Emotional quotes

Emotional quotes

Shayari and quotes are considered a great option to convey the thoughts and feelings of your mind to the person in front. The reason is that not only do our thoughts reach the person in front of us, but the feelings of our mind also reach the depths of his heart. In such a situation, if you are also looking for some new poetry or quotes that make you emotional, here we are giving more than 70 emotional shayari and emotional quotes. At the same time, in the list of emotional poetry included in the article, you will get to read a lot on love, life, friendship and parents.

Let us first have a look at the emotional status for friends.

Emotional Quotes for Friends

Emotional quotes
Emotional quotes

Some of the emotional shayari for friends are as follows: 

1. I will feel yours in every happiness,
no matter how many sorrows you may be with me,
this bond of our friendship will never break,
this friend will be with you in every trouble.

Friendship with eyes is called nature,
friendship with stars is called heaven,
friendship with eyes is called love,
friendship with people like you is called luck.

3. Friendship is not forgotten whether the friend is far or near, the
happiness in which the friend is not there is not celebrated.

4. If you have faith in yourself, then God will also be with you,
if you have faith in your loved ones, then blessings will be with you,
never give up in life my friend,
even if it is the time or not, this friend will be with you all the time.

5. True friendship is speechless,
felt by the heart and expressed by the eyes.
What if you get pain in life,
a real friend is identified only in pain.

6. Love, Ishq, Mohabbat are all deception, if
you want to make your life a heaven,
then just one friend is enough.

7. No matter how angry the friends may be, there should not be a rift in the friendship,
no matter how much resentment may be there, the friendship should not be affected.

8. Somewhere it will be day and somewhere it will be night,
every smile will be in your name,
if you don’t believe then try it,
there will be no wrinkles, just life on the palm.

9. Nothing more than the desire of relationships,
nothing more than the worship of friendship.
If there is a friend like you in life, then
I have nothing to complain about life.

10. Illuminated the dark life,
erased the despondency and turned it into gulshan,
the life which used to seem discolored to me,
gave me the courage of friendship and taught it to live.

11. Some friends are special,
they are with you all the time,
but those who are useful in trouble,
they are the true friends.

12. The destination is not crossed by sitting,
the journey has to be started,
two moments are not enough to recognize friendship,
it has to be tried in trouble.

13. The heart is small but there are many sorrows, there
are many wounds in the journey of life.
We would have been erased long ago,
there is a lot of power in the blessings of fucking friendship.

14. The eyes have changed for yourself and for strangers,
don’t leave the hand of friendship,
otherwise the desire to make friends someday will disappear.

15. Only being together is not friendship,
you have to remember even while staying away.
Whether you pass in happiness or not, you
have to give company in the whirlpool of sorrow.

16. Never get angry with our mistakes,
never take our mischiefs to heart,
your friendship is my life,
never forget this my friend.

17. There is such an intoxication of your friendship,
the world is angry with us because of this,
now the situation is such that
my heart is asking where is your heartbeat.

18. Now the distance has to be removed by itself,
whatever happens, everything has to be told.
My friend doesn’t have time now,
that’s why now you have to remind yourself.

After emotional shayari for friends, now we come to emotional quotes for love.

Emotional Love Quotes

Some of the emotional quotes for love are as follows:

1. I just keep looking at these eyes of yours,
you are our destiny.
What do we have to do with the happiness of the world,
I wish that you become my love.

2. They complain that they don’t know how to love,
we also have a complaint that we don’t know how to complain.

3. May you always be happy, this is what we pray for,
always ask God for your happiness.
If I get a chance to ask something from you,
then I ask for your love throughout my life.

4. Can never reciprocate love,
can’t forget you even after wishing.
You are the laughter of my moments, I
can’t smile again after separating from you.

5. The deal of love is also very strange,
it is our fate to get cheated instead of loyalty.
6. I love them only after seeing them from a distance,
I wait for that moment when I can touch the moon,
someday they will also understand the condition of my heart,
I wait for that moment.

7. Can’t get closer even if I want to,
don’t know what kind of compulsion this is,
yes my love is one sided or that
‘s why it is incomplete.

8. It is the fault of the heart, which did not know what it did,
did not know why it decided on its own.
The land on which not even a single star fell by breaking,
sat on that land wishing to bring the moon.

9. Don’t know why I have started finding you in every dream, I have
started accepting you as the reason for my smile.
Everyone has news, not only you,
that how much I have started loving you.

10. Love doesn’t happen just by saying it,
it has to be done from the heart, it
is not enough to recognize by seeing,
it has to be made into a heartbeat.

11. I don’t have that much courage to look into his eyes,
he comes in front and she herself bows down,
many hearts desire to make eye contact,
but I have heard that they steal the heart with their eyes.

12. I have written the story of your love in my heart, it
is not a little but it is written innumerable,
sometimes include us in your dreams,
because I have written your name with every breath.

13. You will not be able to live life without me,
you will find me close to you even after going far away.
Don’t consider love as a game of two moments, it
is not possible that you will ever be able to repay this debt.

14. You don’t get a sight just by wishing,
you don’t get a heart just by two meetings, you
have to win the heart on the foundation of trust,
you don’t get real love without trust.

