First meeting quotes

First meeting quotes

Let us know about the first meeting quotes. When the urge to meet someone arises in the heart, then automatically the words start coming out in a poetic way. Here there is a need to thread your words in the right way, which can be presented through poetry. Sometimes people do not have words to say anything at the time of meeting. We have brought poetry on meeting.

Let’s start the article with the quotes of the first meeting.

75+ First quotes on meeting:

When meeting someone for the first time, telling them your heart in a poetic way can touch their heart. Read and share First meeting quotes

First meeting quotes
First meeting quotes
  1. When we met him then it was our first meeting,
    there was silence on the lips and the eyes were talking.
  2. He met us for the first time in the rainy season, there
    was fragrance in the atmosphere and the flowers of love blossomed.

  3. Friends, what should I tell about the first meeting with him ,
    heart to heart got connected,
    and became a story.
  1. We met for the first time hiding from the world,
    as if two hearts blossomed together,
    now I wish to meet him everyday,
    only his picture is in my eyes.
  2. Eyes fell on him in the very first meeting,
    music started playing in the mind, maybe this is called love.
  1. The excitement of meeting him for the first time started spreading,
    wherever I looked, his picture started appearing.
  2. Eyes sparkled when we met for the first time,
    the face settled in my heart, I fell in love with him.
  3. When I saw him for the first time, I
    felt that I had met life,
    the eyes told everything,
    nothing happened with the lips.
  1. It was a beautiful night of cold weather,
    there was a procession of stars in the sky,
    where everything was decorated with flowers,
    that was our first meeting.
  2. In the first meeting itself, my heart got lost somewhere, my
    eyes lost sleep and peace got lost somewhere.

There are other first meeting poems

  1. There was a hope of meeting him,
    that meeting was also very special,
    the whole sky was decorated with stars,
    and my life was with me.
  1. He met us in such a way that
    we got trust in him,
    that meeting was the first and
    we fell in love with him.
  2. I saw his lovely face in the first meeting,
    and at that very moment he became the need of my life.
  3. We met for the first time and the first meeting became memorable,
    now all I want is to meet him every time.
  1. When we were meeting for the first time,
    it seemed as if it was raining flowers.
  2. In the very first meeting, the magic of his words took hold,
    I fell in love with him during the day, and the peace of the nights was snatched away.
  3. When I saw him for the first time, there was an agreement in my heart, I
    got lost in the intoxication of my eyes and fell in love with him.
  4. I gave my heart to him only in gestures, my
    heart was wounded and fell in love with him in the first meeting.
  5. Seeing her face blooming like a flower, we just got lost,
    that was the first meeting and we fell madly in love.
  6. Our emotions were not under control,
    that night seemed pleasant,
    lips were silent, eyes were talking,
    something like that was the first meeting.
  7. Read here incomplete meeting poetry
  8. Something remained incomplete with him,
    every hope of the heart remained incomplete,
    they met and then went together,
    felt that the meeting remained incomplete.
  9. They met, walked together, nothing happened,
    then I remembered that incomplete meeting.
  10. Used to meet him every day,
    talk with him and express love,
    but today when he is not with me,
    I just wait for him all the time.
  1. He was sitting close to me, yet there remained some distance, I
    held hands, yet the meeting remained incomplete.
  2. That incomplete meeting of yours troubled me,
    and you thought that you had done me a favor by meeting you.
  1. If I say it with my tongue, my heart’s words will not be fulfilled,
    sit near me peacefully, then the meeting will not be incomplete.
  2. You didn’t see me even after meeting,
    what was this compulsion,
    had come to meet for the sake of name,
    this meeting also remained incomplete.
  3. This meeting is incomplete,
    the talk of the heart is incomplete,
    how can I spend without you,
    my every day and every night is incomplete without you.
  4. That thing is hidden in the heart,
    at least try a little right,
    come, I have been waiting since long,
    at least meet incompletely.
  5. The starry night is incomplete, my
    heart’s talk with you is incomplete,
    until I see you with all my heart,
    every meeting with you is incomplete.

