Friendship breakup quotes

Friendship breakup quotes

Let’s know about Friendship breakup quotes. Friends have an important role in everyone’s life. We are unable to share some things with our family members, but easily share them with friends. If such important friends are showing false friendship, then it is right to break the relationship with such friends. If you are thinking of breaking friendship with such a person. There is a good collection of friendship breakup quotes.

Friendship breakup quotes
Friendship breakup quotes

First of all read friendship breakup quotes in the article.

Breakup Quotes In Friendship

When friendship has to end, you can send friendship breakup quotes to the other person. This will either end the friendship or the friend will realize his mistake and become a strong friendship again.

  1. People change with time, some friends change with time , those who used to say that they will set an example of our friendship, even those friends lose their friendship.
  1. Had quarreled with loved ones for the sake of friends,
    had turned away from many loved ones,
    had given 100 percent in friendship,
    but who knew that he had made a cheater a friend.
  2. I don’t need you,
    now you are not my friend,
    whatever our relationship was,
    that relationship is no longer between us.
  3. Friend betrayed us , made fun of us by befriending enemies .
  1. The friend defamed us,
    insulted us in public,
    we used to consider him as our own,
    he behaved like a stranger.
  2. We don’t want a friendship that is not from the heart; We
    don’t want a friendship that doesn’t help in times of trouble.
  3. Broke the friendship himself,
    defamed me by saying you broke the friendship.
  4. Those friends often remain silent,
    those who want to save friendship,
    those who want to break friendship,
    keep talking on small things.
  5. If you don’t mind my absence, then I don’t mean to be with you.
  6. I decide myself with whom to be friends and with whom to break.
  7. I let go of friends I didn’t feel like being friends with.
  8. No one is always together,
    no one is always close,
    friends turn their backs,
    and we are called traitors .
  1. Those friends who ask in need, have stopped keeping friendship with them,
    will they turn away from us, we have already turned away.
  2. Some friends talk with meaning,
    some friends live with meaning,
    now we say goodbye to them,
    do not keep friendship with such friends.
  3. Now he is not our friend, now he is not in love with us , as long as he was with me, he just kept on hurting.
  1. Kept stabbing a dagger in the back by being a friend,
    kept thinking that we will not know.
  2. Friends always used to talk about supporting,
    sometimes used to fight with others for friends,
    now only talk with meaning,
    ignore if they see in the way.
  3. I am alone in bad times,
    no friend is with me,
    now I should call someone a friend,
    it doesn’t matter to anyone.
  4. It is difficult to forget a friend, it
    is difficult to end friendship,
    but even more difficult
    is not to maintain friendship with that friend.
  5. I forgave his every mistake,
    I included him in my friends,
    but he fooled me well,
    he showed his real face when needed.
  6. They don’t deserve my friendship,
    they don’t even deserve my enmity,
    now they don’t matter,
    we are right in our own way.
  7. They themselves have increased the distance,
    destroyed our friendship,
    we used to consider them our own,
    they have taught us a lesson by cheating.
  8. It is good to keep people as strangers,
    when they cheat by being friends, it hurts.
  9. You defamed our friendship,
    you misbehaved with me,
    I thought you were my friend,
    thank you for showing your reality.
  10. My friend changes color like a chameleon,
    adapting to the people he meets.
  11. Now that friendship is no more,
    his behavior is no more,
    once upon a time he used to hug by saying brother,
    today he remained ignorant on seeing.
  12. Friends are a priceless treasure,
    there are many excuses to meet friends,
    if you have decided to turn away,
    then there are many excuses for not coming to meet.
  13. Don’t make friends your own,
    don’t talk with friends,
    one day they will leave,
    don’t shed tears for them.
  14. As long as friendship lasts, let it go on
    , don’t take too much tension about friends,
    if they talk then talk,
    otherwise let them also go from life.
  15. I have stopped coaxing by crying,
    now I have also turned away.
  16. If a friend is angry, then let him be,
    if he cries for you, then let him cry,
    it is only a drama for some time,
    so if a friend leaves his life, then let him go.
  17. The family members had forbidden
    me to be friends with you, I had explained a lot to stay away from you,
    I didn’t listen to them,
    they had already called you a cheater.
  1. Will you break friendship with me,
    we ourselves are breaking friendship with you,
    will you leave us alone,
    we ourselves are turning away from you.
  2. We are not traitors like you,
    we do not have words like you,
    you will talk about me behind my back,
    you do not have the status to speak in front.

