Father Son Quotes

Father Son Quotes

The relationship between father and son is priceless. Both are known to each other. A father always finds his happiness in the happiness of his son and the son sees in his father a friend and a role model. In this relationship of both, along with love and friendship, there is also noise. Many a times, due to the debate about some things, sourness starts coming in this lovely relationship, which can be overcome with the help of papa beta shayari. In this article, we have written many papa beta quotes expressing the relationship between father and son, which you can send to your father or son.

Father Son Quotes
Father Son Quotes

50+ Quotes On Father And Son

We are going to tell you how the emotional relationship between father and son is put into words. Many such occasions come in life when relationships have to take the support of words, then you can take the help of these poems. Here we have divided the best poems and quotes written on father and son into four parts. First of all we will tell you the Emotional Father Sun Quotes. After that we have written some funny quotes and then some poems on the birthday of father and son.

Come, first of all read the Emotional Father Sun Quotes, which we have written especially for you.

Emotional Father Son Quotes

You can send these papa beta quotes not only on some special occasions but also simply to bring a smile on the face of your father or son.

  1. There is only happiness where
    my father is with me.
  2. There is father’s love in the heart and hand on the head,
    what else do you want in the world, when he is with you.
  3. With the support of my son, I became complete,
    I had only one dream which has now come true.
  4. It rained happiness,
    the prayer that was asked was accepted,
    life became settled with the arrival of the son.
  5. I get the happiness of the whole world,
    when I get my father’s arms.
  6. Pride increases by the presence of a father,
    if the son is worthy, then the pride is high,
    the family is inhabited by the presence of both,
    the honor of the families is connected with the father and the son.
  7. Fathers are strict for sons,
    they make rules for their lives,
    sons have never understood but,
    fathers are always there to support sons.
  8. Being a son, I accepted my father,
    his life is owed to me,
    I also accepted it.
  9. May my home be full of happiness, may my
    father be under my shadow for life,
    God you have done a miracle,
    my father is an angel for me.
  10. The thin stream of light between truth and untruth, that is my father.

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  1. Father never said he loved me, but he never let me cry either. Yes, this is father’s love.
  2. Father gave me everything without asking,
    made me happy even before I cried,
    whenever I got angry with him,
    father made me sit on his lap and explained.
  3. There is no value of father’s love,
    he is not a mother but not less than a mother.
  4. Father understood me, when everyone had rejected me,
    my life was aimless, father gave me shape.
  5. I will give my life for my son,
    if he says so, I will give up
    my life, my life is in him,
    I will accept even my enemies for my son.
  6. If there is a father, then everyone is here,
    life is complete, every dream is young,
    due to the presence of the father, there is the shadow of God,
    I will fight for the father all my life.

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Read some funny father and son poetry in the next part of the article.

Interesting Father Son Quotes

Father and son solve many complicated moments of life with a smile. In a special way, we have brought father and son quotes related to such happy special moments.

  1. The one who burns is fire,
    the one who extinguishes is ashes, the
    one who is with me in every color of mine,
    that is my father.
  2. Son, you will remain a child, you
    will remain a little raw of intelligence,
    even though I am with you in every mischief,
    but do not forget that I am your father.
  3. You go at night, you come in the morning, you
    never eat food on time,
    life will not go on like this,
    if son remains like this, the routine will get spoiled.
  4. Papa lost mother to you,
    what kind of condition have you spoiled,
    mother got hurt while waiting for you, she
    doesn’t even listen to me, she got sad.
  5. Son, you do one thing,
    eat, drink and rest,
    I have to be blamed for spoiling you,
    I have to be scolded by your mother.
  6. You are a piece of heart, but you are a big devil,
    son, you are my life, but it bothers me,
    because of you, I get scolded by your mother,
    now I will not feed you your favorite chaat.
  7. I will not believe what people say,
    even if my father scolds me, I will hide in his lap.
  8. Papa oh papa, how lovely papa,
    lion papa who gets scared on seeing mummy,
    my hero my friend, friend of friends my papa.
  9. Papa, you are goldier than gold in the artificial world,
    you have settled in my heart as a hero, my father,
    you are getting older and older day by day, father.

