Daughter Quotes

Daughter Quotes

Daughters are pride of mother and respect of father. Daughters are the boon of Goddess Lakshmi. Small steps increase the aura of their house. There is desolation in the house where there are no daughters. It is daughters only, who are the basis of life. This is the reason why it is not possible to imagine the existence of a human being without daughters. As a mother, sister and wife, she does not miss sacrificing all her happiness. In such a situation, it is also our duty to give them due respect, respect and love, which they deserve. Daughter Quotes, Shayari on Beti and Status on Beti is an easy way to express your love towards your daughter.

Daughter Quotes

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So come, first of all let us know some emotional father daughter quotes and mother daughter quotes.

Best thoughts on daughter

Here we are going to tell you Emotional Father Daughter Quotes and Mother Daughter Quotes, with the help of which mothers or fathers can express their affection, caress and love towards their daughters.

  1. The sparkle of my eyes increases after seeing their smile,
    these are the daughters who live by covering the sorrows of others.
  2. I remember the spring that came in my courtyard after your arrival, I
    remember the tinkling of that anklet lying on your little feet.
  3. Luck rises if there is a son in the house,
    but daughters are born fortunately.
  1. It is not necessary that the place should be illuminated only by lamps,
    a daughter is enough for the light in the house.
  2. Where are daughters in everyone’s fate,
    God’s blessings, they are found only by luck.
  3. With the arrival of flowers, the aura of the trees increases,
    only with the presence of daughters, spring comes in the house.
  1. Daughters are like buds on a father’s tree,
    both are separated from each other when they bloom.
  2. Every daughter gets the love of the father,
    but, the love of the daughter is hard to come by.
  3. Son, daughters are the wick of the lamp of the house,
    without them the lamp would not have been lit.
  1. Suppressing desires, she seeks happiness of others,
    these are daughters, where does she live for herself.
  2. Daughters are the respect of every household,
    daughters are the pride of parents.
  3. No matter how many flowers you plant in the courtyard, there
    will be fragrance in the house because of the arrival of the daughter.
  4. She is considered a stranger even after being her own,
    that’s why the daughter is called the shadow of the mother.
  1. The bird in my courtyard is now chirping somewhere else,
    the daughter can disappear even from the memories of the father.
  2. Daughters are the guests of the house,
    they are always unaware of this fact,
    one day they have to leave the house of Babylon,
    because, they are the identity of a stranger.
  3. Who says that there are no two hearts in the chest,
    if you want to ask, then ask the daughter sitting at her in-laws house.
  4. Daughters are special in life,
    they feel something different,
    always stay close to heart even after being away,
    that’s why parents are proud of them.
  5. The brightness of the moon, the brightness of the sun,
    my daughter is one in a million.
  1. Ready to spread the wings of dreams,
    my daughter is ready to touch the heights.
  2. Daughters are the form of Goddess Lakshmi,
    happiness and prosperity comes from her feet.
  3. Daughter is the biggest puzzle of life,
    daughter is the best friend of every mother.
  4. Daughters take care of everything even in difficult times,
    they quickly recognize the condition of their parents’ hearts.
  1. Daughters are the basis of this whole world,
    those who consider them as a burden have bad luck.
  2. She hides all the sorrows in her bosom,
    it is the daughters who spread happiness in the house.
  3. Lakshmi never resides in his house,
    who despite being a mother does not expect a daughter.
  1. She understands the value of every relationship,
    it is the daughter who keeps the whole family together.

In the next part of the article, we will now know about the daughter quotes written or said by great men.

Pure thoughts and famous statements of great men on daughters

Some of the daughter quotes written or said by great men are as follows:

  1. My son is mine until he is married, but my daughter is mine for life – Thomas Fuller
  2. Nothing is dearer to an aging father than a daughter – Euripides
  1. When I get home, my daughter runs through the door and hugs me, everything that happened that day just melts away – Hugh Jackman
  2. I hope that when my daughter grows up, she will be capable and empowered and that she will not see herself in terms of how she looks, but will define herself by the qualities that make her intelligent, strong, and Makes a Responsible Girl – Isiah Mustafa
  3. The most precious thing I have ever received is my daughter – S. Freckle
  4. The happiest moment of my life was probably when my daughter was born – David Dakovny
  5. I don’t have time for anything right now except my work and my daughter, she’s my number one priority – Jim Carrey

Every man should teach his son and daughter some useful skill or trade, so that a solid foundation can be created for them in these fast changing days, where one can become poor from rich in a day. This measure may save from poverty many who have unfortunately lost everything – P. T. Barnum

  1. My daughter is my biggest inspiration – Whitney Houston
  2. If you want a good wife, marry a girl who is a good daughter – Thomas Fuller
  3. I have a daughter and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. With him I have a good excuse to watch cartoons – Mike Dirnt
  4. I had the idea of ​​writing a popular book on the universe in 1982. I wanted to earn some extra money for my daughter’s school fees – Stephen Hawking
  5. Your son and your daughter need a great father more than a great college – Nick Vujicic
  1. A son is a son until he is married, a daughter is always a daughter all her life – Irish Saying
  2. Surely, a father’s love for his daughter is as pure and perfect as that of angels, something that cannot be expressed in words – Joseph Edwards
  3. A daughter may be too big to fit in your lap, but she is never too big to fit in your heart – Russian Proverb
  4. A daughter is the happy memory of the past, the joy of the present moment and the hope and expectation of the future – Russian Proverb
  5. A daughter brightens the day and fills the heart with joy – Russian Proverb
  6. A wise daughter of a wise father, a wise son of a wise mother – Russian Proverb
  7. By giving birth to a daughter, a woman suddenly has in her arms not just a baby, but a little girl, the woman of tomorrow, her own past conflicts, her own dreams and hopes for the future – Elizabeth Debold
  8. O sisters, mothers, daughters – you are the beauty of the world, you are the life of nations, you are the pride of human civilization! – Altaf Hussain Hali
  9. Being a girl should be celebrated – Maneka Gandhi
  10. Daughter is an angel sent from heaven to fill your heart with never ending love – J. Took
  11. Tell me how one can live without daughters – Malala Yousafzai
  12. Like a lily among thorns, so is my love among daughters – Solomon ibn Gabriel
  13. A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts in the world – Laurel Atherton

Through this article of Shayari and Beautiful Daughter Quotes on Daughter, you will get to know more than 50 Emotional Father Daughter Quotes. Through these you can congratulate your daughter on Daughter’s Day. Apart from this, you can also use them to show your love and respect for your daughter. At the same time, daughter quotes written or said by great men and status on daughter have also been included in the article, which can be used. Hope you have liked this article a lot.