Funny exam quotes for students

Funny exam quotes for students

In today’s post we will know about Funny exam quotes for students. Be it school exam or college exam, on hearing its name, fear arises in the mind of some children and some feel nervous and tense. Funny Shayari is also one of the few ways to reduce this nervousness and stress related to the exam. We have come up with exam shayari and heart-tickling funny exam quotes. Just read some of the best exam time funny quotes to say bye-bye to exam tension.

Funny exam quotes for students
Funny exam quotes for students

Let’s start the series of Funny exam quotes for students.

Funny exam quotes for students

The word exam itself gives a lot of stress, so we have come up with some shayaris on exam to make you laugh. With their help, the stress of the exam will also reduce and a lovely smile will come on the face. Without delaying much, let’s have a look at some funny exam poems.

  1. Syllabus is not completed, I
    feel very sleepy,
    as soon as I open the book,
    my eyes automatically close.
  2. Neither cries,
    nor sleeps,
    the same question comes in the paper,
    which the child forgets to read.
  3. Friends, tell me such a trick,
    by which we can pass in the exam,
    not only do we get marks, but
    we also get enough sleep.
  4. The relations of paper are also unique,
    those questions which are not remembered are compulsory.
  5. I don’t understand anything, I
    just hope for help,
    although I don’t do worship,
    but now I hope only for him.
  6. Mummy says son, don’t answer to elders,
    that’s why I left the paper blank.
  7. As soon as the date sheet comes,
    the search for books starts.
  8. Books have also become like you, it
    has been many days, they have not been seen.
  9. She calls but does not want to go,
    it is time for the paper, son, don’t waste it.
  10. There are hundred pains, there are only hundred pages,
    let’s see what fills first.
  11. Life is of a moment and it is a long way,
    give me my paper man, you are concerned with God.
  12. There will be no party, no talk of the party,
    now whatever will happen will happen only after the papers.
  13. My paper goes well every year,
    then don’t know why the result comes out bad every time.
  14. Although I am a champion in answering,
    then don’t know why, I am not able to answer the questions asked in the paper.
  15. Would have shaken the earth and sky,
    if given one more month, the paper would have been unmatched.
  16. Someone has told the truth that how does a monkey know the taste of ginger,
    how much hard work it takes to write a paper,
    what does the one who gives us an opinion know.
  17. The tension of paper gives a lot of pain, it
    makes even a hero like himself a bookworm.
  18. If you don’t want Babaji’s pranks,
    then sit son, study like you are an owl.
  19. I wish my boyfriend had plans like my exams, which never get cancelled.
  20. Don’t know what kind of sleep is that, which comes on the night before the paper,
    I don’t call her, still she comes without calling.
  21. Life Right now there is tension of papers,
    otherwise you are all my attention.
  22. They make fun of us by calling us imitation,
    they poor people don’t know that this is called teamwork.
  23. My soul will never tolerate this rule of no cheating,
    people will not forgive those who top themselves without telling anything to others.
  24. I am neither online, nor do I care about my status,
    this is the condition of every exam taker.
  25. Pray so much that even the stone melts,
    even the paper checker sits holding his head.

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Funny exam quotes for students

Here we have brought some funny exam quotes especially for you. With their help, you will get to understand the funny side of the exam.

