Engagement wishes

Engagement wishes

Learn about engagement wishes. The second innings of life begins with marriage and marriage begins with engagement. Engagement is that first stage between two people, in which after coming together their paths become one. Therefore, congratulations for such a special occasion should also be special. You can use them on the engagement of sister, brother or friend.

Engagement wishes
Engagement wishes

So let’s start with the Engagement wishes poetry and quotes for sister.

Congratulations Message For Sister’s Engagement wishes

Mehndi is created in the hands of the sister and her life is full of happiness, this is the wish of every brother. At the same time, there is a lot of craze among sisters regarding engagement. To describe this occasion in words, brothers and sisters can wish their engaged sister with engagement poetry in this style.

1. Happy new life smile,
Happy special day to you sister.

2. May you always be happy my sister, may
all the happiness be in your lap,
may sorrow never come in your share,
may the buds bloom so much in your courtyard.

May your bosom be filled with happiness,
may no sorrow reach you, may
the whole world be at your feet,
my sister, you are the dearest.

4. Today is sister’s engagement,
there is happiness in the house,
love is showering from all sides,
congratulations are coming from all sides.

Always be happy sister,
that’s all I want to say,
you are the jewel of our family.

Happy engagement dear sister.

May all the happiness of life kiss your feet,
become a queen and wander in the mind of your brother-in-law.

Congratulations on your engagement my sister.

Thousands of happiness showered in your lap, may
you always get spring, my sister.

8. Mehandi was created in your hands,
redness adorned your lips,
you are brother-in-law’s life,
sister, you are lucky.

9. Your spring has come in life,
such that you smile like this,
light always knocks in life,
sister, today is your engagement.

My younger sister, you are now a stranger,
you have found your love, you are getting engaged today.

Congratulations on your engagement my sister.

11. May the series of congratulations continue, may
the lamp of your courtyard keep burning,
blessings coming out from the heart on your engagement, may there
be heaps of happiness in your lap.

May your life be full of joy, may
your every dream come true just like that,
my sister, I am so happy with your engagement, may
your heart be filled with my share of happiness.

13. Decorate every dream together with new beginnings and stay together forever. Hearty congratulations on the engagement with best wishes.

14. Life should be fragrant with flowers,
life should be more beautiful than dreams,
sister should be with you and brother-in-law,
both of their lives should be spent laughing.
Happy engagement my sister.

15. The journey from engagement to marriage is just two steps away,
the journey of your life starts from here.

16. Sister, on your engagement, all I have to say is,
you should be happy, stay settled wherever you are.
Congratulations on your engagement sister.

May new lamps of hope be lit,
new songs of happiness be sung, may
you get every happiness in the world,
may flowers of your happiness bloom in the courtyard.

Congratulate your brother on his engagement with the poems given below.

Engagement Wishes To Brother

Brother’s wedding is the craze of every sister and brother. A gift of loving words on his engagement before brother’s wedding can make his day special. We have brought some such beautiful gifts for you, which will make your brother’s engagement memorable. read below –

1. The one whom you wanted to be, look, she is yours today,
may my brother and sister-in-law be happy always, this is our prayer.

2. To create mehndi in their hands, to
dance in their hands as a miner,
as you have maintained other relationships brother,
in the same way maintain your life with your sister-in-law.

Happy engagement brother.

3. Now your new journey has started,
you have got a new partner,
we knew that you like your brother,
congratulations for this opportunity of your engagement.

4. Happy brother’s love, Happy
wife in life,
Be happy, we are praying from the heart,
Wish you a memorable evening.

5. Brother will become groom, wedding procession will be arranged,
sister-in-law will come, bad things will happen in the house,
we will all dance and sing,
I got engaged, this is the thing to be happy.

Today is the engagement o my brother,
dance in your happiness this night,
you will become the bridegroom, you will decorate the baraat,
congratulations to you on this beginning of life.

7. Stay happy brother, stay settled brother,
may you get blessings of elders,
your engagement is today brother,
soon you will get the gift of marriage too.

