Diet tips for pregnant women in monsoon

Diet tips for pregnant women in monsoon

Let us know about Diet tips for pregnant women in monsoon. Monsoon season is very pleasant and charming for a pregnant woman, which she can make a memorable experience. During this time, she can relax in bed with a blanket with hot coffee or enjoy her pregnancy by eating snacks and watching movies, but there are some rules that need to be followed in the pregnancy diet in monsoon. We are sure that when it rains, you would be tempted to bring hot samosas from the neighborhood shop and eat them, but this decision of yours can prove to be harmful for you as well as your child. In such a situation, by adopting some diet tips, you can enjoy the season to the fullest without putting yourself in any danger.

Diet tips for pregnant women in monsoon

Diet tips for pregnant women in monsoon
Diet tips for pregnant women in monsoon

1. Avoid street food

A plate of Panipuri may look very appetizing and seeing Kachori with chutney may increase your craving even more. All these food items come in the list which should not be eaten during the rainy season during pregnancy. Such weather and your condition reduces your immune system , due to which eating street food can easily cause infection in your body and you can fall ill. Generally, during pregnancy, you cannot take any medicine without consulting a doctor, in such a situation, you may suffer from its consequences for a long time, which is obviously not good for the child.

2 . Eat non-veg with caution

The body’s need for protein during pregnancy is very high and the best way to meet it is considered to be seafood and non-veg, but these foods also need to be eaten carefully during the monsoon season. Keep in mind that you are ordering meat for yourself from a good place, because by storing non-veg in the wrong way, many types of germs and parasites start to arise in it.

Apart from this, fishes during monsoon seasonDue to which its production also becomes very sensitive, hence in such a situation one should avoid consuming any kind of raw meat, but if you want to consume any kind of non-veg or sea food during pregnancy then during monsoon. So choose dishes that have a very long cooking process, which will ensure that the bacteria present in it is completely killed. Apart from this, you can also keep your diet balanced by choosing other vegetarian options containing protein.

3 . Stay hydrated this season

Usually people ignore the importance of drinking water during monsoon and winter season, people often do this because of the cold weather, due to which we do not feel the need to drink water and the thirst reduces . But during monsoon season also during pregnancy you should meet the daily consumption of water without any laxity, because by doing this many of your body processes are completed, by using this you can easily get rid of all the toxic elements of your body. are, especially during the monsoon season.

Keep in mind that to protect yourself from water-borne diseases, even if you believe your water supply is apparently pure, the best option is to protect yourself by drinking as much boiled water as possible. As an alternative to water, you can use coconut water or any natural fruit juice of your choice. You can also consume juice . They also help in providing you with the necessary fluids as well as other salts and minerals, due to which the nutrient levels of the body always remain intact.

4 . Avoid eating raw fruits in monsoon

You must be quite shocked to hear about the precautions to be taken in consuming raw fruits in monsoon , isn’t it! Because consuming fruits is one of the most important part of your diet. Apart from being natural, fruits are considered very safe and they are rich in many nutrients. Along with this, a lot of water is found in them, which proves beneficial for the body, but due to this, germs also start growing very quickly in the fruits. In such a situation, by cutting a fruit and leaving it in the open, bacteria that harm the body start growing rapidly inside it.

Which reach the body on consumption, so whenever you want to eat any fruit, cut it and eat it immediately. Orange , Kiwi to eat during rainy season during pregnancy Some sour and sweet fruits are considered excellent foods. They contain many vitamins and many other nutrients that help in boosting the immune system, flushing out toxins from the body, and also help in taking care of your unborn baby. Fresh fruit juice is many times better than canned juice, so it should be consumed during pregnancy.

5 . Avoid consuming raw vegetables

Like fruits, you should avoid consuming any raw vegetables or salads during monsoon. Eating raw vegetables is much more harmful than fruits. Because it is very common to cut vegetables and keep them long before eating. Some vegetables are also eaten without cooking. In such a situation, eating them only by boiling them can be a good option. At the same time, many vegetables are better to be consumed when they are cooked because their raw forms may contain some substances or enzymes that can react in the body and cause harm.

This may result in indigestion or nausea as the stomach cannot digest those enzymes effectively. In such a situation, it can be safe for you to eat them only by boiling and cooking them. Apart from this, another great way to consume vegetables easily is to consume them. Make soup and drink it. Also decide that soup should always be made at home and not bought from outside. Vegetables should be boiled in soup for a long time so that they cook thoroughly and retain their nutrients.

Finding safe foods to eat during the rainy season is not a difficult task as only a few precautions need to be taken. However, it is very easy to make a mistake and the temptation to eat street food can make you an easy victim of many diseases. Follow these tips for a few months and when the monsoon season is over, you can get back to your routine diet.