Let’s start the series of emotional broken friendship poetry.

Best Emotional Broken Friendship Quotes

Friendship breakup quotes
Friendship breakup quotes

Some friends cheat so badly that you lose trust in them. Also the work done by them breaks my heart. We have come up with Emotional Broken Shayari to send to such friends.

  1. A friend has broken his heart,
    left him alone in trouble, he has done things
    that were not expected of him .
  2. The one I loved
    has taken him away from me, he has taken good advantage
    of my friendship .
  3. She used to talk sweetly in front of me,
    used to say that you are my best friend,
    but I did not know
    that she used to say this to everyone.
  4. Even my enemies were better than friends,
    at least they thought of themselves as enemies.
  5. The friend is now behaving like a stranger,
    seems to be befriending someone else.
  6. There is no respect for your friendship,
    you have no business here,
    return as you came,
    you have no identity here.
  7. You have seen my friendship,
    see my enmity as well,
    I play both well,
    understand this.
  8. I befriended thorns,
    in return they gave pain,
    everyone had told that it would prick,
    I ignored people’s words.
  9. I don’t miss you, I
    spend my evening without you,
    I am regretting a lot now, it
    is my mistake to be friends with you.
  10. Agreed that you have thousands of loving friends,
    but you will not find a friend like me anywhere,
    you will not be happy by cheating on me.
  11. Your being and not being is now the same thing,
    there is no respect for your friendship now,
    everyone is aware of your antics,
    we also know your reality.
  12. Being away from a friend doesn’t hurt as much
    as lying after making a friend,
    he tells me good things about me,
    but keeps saying bad things behind my back.
  13. There is no need of an enemy to do evil,
    for this my friends are enough,
    there is no need of a lover to break my heart,
    for this also my friends are enough.
  14. If seen on the way, don’t talk,
    never mention our friendship.
  15. Gave him a place in his heart,
    made true friendship with him,
    but he didn’t value my friendship,
    because he made friendship for the sake of meaning.
  16. Friendship with you is so broken that it will never be connected, I
    am afraid that I will not have true friendship with anyone from now on.
  17. You should go to the movies, you
    have made a good show of making friends,
    you have left behind even the artists.
  18. Going away from you proved to be good for me,
    the pain that I had got in friendship has now reduced a bit.
  19. Never supported me in trouble,
    never stood by me,
    what is the use of such a friend,
    in whom I was never mentioned.
  20. You considered me a stranger,
    but I considered you my own,
    I have made friends with you,
    that’s why I considered you as my family.
  21. He is happy without me,
    never comes to meet me,
    when he needs me,
    only then he calls me his friend.
  22. Today we are breaking our friendship,
    leaving each other in our condition,
    now never call me
    because I am deleting your number.
  23. Now we have learned to roam alone,
    understood that you are no more friends,
    no need to contact me from now on,
    we have freed you from our friendship.
  24. What was never thought has happened,
    we are in trouble and the friend has gone to sleep,
    this thing is not new for him,
    because now our friendship has reduced.
  25. Now we have started living alone,
    even calling the enemy a friend,
    because the friend has left us alone,
    now we have started living lost.
  26. Our deep friendship also broke down,
    their fate also got upset,
    as long as we were friends, we used to help,
    now they needed enemies to help them.
  27. My life is gone, I
    don’t have any friends now,
    it’s good that you left
    because I don’t regret your departure either.
  28. You have sold your conscience to the enemies,
    now you have no friends left,
    I thought you were my special,
    but you didn’t realize anything.
  29. I am broken from inside,
    now I am also a new person,
    earlier I used to try to save friendship,
    now I have also let my friend go.
  30. It hurts me
    when a friend goes away,
    but it hurts more
    when he doesn’t come to meet me by staying close.
  31. We made him sit in our heart, made him a part of the family,
    but he took good advantage of our friendship.
  32. We have shed tears from our eyes,
    we have destroyed friendship, today we have shown our
    back to the one who had turned his back on us.
  33. He didn’t know how to maintain friendship, he
    didn’t know how to make him his own,
    whom we considered as our own,
    he always considered us as a stranger.
  34. There are tears in my eyes, pain in my heart,
    your friendship is a headache for me.

