Drumstick leaves

Drumstick leaves

Let’s know about Drumstick leaves. India is considered a rich country in terms of fruits and vegetables. Here you will see innumerable types of vegetarian food as compared to non-veg, but due to lack of information, people are not able to enjoy all the delicious vegetables. If you are also fond of eating and drinking and want to include healthy foods in your diet. Here we are going to give information about the beneficial drumstick, about which you may not be aware of the various health benefits. Know with us the benefits of drumstick for health. Apart from this, we will also give information about how to use drumstick for the body in this article.

First of all, let us know what drumstick is and also know some other things about it.

What is drumstick?

Drumstick is a type of legume, which is used as a vegetable. It is called Drumstick or Moringa in English. Its botanical name is Moringa Oleifera. You may be surprised to know that India is the largest producer of moringa, with an annual production of 1.1 to 1.3 million tons ( 1 ). Drumstick tree grows very fast and along with its pods, its leaves and flowers are also used for food. These three parts of drumstick are very beneficial. In the next part of the article, we will give information about the benefits of drumstick not only for health but also for the skin.

Benefits of drumstick – Benefits of Sehjan (Drumstick) in Hindi

1. Benefits of drumstick for obesity

If you are troubled by the problem of obesity or increasing weight , now you can get relief to a great extent. Now relief can be given to a great extent. Including drumstick pods or leaves in the list of green vegetables can control the problem of increasing weight to some extent. In fact, it contains chlorogenic acid, which has anti-obesity properties, which can help fight obesity or weight problems ( 2 ) . You can include it in your diet as a healthy food item ( 3 ).

2. Benefits of drumstick for cancer

The medicinal properties present in drumstick can help in reducing the risk of dangerous disease like cancer. Actually, drumstick bark and drumstick leaves have anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties ( 4 ) ( 5 ). In addition, drumstick leaves are rich in polyphenols and polyflavonoids, which are antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic compounds, which may help reduce the risk of this deadly disease (6 ) .

3. Benefits of Drumstick for Diabetes

Drumstick beans, bark and other parts have anti-diabetic properties, which can prove to be beneficial for diabetes and can reduce the level of diabetes ( 4 ) ( 5 ). If you do not like to eat drumstick, you can also take tablet of drumstick leaves with the advice of a doctor, because it also has anti-diabetic properties ( 2 ) ( 7 ) .

4. Benefits of drumstick for bones

With increasing age, it is also necessary to take care of bones and keep them healthy. You can consume drumstick to keep your bones healthy. Moringa has been shown to be a good source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which are essential nutrients for bones ( 8 ) ( 9 ). Due to the presence of these properties, drumstick can help in keeping bones healthy. For now, more research is needed on this. In addition, it also has anti-osteoporotic properties, which may help reduce the risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis (10 ) .

5. To keep the heart healthy

Heart is one of the most important organs of the body. In such a situation, it is necessary to keep the heart healthy and take care of it. If you want to keep your heart healthy, then include drumstick leaves in your diet. Drumstick leaves are found in high amounts of antioxidants, which help in relieving problems caused due to inflammation in the body and heart problems are one of them. Beta carotene (β carotene) present in drumstick leaves can help keep the heart healthy by acting as an antioxidant.

6. For anemia

Talking about the quality of drumstick, its bark or its leaves can also be consumed to prevent anemia ie deficiency of red blood cells. The ethanolic extract of drumstick leaves has anti-anemia properties and its consumption can improve hemoglobin levels, which can help in the production of red blood cells.

7. Benefits of drumstick for the brain

Drumstick can also help in keeping the brain healthy. Aging can also affect the brain and can lead to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many other problems related to the central nervous system. In such a situation, consumption of drumstick can be very beneficial. It can act like a nootropic (Nootropics – a type of drug for brain health), ie can help relieve brain related problems. It can also be helpful in sharpening or improving memory in Alzheimer’s patients, ie those who get forgetfulness.

8. Drumstick for liver

Wrong eating habits and lifestyle can have a bad effect on the liver. In such a situation, it is necessary to improve your diet in time and not only eat at the right time, but also include the right food in your diet. Drumstick pods or its leaves can be included in the diet along with other foods. It contains flavanols called quercetin, which act as hepato-protective, ie can help protect the liver from any kind of damage. Therefore, include drumstick pods, flowers or drumstick leaves in the diet and protect the liver from the risk of fatal diseases.

9. Use of drumstick for immunity

If a person’s immunity is weak, then the risk of that person getting sick increases. In such a situation, it is important to include those foods in your diet, which help in improving immunity . Drumstick is one of these foods. Consuming drumstick pods or its leaves can improve immunity. Consuming it in a balanced amount can improve immunity. Keep in mind that if eaten in excess, it contains toxic substances called isothiocyanate and glycoside cyanides, which can increase stress and reduce its antioxidant effect. Therefore, consume it in moderation ( 13 ).

