Green apple during pregnancy

Green apple during pregnancy

You must have heard the old saying that eating an apple a day keeps you from going to the doctor. Similarly, consuming green apple during pregnancy is also considered a healthy option. Many women also like to consume green apple juice during pregnancy and it is also very beneficial in pregnancy. However, you should also take some precautions while consuming it.

Nutritional Value of Green Apple

The nutritional benefits you get from green apples include many vitamins and minerals and other healthy ingredients.

vitamin C 5 mg
Vitamin A5 mg
thiamine 20 mg
riboflavin25 mg
protein25 grams
potassium110 grams
phosphorus12 mg
pantothenic acid60 mg
niacin90 mg
magnesium6 mg
Iron10 mg
folic acid5 mg
fiber5 grams
Energy 220 kilojoules
calcium10 mg
carbohydrates15 grams

benefits of eating green apple during pregnancy

Green apple during pregnancy
Green apple during pregnancy

Green apples contain a number of healthy substances that can be of great benefit to you during pregnancy, affecting and benefiting different areas of your body.

1. Increases Energy 

A pregnant woman needs a lot of nutrition for the better development of the baby. It also helps to remove the problem of bad skin and even acne at times. By consuming green apple, it helps in providing the necessary energy to your body, which is necessary to balance during pregnancy.

2. Provides Many Antioxidants 

When any toxins or chemicals start forming in your body due to breakdown of DNA or formation of free radicals, these are removed from the body by using antioxidants. Green apples provide a substantial amount of antioxidants in the form of flavonoids and polyphenols. All these help in reducing the oxidative stress felt by the body.

3. Improves digestion 

During pregnancy, most pregnant women face the problem of constipation. Mostly it is due to lack of fiber in your diet. Persistent constipation can also be harmful to your developing baby. That is why it is important to consume green apples, as it induces bowel movements and helps your digestion function properly.

4. Reduces Inflammation 

Consuming green apple is helpful in reducing the swelling of your toes and feet, many women experience swelling in their feet during pregnancy, which can be quite uncomfortable and painful at times. Green apples contain a good amount of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, as well as reducing inflammation and providing pain relief.

5. Increases appetite 

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman needs a lot of energy, which also affects your appetite. Lack of nutrition through food can be harmful for the child, as the child needs a regular healthy meal for better development. Consuming green apple or drinking its juice increases the appetite of women.

6. Treats Nausea 

Your stomach undergoes the most changes during pregnancy and the lining of your stomach becomes sensitive to acid. Because of which you feel like vomiting. The taste of green apples is sweet and sour, which reduces the feeling of nausea during pregnancy.

7. Controls Diabetes 

Many women experience diabetes due to pregnancy which affects the child as well as the mother. Consuming green apple helps in maintaining the right level of insulin in your body. They contain a high amount of fiber, which lowers the sugar level and helps control diabetes.

8. Reduces the risk of premature delivery 

At times, some expectant mothers develop a condition where pitta builds up at an abnormally high level in their body. Due to which the problem of premature delivery can arise. Consuming green apples helps in reducing the risk of premature delivery.

9. Body Weight Regulation

Weight gain during pregnancy is a sign of proper development of the baby, but it should be limited to healthy limits. High blood pressure and cholesterol can cause obesity and can also cause diabetes, which can make it difficult for the child. Green apples not only help in controlling blood pressure, but also help in controlling weight due to their low calorie count.

10. Protects DNA 

When free radicals build up in the body, they begin attacking DNA molecules, many of which are responsible for the development of the baby. Vitamin C and antioxidants present in green apples not only help in building new cells but also combat free radicals, preventing DNA breakdown.

Side Effects of Consuming Excessive Amount of Green Apples During Pregnancy 

Many qualities are found in green apple, due to which it is considered a great fruit, but consuming it under certain circumstances can be harmful for you.

1. Loses weight  

Being overweight is definitely a problem. There can be complications due to increasing obesity which can have a bad effect on the health of both you and the baby. However, a mother needs to maintain her weight during pregnancy.

If green apple is consumed in large quantities, it can lead to rapid weight loss, which can be very harmful for you during pregnancy and can also lead to the birth of an underdeveloped baby. Therefore, pregnant women should consume green apples in moderation.

2. Doesn’t Provide Necessary Calories 

Calories provide power to various metabolic activities. Green apples contain a good amount of protein, which is beneficial for the development of the baby, but have a low calorie count. This makes you feel full, but it does not provide you with enough energy and you will feel tired. Therefore, apart from consuming green apples, you should consume foods that are rich in calories, so that your energy also remains.

Are green apples better than red apples?

Often women want to know whether green apple is better than red apple and they should consume green apple instead of red apple.

  • When it comes to controlling diabetes, consuming green apples is the best.
  • At a time when your skin has lost its glow and health, then you should consume green apple, it brings back the glow of the skin.
  • Both red and green apples work to protect the DNA molecule from breakdown.
  • Consuming green apple can increase your appetite again.

Whatever stage of pregnancy you may be in, consuming green apple is extremely beneficial for the development of the baby. As always, you should consume it in moderation so that your baby can reap its benefits to the fullest and your delivery does not face any problems.