Fake love quotes

Fake love quotes

Love is a beautiful feeling, which cannot be expressed in words. The one who has this in his destiny, his life becomes complete and when this love betrays, it destroys everything. Sometimes what we think of as love is just a false love or just an illusion. When the one you love after breaking your heart, breaks your heart into pieces, then all other pains fade away in front of that pain. Through this article, we have brought fake love quotes for you, through which you can express your feelings.

Fake love quotes
Fake love quotes

Let’s start Fake Love Quotes

We have brought Shayaris on fake love and fake love quotes, which express the pain of a broken heart.

50+ Fake Love Quotes

We have come up with the best fake love quotes on the pain of false love and false expression especially for you. This collection of best poetry on infidelity in love and false love poetry is brand new.

  1. What did we say jokingly that leave my company,
    he jerked and moved our hand.
  2. This mindless heart was very proud of your love,
    could not tolerate the fucking infidelity and broke down.
  3. Your love was a liar and you were a liar,
    don’t know how many beliefs committed suicide to understand this truth.
  4. It is very strange that this love also
    makes you cry if you commit infidelity and makes you cry if you are faithful.
  1. The sky of my dreams was limited to you only, if
    you had not reminded me, I would not have even realized this cage.
  2. Those who did not leave us anywhere by saying their own,
    how can I give the name of unfaithful to that love of mine.
  3. O people of the world, why do you defame love,
    if your lover is unfaithful, then where is the fault of love?
  4. What will you understand my love friend,
    he kept learning loyalty from us to be with someone else.

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  1. Don’t swear that you will kill someone,
    here you forget your own people after making promises.
  2. The love for which we once used to die,
    O my friend, today we are dying for the same love.
  3. Knowing the condition of my broken heart, he returned again,
    the wounds became green again and my condition became miserable.
  1. This is the world of meaning, what will anyone support here,
    we betray our own here.
  1. Where is the value of true love in this world,
    here everyone makes a relationship thinking of their own benefit.
  2. He must have realized my love after making us cry,
    he has now fallen in love with us after miles away.
  3. A- God would have given me some medicine for my broken heart, it
    would have been better to separate him from his infidelity.
  4. A-Sanam Whenever infidelity is mentioned,
    I remember you and tears come out of my eyes.
  5. Where can I get that moon in which your beauty is there,
    where can I get that word in which you are praised,
    O unfaithful, where can I get that luck in which you are written.
  6. Thousands of lovers perished on the path of love for the sake of love,
    don’t know what was missing in my love, they became unfaithful.

The cycle of fake relationship quotes continues even further.

  1. The paths on which we used to walk holding their hands,
    today those same paths remind us of their infidelity.
  1. Now accept it in your heart that he is not ours,
    how long will it continue to suffer in the memory of an unfaithful person.
  2.  The buzzing path on which my heart had followed you blindly,
    today is filled with memories of silence, loneliness and infidelity.
  3. Once upon a time I was afraid to write even a single line on paper,
    today your infidelity has made me a poet of thousands of pages.
  4. He passed by me as if he didn’t know us,
    we are the same that even today we don’t consider that unfaithful as unfaithful.
  5. Once upon a time, we used to read his love poems, but
    his infidelity broke him so much that he forgot the song of loyalty.
  6. We don’t feel sorry for their infidelity, we just had a wish that we too would make a home with them, dear one.
  7. What should I do with this crazy heart, earlier your whole heart was ruled by you,
    now even after breaking into thousands of pieces it shows your reflection.
  8. I have heard that they make fun of our loyalty in a crowded gathering,
    We have one heart that cannot curse them even in private.
  9. Your thought does not get erased from the heart just like that,
    it is the heart that does not forget you,
    the world may call you unfaithful,
    but I cannot forget your love just like that.

There are more quotes on fake love

  1. Even today no one is more dear to me than you,
    just now the demands of your love have changed.
  2. How to trust this love of yours,
    when infidelity in your name is sold in the market.
  3. We saw only bad results of love in the world,
    those who used to claim loyalty, saw them being unfaithful.
  4. People of the world, don’t be so proud of your love,
    when there is infidelity, even a living person becomes a corpse.
  5. Everyone is proud of his love until he stumbles upon infidelity .
  1. I had thought a lot that I would not kneel in front of his infidelity,
    but as soon as I came in front of him, my eyes changed their side.
  1. Let’s mention when
    we took your name in this gathering of infidelity and there was silence.
  2. It was your nature to love everyone,
    we kept considering ourselves lucky just like that.
  3. How can we call him unfaithful,
    we had loved him, not him.
  4. How did we know that this would be the result of flirting with them,
    by being unfaithful to us, the scene of destruction would be public.
  5. I don’t have any complaints about your infidelity,
    I would have been upset if you had kept your loyalty to someone.
  6. He had loved us beyond limits,
    then it happened that his heart was filled.
  7. Even on his infidelity, my life is lost,
    if it was of loyalty then God knows what would have happened.
  8. Who knows the result of love, if
    there is loyalty then everything is fine,
    if there is infidelity then the situation is a disaster.
  1. This is the end result of love, the
    true lover who is killed by infidelity cries for the whole life.
  2. His infidelity has made us in this condition,
    we do not cry, the whole world cries seeing us.
  3.  Sometimes sorrow, sometimes loneliness and sometimes separation killed,
    the one whom we loved with great intensity, his infidelity killed.
  4. If you have to do something then be faithful my friend,
    everyone has committed infidelity in the name of compulsion.
  5. His infidelity broke us in such a way that we could not join again,
    the injury was so deep that we could not turn back on the path of love.
  6. Will go out again in search of life once,
    just pray that this time no one like you will be found.
  7. I was neither a poet nor did I have anything to do with poetry,
    today I tell stories of her infidelity in every gathering.
  8. It would have been better if we had not fallen in love with him, we
    would have reached our destination by now,
    if we had not trusted an unfaithful person.
  1. False love ruined the world of laughing human beings,
    if they had known that the end of love would make them suffer so much, they would not have played pranks.
  2. Suffered so many wounds in the path of love that no one is trusted anymore,
    we have come to know that there is no true love in this unfaithful world.
  3. For the sake of whom we broke the relationship with the whole world,
    that unfaithful broke the relationship with us for a new relationship.
  4. Every day I tell stories of his infidelity in words,
    this is the time that even on my pain, he goes on praising.
  5. I don’t know what is love and love anymore,
    tears don’t stop when I just miss you.