Custard Apple

Custard Apple Benefits

Due to the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, they are recommended to be included in the diet during pregnancy. These help in keeping the pregnant healthy, but many fruits have to be thought a hundred times before eating them during pregnancy. One such fruit is cilantro. Women often think whether to eat cilantro during pregnancy or not. To clear this confusion of pregnant women, we will tell whether Custard Apple is safe in pregnancy or not. If it is safe, then what can be the benefits of Custard Apple in pregnancy. Stay connected with us to know more such things.

Is it safe to take Custard Apple in pregnancy?

Custard Apple
Custard Apple

If there is a question in the mind of pregnant women whether it is safe to eat cilantro during pregnancy or not, then the answer is – Yes, it is safe to consume cilantro during pregnancy. According to a study in the Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, eating cilantro during pregnancy is not only safe, but the benefits of eating cilantro during pregnancy are also many. We are giving further detail about these benefits.

Benefits of eating Custard Apple during pregnancy

You already know that it is safe to eat cilantro during pregnancy. Now we are trying to give detailed information about the benefits of eating cilantro during pregnancy. Some of the benefits of Custard Apple in pregnancy are as follows:

1. Relieve Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, ie vomiting and nausea, is common during pregnancy. To get relief from this, it is recommend to consume foods containing vitamin-B6. The name of cilantro is also included in this vitamin-rich fruit. Actually, cilantro contains vitamin-B complex . It contains eight vitamins, one of which is also vitamin-B6. For this reason, consuming cilantro during pregnancy is consider good for morning sickness.

2. Preventing Abortion

Consuming cilantro during pregnancy can also prevent the risk of miscarriage. This is also mention in a research paper. It has been told that this fruit is not only nutritious for pregnant, but its regular consumption can also reduce the risk of miscarriage. Not only this, it can also prove to be helpful in reducing labor pain to a great extent during delivery.

3. High fiber source

Pregnant women are advised to take 14 grams of fiber per day. To meet this need, it is a good option to include fiber-rich cilantro in the diet. The fiber and antioxidants present in it work together as a laxative, which can relieve constipation. A fiber-rich diet in pregnancy can relieve constipation as well as the problem of diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Antioxidants

Consuming antioxidant-rich foods is essential during pregnancy. According to a research, adding antioxidant-rich foods to the diet by pregnant women can protect the fetus from the risk of asthma. In addition, it can also be helpful in reducing the risk of miscarriage. Not only this, this antioxidant effect can also protect against diseases like aging and cancer caused by free radicals. For this reason, consuming cilantro with antioxidant properties is considered beneficial in pregnancy.

5. Containing Vitamins

Custard Apple is a nutritious fruit, which is rich in many nutrients and vitamins. It contains vitamins A, B and C, which can be beneficial for the fetus. Together, all these vitamins can help keep the eyes, skin and cells healthy. Not only this, consuming cilantro during pregnancy can also be useful for the immune system, nervous system and brain development of the fetus. This proves that cilantro is not only beneficial for the pregnant but also for the fetus.

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Now let’s know how Custard Apple can be consumed during pregnancy.

How to include cilantro in pregnancy diet

After knowing the benefits of eating cilantro during pregnancy, pregnant women must be trying to include it in the diet. Understanding this curiosity, we are telling here some options to include cilantro in the diet during pregnancy.

  • In pregnancy, cilantro can be eaten directly like this.
  • Consuming by making milkshakes or smoothies can also provide benefits of Custard Apple in pregnancy.
  • By making ice cream at home, cilantro can also be consumed during pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, you can make fruit salad by mixing cilantro with other fruits.

Note: Wash well before eating cilantro during pregnancy. Remove the seed when consuming it, as it may lead to miscarriage.

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Now let us know what can be the disadvantages of eating cilantro during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Custard Apple in Pregnancy

Not only does custard apple have benefits during pregnancy, but eating it in excess can also cause some disadvantages. For this reason, we are trying to increase awareness by giving information about the harm of eating cilantro in pregnancy. Let us know the disadvantages of eating cilantro during pregnancy:

Digestive problems – Eating more cilantro during pregnancy can lead to digestive problems . For this reason, avoid excessive consumption.

Risk of heart disease – Consuming too much potassium during pregnancy can increase the risk of heart disease. The amount of potassium is also rich in cilantro, so excessive cilantro should not be consumed during pregnancy.

After reading the benefits of eating cilantro during pregnancy, you must have understood that it is not only the taste but also the king of qualities. With just a little caution, if cilantro is include in the diet during pregnancy, it can have a good effect on the health of the pregnant. In the article, we have also told the disadvantages of eating cilantro during pregnancy, so that pregnant can consume it with caution. Seeing the disadvantages, do not ignore the benefits of Custard Apple in pregnancy. Just eat cilantro in a balanced quantity during pregnancy and keep yourself healthy.

Frequently Asked Question

Which protein is in cilantro?

Vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, copper and fiber present in cilantro are consider very beneficial for health. Such elements are found in Custard Apple which can help in protecting against the risk of deadly disease like cancer. In such a situation, let us know how many properties are found in it.

What is Custard Apple?

Custard Apple is also called as Sharifa. Its taste is different from other fruits. If you have eaten Custard Apple (Sharifa), then you must have known about its taste. Custard Apple may seem a bit rough when viewed from above, but the inside is white in color, and soft.

How to eat cilantro?

Coriander contains copper and fiber, which increases digestion power as well as relieves constipation. Make a powder by grinding the dried custard apple in the sun and take it with water, it provides relief in diarrhea. Eating custard apple during pregnancy strengthens the brain, nervous system and immune system of the fetus.

What are the benefits of eating custard apple?

Sharifa is helpful in increasing the capacity of your immune system, as it is found in high amounts of natural antioxidant vitamins. Due to which it helps you in fighting diseases. Consuming custard apple will increase your eyesight, as it is rich in vitamin C and riboflavin.

What is the harm of eating cilantro?

There are a lot of calories in cilantro, due to which your weight can increase. It contains high amount of sugar, so avoid eating more cilantro. Diabetes patients should not eat this fruit as it can increase your blood sugar level. Cinnamon is a good source of dietary fiber.

What is the effect of cilantro?

The taste of cilantro is cooling. It is high in nutrients like calcium and fiber which helps in preventing health problems like arthritis and constipation. Also, the bark of its tree contains tannin which is use to make medicines. The leaves of this tree are used to treat diseases like cancer and tumors.