Come on, read further some of the best status posted on social media on breaking up of friendship.

Status On Friendship Break

When friendship breaks with someone, we are not able to say anything directly to them. In such a situation, convey your message to them by posting status on social media. For this, you can take the help of Friendship Breakup Status given in this part of the article.

  1. You increased closeness by friendship,
    then increased distance by breaking friendship,
    you always tortured me a lot,
    did you enjoy doing this?
  2. I don’t want someone like you,
    who leaves you in trouble,
    calls you a friend and
    robs your friend’s money.
  3. I put my all for the sake of friendship,
    you stitched my friendship.
  4. Oh go, there is a better enemy than a friend like you,
    they have the power to openly enmity,
    today my eyes are moist because of you,
    but you have no sorrow about this.
  5. You don’t have the status to befriend me,
    you don’t have the status to fight with me,
    you are thinking that after breaking friendship, you will do enmity,
    but you don’t have the status to have enmity with me.
  6. You are not worthy of my friendship,
    therefore, you are no longer my friend,
    remain with the enemies,
    because that is your real place.
  7. If you were jealous of me, you would have told me,
    I would have made my girlfriend go away for your friendship,
    how can I forget that you have done bad to me with her.
  8. I know your condition,
    I know your movements,
    then whether we are friends or not,
    you ask such questions.
  9. Now I have stopped talking about you,
    now I have also broken friendship with you.
  10. Supported you in every sorrow,
    included you in your happiness, thank you from the bottom of my heart
    for breaking friendship with me .
  11. Rich don’t see poor in friendship,
    we make true friendship with everyone,
    when friend is in trouble, fight for them,
    but don’t care if friend is like you.
  12. Poor in pocket,
    rich in heart, I am an enemy
    for friends like you .
  13. You have seen my friendship,
    now see the enmity as well,
    I have broken friendship with you,
    now see the consequences.
  14. Those who do not want to cooperate,
    they often get angry, always start fighting
    for small things .
  15. Your sulking doesn’t make sense anymore,
    no one does such stupidity in friendship,
    when someone calls someone a friend,
    he stays with him in trouble.
  16. There are fights and quarrels in friendship,
    but no one says such bad things.
  17. We are breaking friendship with you,
    we are leaving you alone too, we
    have done enough for you,
    now we have become like you.
  18. I cried when you broke the friendship,
    after that I slept carefree in a sheet.
  19. I cared for you,
    I fought for you, I
    never said this,
    I was a friend so I kept quiet.
  20. I was afraid of losing you,
    you will never break friendship,
    I used to tell myself.
  21. May you be successful and may you always be happy,
    but don’t call anyone a friend with a false heart.
  22. Bad times will pass,
    someone else will come in your place,
    but he
    will not be able to be friends like you.
  23. Now I’m scared of making friends,
    because everyone looks like you now.
  24. It is good that you have shown your reality,
    it is good that you have told the meaning of a cheater,
    I have also learned this since you came into my life.
  25. He used to roam around wearing a mask on his face,
    I did not know about his mask.
  26. God himself must have repented
    when he created you.
  27. Some people take out the meaning by making friends,
    when the meaning comes out, they remove it from the heart.
  28. We never break friendship,
    never leave a friend alone,
    but if someone breaks friendship,
    we don’t meet him.
  29. You had started,
    we will finish,
    now for you,
    will not fight with anyone.
  30. When you broke the friendship,
    then we understood the heart, now you have given
    your place in the heart to someone else.
  31. Will remove you from the heart,
    will send what you have given,
    friendship is broken now,
    if there is enmity, then they will also see.
  32. Friendship broke in a moment,
    my friend went away from me,
    as soon as you left my life,
    my fate also got upset.
  33. I used to consider you as my best friend,
    I used to consider you as my brother,
    you were not ashamed to break my friendship with me.
  34. You have broken the friendship,
    I am feeling pain,
    everything will be fine in some time,
    it is good that you have broken the friendship.

Friendship is good when it is from the heart. If friendship is of meaning, then they stay together till the meaning is not found. Having such friendship and not having it is the same. If you are thinking of breaking such friendship, then take help of above friendship breakup quotes and shayari. With this, the friend will realize that friendship is not a relation of meaning, but a relation made from the heart.