Good night quotes

Good night quotes

Let’s know about Good night quotes. Sending good night messages can be a great way to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones after a busy day. Now you will think from where to get such motivational messages. Messages and good night quotes for you, which will make your loved ones realize how much you care for them. These good night messages can make their sleep more pleasant.

Good night quotes
Good night quotes

for husband or boyfriend

1. Like the moon looks beautiful in the dark night,
I find your face equally lovely,
what if you are different from us,
I find this face to be the support of this night.
Good night

2. Like the cold wind you touch me and go,
whenever I close my eyes you are seen,
I wait every moment for you to come,
as you come in my dreams every night.
Good night

3. I get lost in your memories and your dreams,
when you are near, I get intoxicated by your fragrance,
my dear, hide me in your bosom, I
get lost in the world of dreams after coming in your bosom.
Good night

4. Sleep peacefully in the dark night,
close your eyes and get lost in sweet dreams.
Good night

5. Tired day is over,
turn off this lamp,
sleep in this pleasant night,
remove the darkness of sorrow.

6. Often you come in my dreams, you
touch my heart by coming in dreams,
I feel like getting lost in your dreams,
so much you enter my soul and thoughts.
Good night

7. In this pleasant night, get lost in sweet dreams,
close your eyelids and sleep on the bed of clouds.
Good night

8. In reality you are far away from me,
this situation with us is also very helpless,
you come everyday in my dreams,
see you are present in my dreams too.
Good night

9. The moon is the most beloved of the sky,
and you are the most beloved of me,
now come near by calling me,
you are my friend, my friend.
Good night

10. Moonlight beloved by the moon and moonlight beloved night,
when you are in my dreams, what about that night.
Good night

After good night quotes for male friend, here we have selected some special words in the form of good night poetry for female friend.

for wife or girlfriend

1. Don’t know what is the attraction, I can’t take my eyes off your face,
no matter how beautiful the night is, but it doesn’t pass without you.
Good night

2. Believe these stars, this sky, wherever you are, there should be
peace, peace and love. See such a dream.
Good night

3. I became a poet seeing your face,
I became a lover seeing your attitude,
don’t know why I can’t sleep at nights,
now I can’t sleep without seeing your picture.
Good night

4. Today I want to sleep in your arms,
otherwise we sleep everyday in loneliness.
Good night

5. You don’t feel my love,
I can’t tolerate the pain of your memories,
I have left sleeping in your thoughts,
and you are the one who doesn’t dream of me even after sleeping.
Good night

6. How long have I been waiting for this night,
I am intoxicated with you everywhere,
you come everyday in my dreams,
so now I am waiting for sleep.
Good night

7. Let this night be special,
let me meet you in my dream,
you are everything in my life,
let me fall asleep in your arms today.
Good night

8. I pray to God to write happiness in your destiny,
not only in dreams but also give you the right to these happiness in reality.
Good night

9. This journey of the day is over,
see even the sun has fallen asleep in the lap of the night,
Come and
see my soul mate in dreams, today my existence has also become yours.
Good night

10. I pray that you are with me till my last breath, I
am free from the world till that situation when you are there,
fill me in your arms, make me free from the world,
because you are my life and you are the universe.
Good night

It is said that if someone is closest in the world, then they are your friends. Here we are giving some special Good Night Shayari for your friends, which can be helpful to bring smile on his/her face.

good night wishes for friends

1. It is probably my fate to have a friend like you,
I am a lucky person, that I have this line in my hand.
good night my friend

2. There was no hope of changing my shocked life,
but who knew that a friend like you would change my life.
good night friend

3. The one who understands everything without saying,
I myself bear the pain that happened,
No matter how far you are, but you do your duty,
You are called my friend, my true friend.
good night my friend

4. People are not less in the world, who can be called friends.
But a friendly friend like you is found by luck.
goodnight my friend

5. This life is full of memories of friendship,
this life is full of the deeds of friends,
if there were no friends then nothing would have happened, if
there are friends, then this life smells good.
good night my friend

6. Friends are found very easily in this world
but not everyone gets someone who maintains friendship.
goodnight friend

7. Friendship is the shining moon in the sky,
Friendship is the identity of loved ones in happiness and sorrow,
The one who loses himself in the battle of persuading and persuasion,
Friendship is infinite in the hearts of friends.
good night my friend

8. The only difference between love and friendship is
that love becomes love for the other,
and friend gets destroyed in friendship.
goodnight friend

9. The one who has no value is friendship,
the one who never leaves is friendship, if
you don’t believe then friendship is just words,
if you believe this whole world is friendship.
Good night

10. What should I write in praise of your friendship, my friend,
ink like the ocean and paper like the sky also seem less.
goodnight friend

Here we are telling you good night messages for positive thinking for your colleagues.

good night quotes for colleagues

1. Just as a flower is praised not by its beauty but by its fragrance,
similarly a man is not recognized by his appearance but by his work.
Good night

2. Do your work by making a goal,
because work done without a goal does not lead to success.
Good night

3. Patience and tolerance are those inner strengths,
which give even the weak the power to break mountains.
Good night

4. Don’t be surprised if you and your thoughts are beyond someone’s understanding,
because not everyone is blessed with a good mind to understand lofty thoughts.
Good night

5. Difficulties are like a dark night, don’t worry seeing them,
be a support to others by being bright like the moon in dark nights.
Good night

6. Don’t be afraid of difficult situations, start learning from them,
because difficult situations bring experience in your life,
and experience is the first step to success.
Good night

7. Every difficult time turns into success,
if the mind is ready to fight that time.
Good night

8. Always be honest and self-confident in your work except laziness and evil of others,
because laziness and evil of others are the enemies that prevent you from becoming better and successful.
Good night

9. Don’t see evil in others’ nature,
if you want to be successful, improve your own character.
Good night

10. Never try to run away from trouble,
but be ready to deal with it,
this is the medicine, which never lets the losing disease come near.
Good night