Keep reading incomplete First meeting quotes

  1. It was an incomplete meeting,
    there was rain of tears,
    you left me,
    you were my creation.
  2. Those incomplete stories of the meeting remained,
    the pain of separation remained only my part,
    you could have met on some pretext,
    but we tolerated your torture with our hands.
  3. The talk of the heart is still incomplete,
    my meeting with you is still incomplete,
    I have to say a lot after meeting you,
    my world is incomplete without you.
  4. We are left incomplete, in these incomplete meetings with you,
    my life is lost in these separation talks of yours.
  5. You left like this, what was your indifference towards us,
    when you met us, that meeting itself was incomplete.
  6. You say something, we say something, then only the matter is complete,
    neither you say anything nor I, the meeting is incomplete like this.
  7. The lips did not say anything to the lips and the matter was completed,
    but still it seemed that the meeting was incomplete.
  8. Do not fulfill the things that are in your heart,
    meet when you want,
    do not leave the meeting incomplete.
  9. When has our heart’s talk been fulfilled,
    even after meeting him,
    every meeting is incomplete.
  10. There were tears in the eyes of separation but the talk of the heart could not be fulfilled,
    never met him but the last meeting could not be completed.

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  1. Everything that happened that day was the last,
    that night spent with you was the last,
    we thought we would spend life with you,
    but little did we know that meeting was the last.
  2. Neither we became someone else’s nor yours,
    After the last meeting, it is as if we have become helpless.
  3. A pang arises in my heart even today,
    I remember you a lot even today,
    those last words of yours in the last meeting
    are heard in my ears even today.
  4. Perhaps it was the last beautiful rain of my life,
    being separated from you was the last meeting.
  5. You left us in the pouring rain,
    Why did you turn away leaving us alone,
    If you wanted, you could have spent the whole life with me,
    You broke my heart in the last meeting.
  6. Everything about you surprised me that day,
    that last meeting troubled me.
  7. I didn’t sleep whole night in your memory,
    after the last meeting,
    tell the truth, didn’t your heart cry,
    after the last meeting.
  8. Once again put your hand on my heart,
    once again read my feelings,
    not just for yourself but for my heart,
    at least meet me for the last time.
  9. Some kind of attraction remained in the heart of the last meeting,
    O careless, you also did not appreciate any of my feelings.
  10. Hands were in hands and tears were flowing like emotions,
    despair was on the lips, such was our last meeting.

Below are the last meeting shayari

  1. Neither there was any fight nor there was any talk,
    you came and just left,
    the last meeting settled in my heart.
  2. In that last meeting,
    my heart cried in every thing of yours,
    darkness enveloped my life,
    in the moonlight night of that day.
  3. I had left the company,
    the talk had stopped,
    you were apart, we were apart,
    that was the last meeting.
  4. Let me lose my senses once again,
    let me fall in love with
    you once again, let me get you right for the last time,
    and then let happiness rain.
  5. That habit of yours to laugh
    remained settled in my heart,
    the evening of the last meeting was pleasant,
    my life turned dark.
  6. The one who hugs on every meeting,
    you broke my heart,
    saying that this meeting is the last,
    you broke every relationship.
  7. I remember you leaving me with a smile,
    last song of the last meeting, I
    remember it a lot.
  8. Leave the company of life,
    let’s talk for the last time, let’s
    talk about our hearts,
    let’s meet for the last time.
  9. Flowers bloomed in autumn,
    when you talked to me,
    even the sky cried,
    when we met for the last time.
  10. You had something to say, something we had to hear,
    that was all,
    neither did you say, nor did we hear anything,
    that was the last meeting.

read dream First meeting quotes

  1. Let’s talk about the same laughter and heart again, Let’s
    meet in dreams not in reality.
  2. Let the sorrow of separation remain the same,
    Let everything in the heart remain connected, It
    is difficult to meet face to face
    , Let there be a series of meeting in many dreams.
  3. Whenever I have to meet you,
    I will come in your dreams on the same night.
  4. Dreams are better than reality,
    at least I get to meet you, I
    don’t have the courage to say anything in front of you, but
    my heart talks in my dreams.
  5. Today I met him laughingly in my dreams,
    when the dream broke in the morning it rained heavily.