Fast hair growth oil

Fast hair growth oil

Let’s know about Fast hair growth oil. You can use 5 oils to make hair long and thick quickly. Combing with these oils will make the hair strong and will not break easily.

In today’s time, the problem of baldness is increasing rapidly. Be it men or women, everyone is troubled by the problem of hair breakage and fall. If there is no effect even after medicine and treatment, then you can try grandmother’s recipe. In ancient times, champi was considered beneficial for making hair strong and long. Massaging or combing the hair increases blood circulation in the scalp and helps in hair growth. In this article, we will tell you about 5 such hair oils, the use of which can accelerate hair growth. 

Fast hair growth oil
Fast hair growth oil

1. Amla oil is the secret of good hair health 

Amla oil acts as a tonic for hair. People who have white hair should also use Amla oil. Hair follicles get strengthened with the help of Amla oil. Mix some lemon juice in amla oil and apply it on the hair. Wash hair after 20 minutes. This will make your hair strong from the roots so that there will be no problem of hair fall.

2. Apply Rosemary oil for healthy hair

Applying rosemary oil can make hair thick and long quickly. In some studies, it has been said that with the help of rosemary oil, it helps in hair growth. To use, mix a few drops of rosemary oil with olive oil before going to bed at night. Leave it on the scalp. Wash your head in the morning. You will see the difference in a few months.    

3. Hair will get nutrition from coconut oil 

Coconut oil champi is beneficial for healthy and long hair. Lightly heat the coconut oil. Massage the scalp by applying oil. Wash hair the next morning. Coconut oil is beneficial for people whose hair has lost protein. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which strengthen the hair.

4. Apply castor oil to hair 

Hair can also be made thick and long with the help of castor or castor oil. Apply regular castor oil on the hair by mixing it with any other oil. Many people do not like the smell of castor oil. They can be used as a hair pack by mixing oil with curd.  

5. Benefits of Olive Oil 

Olive oil is considered beneficial for hair growth. Apply olive oil on the head in case of hair fall, dandruff, split ends or itching in the scalp. Olive oil can be mixed with almond oil and applied on the head. Shampoo your hair with oil 2 days a week. Your hair will look thick, strong and shiny.  

Which oil makes hair grow faster? Hair growth is accelerated by applying oils like olive, castor, coconut, rosemary and amla.