Their most unique pair,
live this day, there should be no regrets.
Happy Anniversary.

87. This evening came after a long time,
like a place where it was spread in the courtyard.
Live this moment, both of you this happiness,
don’t know where you will meet these scenes again.
Happy Anniversary.

88. The colors of marriage keep coming,
life is spent with the life partner.
Always stay with each other,
don’t let bitterness break.
Happy anniversary didi and jiju.

May God bless you in this auspicious time of 89. anniversary .
Life should be filled with happiness,
this is our request to God.
May the company of both of you always be like this. Happy Anniversary.

90. You get the love of brother-in-law,
trust and blessings of elders.
Lifelong companionship,
and we wish you a very happy anniversary.

91. May your bosom be filled with love,
may no sorrow touch you.
May your share of trouble also be ours,
this is our prayer to God everyday.
Happy Anniversary.

92. Brother-in-law is dressed in suit and boots,
took sister with him.
Congratulations will be given to them today,
today is the anniversary of both of them.
Happy Anniversary.

93. Happy Saal Mubarak, Happy Anniversary.
Sister, congratulations for every year to come.
Happy Anniversary.

94. Get the love of your loved ones, get the caress of brother-in-law.
Sister, whatever you ask for, you get it as a gift every day.
Happy Anniversary

95. May your dreams take flight,
may your relationship get a new identity.
Whatever you want, may the path be easy,
may God bless you.
Happy Anniversary

96. May there be rain of love in your life, may there
be a fair of happiness wherever you live.
May God’s blessings always be upon you,
both together keep driving the car of life like this.
Happy Anniversary.

97. This relationship of love should never be weak,
this company of faith should never be forced.
May this pair remain safe for thousands of years,
may there never be a gap of distance between the two.
Happy anniversary didi jiju. May you both always be together like this.

98. May your relationship smell like flowers and spring, may
your life be filled with happiness.
We are not capable of giving anything,
may the giver bless you with a lot of luck.
Happy Anniversary.

99. Every moment of today is in your name,
the brightness of this evening is in your name.
May there always be a smile on your lips,
this is your name.
Happy Anniversary.

100. Congratulations to you,
this place has become beautiful because of you.
You share love with each other just like that,
there should always be enthusiasm in the hearts.
Happy Anniversary.