Dry fruits for weight gain

Dry fruits for weight gain

Let us know about Dry fruits for weight gain. Eating dry fruits in the right way can help in gaining weight. If you don’t believe, you can try the methods mentioned here for a few days.

People of lean body are often engaged in trying to gain weight. But, gaining weight is not as easy as it seems. It is very easy to say that ‘Hey brother, you have to increase the weight, eat whatever you want’. But gaining weight is not a back-handed game. There are many foods that do the work of increasing weight, but if they are not eaten properly, then the weight does not take the name of getting lost. If you are too thin and want to become fat by eating and drinking, then know here how to consume dry fruits. If you eat dry fruits in the ways mentioned here, then you will also see an increase in weight.

Dry fruits for weight gain
Dry fruits for weight gain

dry fruits for weight gain

Dry fruits are very beneficial for health. They are tasty to eat, are crunchy and they also provide many nutrients to the body. Most dry fruits contain a good amount of protein, calcium, vitamins and magnesium. Anti-oxidants are also in abundance in them, due to which they are called superfoods. To gain weight, you can eat the dry fruits mentioned here and also know how to eat them. 

Which dry fruits increase weight 

Among dry fruits, raisins, pistachios, almonds, peanuts and walnuts can prove to be effective in increasing weight. Walnuts come under the count of high energy foods and can help you in increasing obesity. Pistachios contain a good amount of fat and calories, due to which the body weight can increase by a few kilos. Raisins also contain vitamins along with magnesium, copper and manganese, which help in healthy weight gain. Talking about almonds, a handful of almonds contain up to 6 grams of protein, 170 calories and 4 grams of fiber along with 15 grams of healthy fats. Peanuts come in the count of the cheapest dry fruits and can easily help in gaining weight. Dried figs can also be consumed to gain weight.

How to eat dry fruits 

  • Eating dry fruits properly can lead to healthy fat gain or say, weight gain. To gain weight, dried figs can be soaked and eaten. Eating them with water or milk helps in rapid weight gain. 
  • To gain weight, you can also eat soaked raisins. If seen, eating mostly soaked dry fruits helps in gaining weight. Walnuts can also be consumed soaked. 
  • You can drink dry fruits by adding them to milkshakes, make smoothies and eat them for breakfast. However, avoid consuming them excessively. Drinking 2 to 3 almonds in milk will also be beneficial for you. 
  • You can consume cashew after roasting it. Grind roasted cashew nuts. When it starts to look like cream after grinding, then you can add salt or some other light spices for flavor. Taste it and eat it. Weight gain will help.