8. My brother is unique in the gathering of thousands,
today he got engaged, he became a drunkard,
sister-in-law became a piece of the moon, brother became a heartthrob.

9. My brother has grown up, he is getting engaged, may
he always be happy, the party of blessings is decorated.

10. Brother, may happiness play in your courtyard, may
all your dreams come true, may your
sister-in-law love you more than life,
may your unfulfilled dreams come true.

Happy engagement brother.

11. Brother o brother you are very lucky,
sister-in-law got you heroine, you are lucky
, stay together, be happy always,
both of you get immense love.

12. May you get all the happiness brother, may you
have lakhs of happy days, may
you get the happiness of the whole world, may
you get the world like dreams.

13. Happy engagement brother, Happy
new company of sister-in-law,
Happy dreams, Happy happiness,
Happy new life to you.

14. Brother, you get whatever you ask for,
you get all the happiness of the world, may God bless
those who are tying the strings of relationships today.

15. You are getting engaged today,
God has made this amazing couple,
congratulations are being received from all sides,
we have also got married soon.

16. Your life smells like flowers,
your wife is more beautiful than the moon,
there should never be a fight between you two, may
your life be full of happiness.

Congratulations on the engagement bro.

17. Happy today brother, happy tomorrow to you,
happy every night from engagement to marriage, let
happiness play in your lap,
happy year to you, happy every day.

Here are some heartwarming poems for friend’s engagement, scroll down to read.

Engagement Wishes For Best Friend

If you are looking for Engagement Shayari to send something special on the occasion of friend’s engagement, then this part of the article is for you only. Read below some unique engagement shayari for friend.

1. Happy engagement to my dear friend, Happy
new life this evening,
Lots of love for you from your partner,
Happy married life in advance.

2. Mere dost mere yaar,
tujhe mil raha hai tera pyaar,
hona wali hai teri sagai aaj,
happy engagement yaaron ke yaar.

3. A friend like you is found by luck,
like the sun rises again after the night,
I am proud of myself because of you,
a friend like you is also one in a million.

4. May sorrow never settle in your mind, May
despair never stop on your lips,
May your every dream come true my friend, May
God bless me with you in every birth.

Happy engagement friend.

5. Beautiful in mind, beautiful in body,
beautiful in soul, you
are getting engaged today,
you have come dressed up from the sky.

Happy engagement dear.

6. May your courtyard be full of happiness, may
there never be any sorrow on both of you,
my friend, whatever you want,
we only wish for happiness.

Happy engagement friend.

7. The one whom your life had chosen,
today you have got his support, you
are lucky to be getting the support of love,
congratulations to you, now hold hands.

Happy engagement friend.

8. If there is a wish, then strangers become friends, if
love is true, then hearts meet,
you have got your love,
we become what you say today.

9. Yaaron ka yaar mera yaar,
today he has got his love, may
you be happy, may you have fun,
may life get a new shape.

Happy engagement friend.

10. May you always be happy, this is my prayer,
I will take all your blessings today,
blessings showered from the sky in your lap,
come soon with your sister-in-law in your doli.

Happy engagement yaara.

11. Friend my friend, you are getting your life,
now she will be your wife for the whole life,
cut both of your life together like a knife,
you will enjoy fully.

Happy engagement dear.

12. Both bound by love,
both always moving forward in life,
this is what love means,
now both live for each other.

Happy engagement.

13. Happy new path of new life,
Happy this desire for happiness,
Happy love to you,
Happy company of each other.

14. The style of this relationship is new,
take your steps carefully,
the path you had once chosen,
today you have become its equal step.

15. Blessings of elders, glory of God,
you have got this happiness today,
congratulations on your new life,
heartiest congratulations on your engagement.

16. Friend, the bridegroom will be mine,
his head will be adorned with a crown,
the bride’s doli will come to Angana,
the bride will get her adornment.

Happy engagement friend.

17. May you get success in the new chapter of life,
because the key to luck will come as a sister-in-law.