10. Benefits of drumstick for stomach

Consuming drumstick or drumstick leaves can prevent many stomach related problems such as stomach pain and ulcers ( 12 ). It has anti-ulcer properties, due to which its consumption can prevent the risk of ulcer. At the same time, we have already informed you above that it can also provide relief from liver problems ( 4 ) ( 14 ). Not only this, its bark is also useful for the stomach, it can help in improving digestion.

11. Benefits of drumstick for skin

It is necessary to keep not only health, but also skin healthy. Your skin also gives signals about your good and bad health. If there is no glow in the skin, it means that your skin is not healthy. In this case, you can make your skin healthy by consuming drumstick or drumstick leaves. The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties present in drumstick can protect against the risk of skin rashes, skin infections or other skin diseases.

12. Benefits of Drumstick for Anti-aging

The effect of increasing age is also visible on the face, as a result, the glow of the face starts decreasing and wrinkles start increasing. In such a situation, many of you would also resort to anti-ageing creams, the effect of which lasts only for some time. For this reason it needs to be used repeatedly. In this situation, it is better that you choose your diet properly, because somewhere your diet affects your skin and face. You can include drumstick or its leaves in your diet. Its consumption can help reduce the effects of aging on your face ( 12 ). Not only this, its seeds can also help in reducing the effects of aging on the skin at a young age ( 4 ).

In this part of the article, we will give you information about the nutritional elements present in it, which make it so beneficial.

Drumstick Nutritional Value

Know below about the nutritional elements that make drumstick so beneficial.

Water88.2 grams
Energy37 kcal
Energy155 kJ
protein2.1 grams
Total lipid (fat)0.2 grams
ash0.97 grams
Carbohydrates, By Difference8.53 grams
Fiber, Total Dietary3.2 grams
calcium30 mg
Iron0.36 mg
magnesium45 mg
phosphorus50 mg
potassium461 mg
sodium42 mg
Zinc0.45 mg
copper0.084 mg
Manganese0.259 mg
selenium0.7 µg
Vitamin C, Total Ascorbic Acid141 mg
thiamine0.053 mg
riboflavin0.074 mg
niacin0.62 mg
pantothenic acid0.794 mg
Vitamin B-60.12 mg
folate, total44 µg
folate, food44 µg
Folate, DFE44 µg
Vitamin A, RAE4 µg
Vitamin A, IU74 IU
Fatty Acids, Total Saturated0.033 grams
Fatty Acids, Total Monounsaturated0.102 grams
Fatty Acids, Total Polyunsaturated0.003 grams

You will get the benefits of drumstick only when you use it properly. Therefore, in this part of the article, we are telling you the use of drumstick, so that you can enjoy the benefits of drumstick.

Use of Drumstick – How to Use Drumstick (Sahjan) in Hindi

Learn some easy ways to use drumstick below and enjoy the benefits of drumstick for health.

  • You can use drumstick by making it a vegetable.
  • You can make curry of drumstick leaves or you can also use it in sambar.
  • You can also chop drumstick and use it in soups.
  • With the advice of a doctor, you can also take the tablet of drumstick leaves.
  • By drying the leaves and flowers of drumstick and making powder, it can also be used in salads, soups and vegetables.

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages. If something is consumed excessively or in the wrong way, then it can also have disadvantages. Similarly, there can be disadvantages of drumstick, if it is not consumed properly.

Disadvantages of Drumstick – Side Effects of Drumstick (Sahjan)

Know below the disadvantages of drumstick.

  • Drumstick beans and leaves can be consumed in moderate amounts during pregnancy ( 16 ), however, consumption of its bark can lead to miscarriage ( 17 ). In such a situation, it is better to take expert opinion before consuming.
  • Drumstick leaves can help in relieving the problem of high blood pressure ( 18 ), but keep in mind that those who have low blood pressure should not consume it. This can cause low blood pressure.
  • As we mentioned above, its consumption can provide relief in diabetes, but its excessive consumption can also lead to excessive reduction in blood glucose levels, which can be dangerous.

Note: The losses mentioned are based on assumptions and estimates, further research is needed on these. We told you about them so that you consume it in a balanced quantity and enjoy the benefits of drumstick.

There is no need to be afraid of the harm of drumstick, because its use in the right amount can be beneficial for health. If you have not yet included drumstick in your diet, then we hope that after knowing the benefits of drumstick above, you will definitely include it in your diet. Moringa is packed with essential nutrients. It is easily available and you can easily use drumstick. By sharing this article with others, do not forget to share the information related to this beneficial food item with others as well.