  1. The night before an exam is like the night before Christmas,
    you can’t sleep yet you hope for a miracle.
  2. Examiners ask me such questions which I do not understand. Then I also give them such answers, which they do not understand.
  3. If I run at the same speed as I have in the last 5 minutes of the paper, then I will be the winner of 2-3 marathons.
  4. I remember Newton’s law very well, because as soon as I open my books, my books close automatically.
  5. The student after the paper and the doctor after the operation have only one answer, we have done our work. Now all we need is your prayers.
  6. I wish papers were also like elections,
    come only once in five years.
  7. Who says papers give tension,
    my friend! Results give tension, not paper.
  8. Burnt is called fire,
    extinguished is called ash,
    whose bulb fuses to paper,
    it is called mind.
  9. I wish Google was my friend , we both would give paper together and top it.
  10. A day before the paper, I remember that we can sing, dance, play well, but just cannot study.
  1. On the day of examination, we observe some things very carefully, such as the fan, the ceiling, the walls and the pen.
  2. Who says reading is a difficult task. No, bro! It is difficult to drive away sleep while studying.
  3. A wonderful way to console yourself in the paper is to tell yourself that I will remember the answer in a while, then I will write it.
  4. I was very, very happy with my life. Then? Then what, the papers have arrived.
  5. Babu who always comes first, what do you know the value of number 33?
  6. Sir, I am not afraid of the result, I am afraid of father’s beating after the result.
  7. Human brain works 24 * 7 from birth till death,
    just it stops working at the time of exam.
  8. We are not copycats, just all friends wear the same and write the same.
  9. Dil se re, dil se re,
    exams are coming near,
    now at least study.
  10. Sometimes he used to look at me, sometimes I used to look at him,
    friends, sitting in the examination hall,
    neither he nor we knew anything.
  11. There is no courage in those people who do not come online at the time of papers, it takes guts to get wasted.
  12. Everyone says that nothing hurts more than separation. My friend, have you ever sat on the first bench in the papers?
  13. Before the papers, every child thinks that he is Einstein,
    then sitting in the examination hall, he understands that he is a star on the ground.
  14. With the intensity with which I have tried to read,
    every line of the book has tried to lull me to sleep.
  15. Before the papers – this also happened, this also happened, this also happened.
    After the result is out – Hey! What has happened?

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Funny exam quotes for students

You can make yourself as well as others laugh by putting the status given here on your social media account. Let’s start the series of exam status.

  1. When we live once, die once, love and marry only once, then why give papers again and again?
  2. Many teachers teach us different subjects in school, then why are we children expected to study so many subjects alone.
  3. One day I asked a child why do you study a day before the paper?
    The child said – Even if one passes through the calm sea, it is a different fun to take out the boat in the storms.
  4. Water with alcohol, this fun is also some fun
    Studying and paper in youth, Oh God! What kind of punishment is this?
  5. I have a question, what is the point of taking the paper if you have to fail?
  6. I don’t feel hungry, I can’t sleep,
    I asked God, I think I have fallen in love,
    God said – Son, tomorrow is your paper and you don’t know anything.
  7. Don’t know how many trees are cut to prepare a sheet of paper? That’s why save trees, remove paper. Ha ha ha ha
  8. One day a child was hiding the house broom, father’s belt, rolling pin. When his elder sister asked the reason for this, the child replied – the result is going to come tomorrow.
  9. Last night I was looking at the books,
    I was also looking at the books,
    meanwhile a gust of cold wind came,
    in this way a topper fell asleep without reading anything.
  10. A prayer that every child makes before the papers – Oh God! Get it passed this time, I will definitely study from next time.
  11. We cannot describe our condition in words,
    now only the mark sheet will be able to tell something.
  12. I wish papers were like WhatsApp or Instagram,
    we would reply quickly and not get bored.
  13. Everyone wants heaven, but no one wants to die,
    everyone wants to have it, but no one wants to study.
  14. Everything is given by the one above – there are notes, pen, copy, book. Not just the mood.
  15. If I ever think, I can see my destiny,
    I can see the chain of forgotten memories,
    As soon as I sit reading,
    I can see the picture of my loved one in every page.
  16. How do the toppers know that we used to study
    as much as they used to study, we used to leave that much.
  1. We don’t feel bad no matter how much the teacher says, the silence of
    our friend in the examination hall breaks our hearts.
  2. Sometimes we finish the paper and sometimes the paper us.
  3. Crazy! Don’t look at me like this, my papers are from yesterday,
    leave my heart for now.
  4. I will pass, please tell me the answer,
    this last bencher will pray for your help.
  5. People’s youth is spent in fun, but
    my youth was spent in studies.
  6. There is the shadow of papers, who has found happiness here,
    the family members say, son, get good marks,
    who will explain to them that all this is illusion.
  7. I fight strongly with every question,
    I don’t leave any stone unturned in writing,
    I fully support the teacher,
    I consider the answer sheet of the other person as my own.
  8. A friend is the one who comes out of the exam hall and says – hurry up! It’s time for your wife to come.
  9. I feel sad when the result comes,
    because I eat my father’s shoes that day, I
    have such friends who do not let me study,
    that’s why I fail.
  10. There comes a day in a year, which makes me cry a lot,
    on that day the result of our examination comes.
  11. Many furrows are hidden in the bathroom, so it is not understood which one is ours.