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  1. Father and I party after getting angry with mother,
    Our friendship is heavy on everyone.
  2. Who will fight with me, no one has the guts,
    when my father is with me, my sorrows subside.
  3. Got father’s shadow and what do I want in life.
    Having a father is no less than a fortune.
  4. Father’s company should be there, mother’s love should be there,
    elders’ blessings should always be there,
    this is my life’s wealth and this is my wish
  5. Father made my heart happy,
    gave me my love,
    I am proud of his existence,
    my father improved my life.
  6. The world pleases God by fasting,
    I have kept my parents, I am the luckiest in the world
  7. People might call father Neem, mother Tulsi,
    but I have seen parents to be God.
  8. Papa is sleeping tired now,
    I have seen my thoughts still in his mind.

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Next, we have brought for you some father son quotes related to birthday. Some of these special birthday shayari and priceless sayings you can send to him.

Father Son Quotes For Birthday

When any father touches his son for the first time, there is a very different feeling. He feels as if all his wishes have been fulfilled. On getting the support and trust of his father at every step, the son also feels something similar at that time. To give words to these unspoken feelings, we

Have brought father son quotes and father son poetry. Let us read, how precious is the relationship between father and son.

  1. Lots of love to father on his birthday,
    you have given me the shape,
    life got direction from your understanding,
    I will never forget this favor of yours.
    Happy Birthday Papa!
  2. Papa, you always showed me the right path out of anger,
    I got the most precious thing in the world by having you.
    Happy Birthday Papa!
  3. You completed me by coming into my life, may
    you live for thousands of years, may you remain inhabited.
    Happy birthday dear son!
  4. No matter how big you become, you will remain small for me,
    even if I have become old, you will still be mine, I am
    proud of you and will always be,
    you live thousands of years, I only wish this.
    Happy birthday dear son!
  5. You don’t like the sheet of sadness,
    the shadow of sorrow doesn’t reach you,
    you are my pride, you are my pride,
    you are my son,
    happy birthday to you dear son!
  6. Son is proud of father,
    always remains his own,
    what should I give you on your birthday son,
    you are precious to me son,
    what is a gift even for precious,
    happy birthday son!
  7. Dear son, I feel happy to have found you till today. Your arrival was the happiest and most emotional moment of my life. You live well, be happy, this is my blessing.

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  1. Whenever I can’t find an excuse to smile, my son, I think of your childhood. You have increased my respect every time. May you be happy my son, happy birthday.
  2. Father, no one loves like you,
    neither any friend nor any companion,
    whenever my mind gets confused,
    your teachings show me the way.
    Happy birthday papa!
  3. You have made my life better,
    my father, no one is more dear to me than you.
    Happy Birthday Papa!
  4. You adopted my dreams by sacrificing your dreams,
    I am happy thinking that God made a person like you my father.
    Happy birthday papa!
  5. Whatever I say father, it will be less,
    if I cannot do anything for you, then I will feel sad.
    Happy birthday to you!
  6. You are the fruit of my prayers,
    your smile is my world,
    my dear prince son,
    today is a day just for you.
    Happy birthday son!
  7. You are a box of beautiful memories,
    my son, you are my life,
    I have got happiness from you,
    you are my dream, you are my pride.
    Happy birthday my son!
  8. I grew up under my father’s shadow, I
    have stood with his support,
    I will never hurt you, I
    just want your love and blessings
    Happy Birthday Papa!
  9. My dear son, may you live for thousands of years, may
    the world be kind to you,
    may you be recognized in the world, may
    you become my pride, increase my pride.
    Happy birthday my son!
  10. I have never seen God, but I have seen you Papa,
    I wish you health and happiness,
    I am the youngest but I love you the most.
    Happy birthday to you papa!
  11. I am father’s son, he is my hero,
    whatever I do on your birthday, I will feel that he is zero,
    because I want to keep the happiness of the whole world at your feet,
    you should not have any sorrow in life, I keep praying this all the time Am.
    Happy birthday papa!

The understanding and love between father and son deepens this relationship. Here we have put into words the same love between the two through Papa Beta Shayari and Papa Beta Quotes. You can use these to remind each other of yourselves and some of your childhood pranks.