Diet in the sixth month of pregnancy

Diet in the sixth month of pregnancy

Let us know about the diet in the sixth month of pregnancy. As you approach the sixth month of your pregnancy , your baby is getting used to regular activities and rest . In the meantime , you will experience a range of symptoms throughout your body , especially from swelling in your hands and feet to lower back pain , gas , increased vaginal discharge, and even bleeding gums. In such a situation, it is necessary to take good care of your health. The sixth month is the last phase of the second trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, to fight health problems, you need to be very careful about your diet.

Essential nutrients in the sixth month of pregnancy

Diet in the sixth month of pregnancy
Diet in the sixth month of pregnancy

In this phase you will feel hunger like never before . You will keep on wanting to eat something again and again and again and again. Here is a list of what to include in your diet in the sixth month of pregnancy .

1. Vitamin C

Due to the high amount of blood in your body at this stage of pregnancy , you may experience bleeding gums. If this condition worsens , it can lead to gingivitis or gingivitis. Consume high amounts of vitamin C during this month , as it is essential for the repair and maintenance of connective tissue throughout the body , including the tissue that binds teeth to gums and jawbone. Citrus fruits such as oranges , lemons and tangerines are rich in vitamin C. Other sources of it are strawberries , grapes , cabbage and sweet potatoes.

2. Vegetables

As your pregnancy progresses , your chances of constipation and indigestion increase. Some studies have revealed that about 85% of women are likely to develop piles during pregnancy. Fiber, found in vegetables , should be an important part of the diet plan in the sixth month of pregnancy as it helps in regular bowel movements in a healthy manner.

Besides providing a good amount of fiber, these vegetables are also a good source of a variety of vitamins and minerals.

3. Liquid

As an expectant mother , you need to remember that it is necessary to consume the same amount of food as well as drink for two people. To stay hydrated it is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Apart from this , you should also consume some smoothies and juices for your better health . Staying hydrated is usually not talked about when discussing food for a 6- month pregnant woman. Fighting constipation is essential , so drink water !

4. Folic Acid

Folic acid is a complex vitamin. It is necessary for the formation of new cells. It is especially important to include folic acid-rich foods in your diet during the second trimester , because at the end of week 24 , your fetus’s brain is developing rapidly.

Foods rich in folic acid include whole grain bread and oatmeal , green vegetables ( broccoli , spinach and lettuce ), flax seeds , sunflower seeds , pumpkin , sesame seeds , peanuts and almonds. It is also found in certain fruits and vegetables such as okra , peas , grapes and bananas.

5. Protein

Protein is very important for the body because it is the basic building block of cells. Also , unlike carbohydrates, protein is not easily converted and stored into fat for later use.

Protein-rich foods include dairy products and eggs, as well as low-fat white meat. Other sources of protein include legumes and pulses popular in Indian cuisine.

6. Carbohydrates

Like protein , carbohydrates are an essential nutrient for daily life. Carbohydrates are used by the body to obtain energy. Excess carbohydrates are converted into fat and stored in the cells.

Refined carbohydrates, such as polished rice ( without husk ) and white bread, are quickly converted to sugar , causing a spike in blood sugar levels. Therefore it is prudent to use whole grain bread and brown rice . Wheat , oatmeal , and whole grains are also good sources of carbohydrates.

7. Fruit

Various types of vitamins , minerals and essential fibers are obtained from fruits , which help in digestion. Since water is the major component of most fruits , it helps you stay hydrated.

Eating a variety of fruits ensures that you are getting all the essential micronutrients. For example , pears contain phosphates , vitamin C , potassium and copper ; apples contain antioxidants , B – complex , iron and phytonutrients. Banana contains potassium , vitamin B6 and vitamin C etc.

Sixth Month Of Pregnancy – What Not To Eat

There are certain foods , which are normally part of the diet , but they can adversely affect the health of you and your baby during pregnancy .

1. Seafood

Many times it is seen that pregnant mothers have a strong desire to eat seafood , such as sushi . Most seafood contains small amounts of mercury , because mercury-containing compounds ( methylmercury ) do not readily break down in salt water , but are broken down by the action of plant matter in fresh water. Although small amounts of mercury do not cause any adverse effect on an adult’s body , it is better to avoid it during pregnancy , as your baby’s brain is still in the early stages of development.

2. Caffeine

High intake of tea or coffee has been linked to restlessness and sleeplessness in newborns. The consumption of caffeine by the mother will increase the fetal heart rate as well as increase its dependence on it. Since a fetus does not have a developed system for flushing out toxins , caffeine remains in the body of a fetus longer than it does in an adult.

3. Soy

Phytoestrogens are compounds found in soy and some herbs that are used to enhance fertility . Phytoestrogens mimic the role of natural estrogen and bind to estrogen receptors. This is useful for women trying to conceive. However , if you are already pregnant , these false hormones can adversely affect the development of your baby’s brain , sex organs and immune system.

4. Fast Food

Many pregnant women notice an increase in the desire to eat oily fast food. In fact , many people in general , whether male or female , pregnant or not , have a strong craving for fast food. The high amount of calories in fast food elevates your blood sugar level and subsequently brings it down. Its excess can cause irritability , fatigue as well as damage to vital organs in the long term.

Consuming fast food can lead to “ gestational diabetes ” , which is a condition where pregnant women develop high blood sugar levels. If left unchecked, it can cause permanent health problems in their children.

5. Undercooked Meat

When eating chicken or other meat, always make sure that it is well cooked. If it’s undercooked , the bacteria found in meat , the listeria bacterium , can be transferred to your body , causing listeriosis. Listeriosis is food poisoning , which can result from eating contaminated vegetables , undercooked meat, and unpasteurized milk products. In pregnant women, it can cause miscarriage.

6. Spicy Food

Spicy food is not safe for your growing baby. In the later stages of pregnancy , it can cause heartburn , indigestion and general discomfort.

7. Alcohol and Tobacco

It is well known that there is a need to completely abstain from tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy. In fact , they should even be avoided when trying to conceive ! These substances can seriously affect the development of your fetus.

Diet tips for 6th month pregnancy

  • Do not consume any medicine directly from the pharmacy without the doctor’s advice.
  • If you are already taking any regular medicines , it is very important to consult your doctor regarding their consumption during pregnancy.
  • Craving certain things is a natural part of pregnancy ! Make it a habit to eat healthy things like fruits and vegetables when you have such a strong urge !
  • It is normal to have a strong desire to eat oily fast food during pregnancy or simply. Satisfy this craving only once or twice a week and at the same time try to eat it in small quantities.
  • Satisfying craving is a difficult task. After finishing a small portion of fast food or other oily and greasy food, don’t put anything back on your plate. Sitting down and waiting quietly for 4-5 minutes or more can curb your urge to eat again , because your stomach takes some time to send signals to the brain that it is full. No need to eat.

Taking a balanced diet keeps the mother healthy and a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy child .