In the last part of the article read funny jokes on exam.

Funny Jokes exam quotes for students

Be it school going kids or college going grownups, everyone loves jokes. Keeping this in mind, we have come here with funny jokes on exams.

  1. A child tossed a coin in the air on the first day of the paper and said – If heads come then T.V. I will see, if the tail comes, I will sleep.
    If by mistake the coin remains in the middle, then I will study.
  2. One such thing which children used to say 100 years ago,
    say even today and will say even after 100 years,
    just start studying from tomorrow.
  3. Suresh wrote on the first page of his paper, all the answers given here are imaginary. They have nothing to do with reality.
  4. Teacher: Children should never fight in the class. tell me why
    Ramesh – Because don’t know behind whom you have to sit in the paper.
  5. Father – Have you got such a low number? For this, two slaps should be given.
    Child – You are right father. Come on, I know that teacher’s house.
  6. Sunil was weak in studies especially in maths. On getting low marks in maths, the teacher asked him – why did you get such low marks?
    Sunil – Sir, did not come that day.
    Teacher – What!! You didn’t come on paper day?
    Sunil replied vehemently – No sir. The person next to me did not come that day.
  7. Rahul started crying on seeing the question paper in the exam hall. Teacher asked – what happened son? Do you not know anything?
    Rahul – No sir, it is not the issue. The one with whom I had made a deal for half the paper did not turn up today.
  8. The question was asked in the paper – What is called a program?
    Pappu said – Planning to drink alcohol together is called a program, sir.
  9. In the examination hall, a teacher gave the children a chance to copy and said – “Don’t tell anyone that I have made you all copy.”
    Deepak – “No sir, we will not tell at all. We would say that the teacher was very rude, didn’t even allow us to move our heads. May God have a fight with his wife on his way home today.
  10. The result came and Aman failed in his class.
    Mother – you failed again? Look at Sharma ji’s daughter, she has passed with such good numbers.
    Aman – I have failed just by seeing Sharma ji’s daughter.
  11. Ramesh – Oh Suresh. I heard that our result has come today.
    Suresh – What is this oh Suresh? Suresh sir speak.
    Ramesh – Why that?
    Suresh – That is because today the result has come and now I have become your senior.
  12. “The result is out.” These are the three words that change the life of a laughing child.
  13. Jin- Tell me what is the order of my master.
    Student – From now on you will study instead of me.
    Jin – Master! Told to rule, no nonsense.
  14. Sameer suddenly stood up and started dancing in the examination hall.
    Teacher – Hey. what happened to you
    Sameer – Madam. It was you who had said that marks will be given for every step.
  15. Ram – Man, if I fail this time, I will commit suicide.
    Sohan – Are you out of your mind? If you die, you will have to start from pre-nursery again in the next birth.
  1. When Raju came home after giving the paper, the mother asked the son – how was the paper?
    Raju – Slender, tall, white in colour.
  2. Father – Daughter, how was your paper today?
    Seema – Couldn’t come up with the first question.
    The second one was missed.
    Forgot the third one.
    The fifth one was not visible.
    Father – And the fourth question?
    Seema – Only that answer went wrong.
  3. Sahil had left the paper blank. When friends asked why he did this, Sahil said – I am angry with the teacher, so our conversation is closed.
  4. Dinesh’s father was beating him a lot. Neighbor said – why are you beating him?
    Father – Because its result is going to come tomorrow.
    Neighbor – Then why are you beating today?
    Father – Because tomorrow I am going to the village.