15. If sorrow comes, it is not possible to leave, we
will be seen together at every step,
even if you leave your breath,
we are the ones who will be with you till death.

16. Neither we were bad,
nor was there any evil in them,
this is a game of luck,
the separation was written in destiny.

17. Whose name has not come on the lips,
the eyes give the message to him.
How to hide your feelings,
when the heartbeat takes his name.

18. Agreed that I don’t love you,
but try to live for me, even if
your heart betrays you,
I will even give my life to get you.

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After Emotional Quotes for Love, now we will know Emotional Quotes for Parents in the next article.

Emotional Quotes for Parents

Some of the emotional quotes for parents are as follows:

1. Everyone knows how to make you cry and everyone knows how to make you laugh,
but there are only parents in the world who know how to cry seeing you cry.

2. Business runs by the tinkling of coins,
there is no business in the love of parents.

3. Mother’s love and father’s caress,
the whole world resides in this.

4. This world seems like an illusion,
chutney and roti also seem like nuts.
She fills our stomach by burning herself,
it is the mother who loves so much.

5. Mother’s love, father’s reprimand,
those days too, when we used to buy the world for one rupee.

6. I knew how to describe the whole world in one word,
now I know how to call a small child mother and father.

7. I have learned to live not from books, but from the stumbling blocks of the path,
I have learned to smile even in difficulties from my parents.

8. Mother is the only person in the world
who can tell just by looking whether
her eyes are red from crying or sleeping.

9. I don’t care what the world tells me,
I am a good son only my mother says.

10. They know the condition of my heart even in my silence, it
is the parents who pray for our safety at every door step.

11. The world’s biggest debt is the love of parents,
because even if you want, you will not be able to return that childhood caress.

12. I don’t accept what is written in my destiny,
I don’t care about the lines on my hands,
even if there are a lot of difficulties,
I am proud of the path shown by my parents.

13. The one who taught us to walk by holding our finger,
taught us to fight with every difficulty that comes,
the shadow made in the sun and the flame of the lamp in the dark, the
shadow of that parent is bigger than the one above.

14. In childhood, we used to talk less and ask more questions,
used to have fun with everyone and were afraid of only you,
it was your kindness, father,
that we used to laugh together even in a one room house.

15. Wherever we live, he keeps an eye on us,
when we are in trouble, his tears fall,
what will be the price of this love,
it is the parents who love us so much.

16. When she was very angry, she used to scold,
better than a comb, she used to remove hair with her hands.

17. I write some desires of my heart,
I write this message for the world,
when true love is mentioned,
I write the name of parents first.

18. Be such a person that the world sees,
achieve a destination that becomes an example,
parents will be more relaxed than heaven,
when they are recognized by your name.

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After emotional status related to parents, now we will know emotional quotes and shayari related to life. 

Emotional Quotes on Life

Some of the emotional shayari and quotes related to life are as follows:

1. Life is a pleasant shower of memories,
Life is the account of happiness and sorrow,
Some wishes are fulfilled and some wishes are incomplete,
Life is the book of this upheaval.

2. To play, to laugh, to smile,
to float a paper boat in the water,
Where did you get stuck in the quagmire of this wisdom,
That innocent childhood was so pleasant.

3. Palaces are not built in the air, they have to be raised on the ground,
life itself is not built, it has to be groomed with hard work.

4. I have stopped for a while,
this is the test of time, I
have just lost one game,
I still have the desire to live.

5. There are so many entanglements in life that one
has to remain silent,
even after being conscious one
has to remain unconscious in front of the world.

6. Don’t ask how many complaints do we have from life,
just tell us how many other grievances are left.

7. I had taken a step thinking that I would make a life,
I did not know that as soon as I took the step, both my enthusiasm and consciousness would be destroyed.

8. Even after so many troubles, we are standing perfect,
see life, my courage is bigger than yours.

9. Don’t ask us the experiences of life,
every moment we are smiling,
this is the story of life,
sometimes we are experiencing happiness and sometimes sorrow.

10. Everyone gets a chance to change time in life,
but the past time does not give a chance to change life.

11. Never be sad no matter how sad it is, no
matter how big the difficulty is, don’t get discouraged.
You have to face life firmly,
Never lose your style even after breaking down.

12. One life is not short,
just the style of living should be there,
no one is bad in this world,
just thinking should be changed.

13. Never be a need, just be everyone’s wish,
if you want, just so much that you can become someone’s life.

14. How strange are the distances between life and death, if
you wish to live then life goes away,
if you try to die,
even fucking death leaves you.

15. Be it excessive happiness or excessive sorrow,
never tell anyone,
because people keep an eye on happiness
and sprinkle salt on sorrow.

16. The story of life is such that it cannot be told in words,
even if you change a lot, but this desire is meaningless,
you have lost something, you have found something, sometimes you cry in regret,
it is your own, but it seems completely unknown.

17. Hide every sorrow on your face with a smile,
just make this thing your style,
what good is there in the world by crying,
try it as much as you want.

18. Never trust others,
have to live life only on your own feet.