First Love Quotes

First Love Quotes

Let’s know about First Love Quotes. Describing the feeling of first love in words is no less than a difficult task. By the way, not everything can be told even by speaking, so sometimes it becomes necessary to take the help of words to convey your feelings to your love. In such a situation, writing poetry for first love and sending it can be a good way. On the other hand, if your love lives away from you in some other city, then it is necessary to send poetry for love first. If you also want to convey First Love Quotes to your first love. Here read and share more than 50 first love status and Quotes for first love.

First Love Quotes
First Love Quotes

First of all in the article, first love Quotes for boyfriend is presented to you.

First Love Quotes for Boyfriend

Some of the first love status for boyfriend and Quotes for first love are as follows.

1. You are the covenant of my beating heart, You
are the spring of this decorated party,
These longing eyes of mine wait,
You are the first love of my life.

You are with me even after being away,
every moment of yours is special for me,
you sit in front of me and we keep watching you,
maybe this is the first feeling of love.

3. Your style of speaking silently was also amazing,
you didn’t say anything and this heart understood.

4. I am thinking to write something,
but should I write a message,
should I write the night without you,
or should I write the evening spent together.

5. When your face is visible,
no matter what the day may be,
it becomes a festival for me.

6. The universe faded in front of your every style,
and I accepted you as God in front of that God.

7. I just kept on eating in your beautiful dreams, I
kept on getting intoxicated in your beautiful memories,
I don’t know what is the attraction in your face,
every time I saw you, I just kept on missing you.

8. Walk with us like this for some distance,
today we will tell the story of our heart,
what the eyes could not understand, we
will tell you that today.

9. Whenever it was night, after every evening, I
you after every name, I have seen you by writing letters,
the voice kept coming after every message of yours.

10. I will carry you in my heart’s memories, I
will remove you in these two eyes, I
will decorate your name like this,
I will call you everyday in my dreams.

11. Heart is as fragile as glass, hold it tight,
if it slips out of hands, I will also be shattered.

12. If you want love, then try it some day,
we consider love and love as worship.

13. Don’t reveal the secrets of your heart by keeping words on your lips,
we listen with our eyes, you just speak with your eyes.

14. People must be seeking happiness from God,
but my worship is only for you,
millions may want me, but
my love is only for you.

15. I fell in love seeing you once, I
lost my heart seeing you again and again.

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16. When there is a talk with silent eyes,
love begins like this,
we remain lost in your thoughts,
we do not know when it is day and when it is night.

17. Agreed you have gone away for a few moments,
but we are close for every moment,
how will we forget you for a moment,
when we have fallen in love for every moment.

18. Life is so beautiful after your arrival,
the one who is settled in the heart is your face,
never forget to go away from us,
we need you at every step.

19. Everything about you is special to me,
maybe this is the feeling of first love.

20. You taught my heartbeats to beat, I
have found your love, you taught me to laugh in sorrow.

21. Your memories always remain in our heart,
your picture remains in our eyes,
even if we forget you, how O-Humdum,
your love remains in our breath.

22. We have got a beautiful view again,
I have got your company in my life, I
have no desire now because I
have got the support of your arms.

23. We have also started humming the songs of love,
their dreams keep troubling us day and night.

24. Nowadays I am confused
whether you have come and settled in me or am I lost somewhere in you?

25. I wish you come in my reflection,
when I see myself in the mirror,
and only you can be seen.

26. We didn’t know what love is after all,
then one day you met and I fell in love.

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Here we are presenting first love shayari for boys for their first love i.e. girlfriend.

First Love Quotes for Girlfriend

It is said that their first love for boys means that their girlfriend is no less than an angel or a princess. From those boys to their princess first love shayari are given here.

1. I will keep you safe from every sight, I
will keep you hidden in my heart,
no one can steal you from my heart, I
will settle you in the depths of love.

2. Eyes don’t like anyone except you,
they don’t like anyone else except your face, I
have loved you beyond the limits of love,
after thinking of you, no other thought comes to my mind.

3. I wish I didn’t have this heart disease,
I wish you weren’t so lovely, I
would have taken care of myself and my heart,
I wish there wasn’t so much impatience in your love.

4. Bend down these intoxicating eyes of yours sir,
my faith does not allow me to get intoxicated,
I have fallen in love with you endlessly,
this love does not allow me to go away from you.

5. I had saved my life, for a dear life,
I don’t know where the love came from, for that unknown.

6. You are always the beat of my heart,
you are my last and first loyalty,
I have loved you more than love,
you have settled in my heart and my soul.

7. It is my only wish that only that should be accepted,
whenever I open my eyes, just to see you.

8. Why have you taken the trouble to mention two and a half letters,
you have told with eyes and I have expressed through gestures.

9. I wish such a day should also come,
you are in my arms and time should stop.

10. From the time I saw you, I understood love,
otherwise I used to praise only these words,
I have met you, then life has become a paradise,
otherwise I used to scare away from love and scare from love.

11. Hardly anyone else will love me now,
because you are clearly visible in my eyes now.

12. When I saw him, I realized that
water is not necessary to quench the thirst of the eyes.

13. A little bit of you, a little bit of me and just a little bit of love,
what else do we need to live life.

14. We love him so much,
he has only control over my dreams, may
I get him at the cost of my life,
this is all I want from my God.

15. Everyday my steps go astray, for you to come near,
hands also get raised in prayers, everyday to get you.

16. Whenever I see you smiling,
I think you are my world.

17. I want to get lost in the depth of your eyes, I want to fall asleep
by holding you in my arms .

18. There is pain in our heart,
and there is restlessness in our eyes,
for the first time we got
this disease of love.

19. I get peace when we talk to him,
that night is a beautiful night among many nights,
I see when he raises his eyes towards me,
his face and eyes are the whole universe for me.

20. There is no one and there will be no one
close to your heart except me,
meet you for life,
I wish I could have such a fate.

21. Agreed that love can become an addiction,
Agreed that love can become a punishment,
If you love with true heart, then
that love can become the reason to live.

22. Look at me with kindness,
I can trust you, I
am so crazy about you that
I cross all limits.

23. Don’t ask the extent of my love,
don’t ask any reason for my love,
you are absorbed in every breath,
don’t ask the place where you are settled.

24. I love you, there is no denying it,
how can I say that I do not love you,
there was some mischief in your eyes too,
I am not the only one guilty of this crime.

25. These nights have started becoming very beautiful,
because now my heart has started talking to you.

26. Sit in front, my heart has started falling in love,
the more I see you, the more I fall in love.