Dumbbell pullover exercise

Dumbbell pullover exercise

Let us know about Dumbbell pullover exercise. The bench press is considered one of the most popular and effective exercises for developing and strengthening the chest muscles. Flat bench press, incline bench press or decline bench press, all these exercises can prove to be a boon for those who want a wide chest . For a complete workout of any part of the body, it is necessary to use different angles and exercises.

Similarly, there has been a discussion for a long time regarding dumbbell pullover exercise whether this exercise can be done on chest day or back day? There is such a discussion because the dumbbell pull over exercise simultaneously affects the pectoral muscles of the chest and the latissimus dorsi muscles of the back. As a result, it is generally recommended to perform dumbbell pullover exercises on the day between chest workout day and back workout day.

Some people tried to find a solution to this problem with a different technique, allowing this exercise to target only the back or chest muscles. (This depends on which body part you’re trying to target that day). The truth is that following the standard technique is actually enough to exercise both muscle groups. In such a situation, there is no harm in doing this exercise with different techniques on different days of the week.

Generally it is seen that dumbbell pullover is not given as much importance as compared to other exercises. Despite this, it is one of the favorite exercises for professional bodybuilders and fitness trainers. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former American actor and Governor of California, made this exercise very popular among the people, due to which a large number of people took advantage of this exercise. However, if seen, even today different forms of this exercise could not be found. In this article we will tell you why you should include this exercise in your daily routine and how you can get benefits by doing it correctly.

Types of Dumbbell Pull-over Exercise

Dumbbell pullover exercise
Dumbbell pullover exercise

As mentioned above, the dumbbell pullover is beneficial for the muscles of the upper body, chest and back. With slight variations, this exercise can be used to target different muscles.

  • Dumbbell pullover for chest: Keep straight throughout the exercise to emphasize the chest.
  • Dumbbell pullover for the back: Keep a slight bend in the elbows during the exercise to emphasize the muscles of the back.

Benefits of Dumbbell Pull-over Exercise

Dumbbell pullover exercise is a very beneficial exercise for the development and strength of the upper body. This exercise is also known as upper body squats. You can get the following benefits by doing dumbbell pullover exercise.

  • You can lift heavier weights in this exercise than the chest fly exercise.
  • It is very beneficial in increasing the size of the chest.
  • Develops the back muscles and tones the upper back.
  • This is also a very beneficial exercise for the shoulders.

Right way to do Dumbbell Pull-over Exercise –

It is very important to warm up before starting any exercise . Along with this, some mobility exercises should also be done, so that the targeted muscles can become active and there is no risk of injury during exercise . Don’t forget to stretch your muscles after you finish exercising.

What equipment will be needed

  • a bench
  • Dumbbells with weights according to your capacity.

Which muscles are affected?

  • primary : chest
  • Secondary: Back, shoulders and triceps

Who can do this exercise

Intermediate (Trainee)

set and wrap

3 sets of 10-15 reps

exercise techniques

  • Lie down on a flat bench, keeping your shoulders close to the bench. Keep your head slightly above the edge of the bench.
  • Keep the feet on the floor by bending the knees at 90 degrees. The upper part of the body should be in a straight line in line with the thighs and chest.
  • Taking the hands backwards, hold the dumbbells properly in the hands and then bring them upwards in line with the chest.
  • Keep the torso, shoulders and legs stable in place during the entire exercise.
  • When the dumbbells come in line with the chest, pause for a few seconds. Then slowly lower the dumbbell down to its original position.

Tips: To create more tension in the back muscles during this exercise, instead of keeping the arms straight throughout the exercise, keep them slightly bent at the elbows. Do this exercise lying straight on the bench. In this position, ensure that the lower back does not lift off the surface of the bench, this tenses and strengthens the core muscles.

Dumbbell Pull-over ke alternative Exercise

If you do not have the facility to do dumbbell pullover exercise, then these two exercises can also be done. Its effect also falls on those muscles only.

  • dumbbell fly
  • straight arm cable pulldown

conclusion :

Dumbbell pull overs are a favorite exercise among athletes and people looking to increase chest size. By making slight changes in the technique of this exercise, the back muscles can also be strengthened. Along with strengthening the shoulders, it is also beneficial for the muscles of the arms.

This exercise may seem difficult to see in general, that is why people run away from its practice, but this exercise is helpful in providing strength to many organs. This exercise should be done under the supervision of trained professionals. Along with this, those who cannot open their shoulders too much should not do this exercise.