Curry leaves during pregnancy

Curry leaves during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are concerned about their diet as well as the ingredients used in cooking. Even if it is not, after all, it can help in avoiding the complications and troubles in pregnancy. One of these ingredients is also curry leaves. A question that often comes to the mind of women is whether it is safe to use curry leaves while cooking during pregnancy. If you have some such questions in your mind too, you will get all the answers related to the use of curry leaves in pregnancy. Here, whether curry leaves should be eaten during pregnancy or not, its advantages and disadvantages and other such important information have been given on the basis of research.

First of all in the article, know whether curry leaves should be consumed during pregnancy or not.

Curry leaves during pregnancy
Curry leaves during pregnancy

Is It Safe To Eat Curry Leaves During Pregnancy?

In a scientific research related to curry leaves, it is mentioned that pregnant women can protect themselves from the risk of anemia by consuming curry leaves. In fact, curry leaves contain iron, which can reduce the risk of anemia in pregnancy. On this basis, the consumption of curry leaves during pregnancy can be considered safe. However, there is not much scientific research available on this subject, so it is necessary for pregnant women suffering from pregnancy complications or other diseases to consult a doctor before using curry leaves.

Read the article further to know which nutrients are present in curry leaves.

Curry Leaves Nutrients

Curry leaves are rich in many medicinal properties and nutrients, due to which it is considered beneficial. Below we are giving information about these nutrients of curry leaves.

  • Curry leaves contain 810 mg of calcium per 100 grams.
  • Talking about phosphorus, 600 mg is found in 100 grams of curry leaves.
  • Curry leaves contain 12,600 IU of carotene (a type of vitamin A) per 100 grams.
  • 100 grams of curry leaves contain 3.1 milligrams of iron.
  • Curry leaves contain 2.3 milligrams of nicotinic acid per 100 grams.
  • There is 4 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams of curry leaves .
  • Some amount of protein is also found in curry leaves.

In the next part of the article, we are giving information about the benefits of consuming curry leaves during pregnancy.

Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves During Pregnancy

Consuming curry leaves during pregnancy can provide many health benefits to the pregnant woman. Some of these benefits of curry leaves are as follows:

  • Relief from Anemia – Anemia is a problem in which the blood does not deliver enough oxygen to the whole body. This problem is caused by iron deficiency (4) . We have also told above in the article that some amount of iron is found in curry leaves (3) . For this reason, curry leaves are considered helpful in preventing the problem of anemia during pregnancy .
  • Get rid of digestive problems – Consumption of curry leaves can be helpful in increasing digestive secretion. This can help in getting rid of the problem of nausea, indigestion and vomiting (5) . For this reason, curry leaves are considered helpful for digestion as well as for preventing problems like nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.
  • Prevention of bacterial infection – Curry leaves have anti-microbial properties, which can help in destroying bacteria (6) . In such a situation, it can be believed that consuming curry leaves can help in avoiding some minor bacterial infections during pregnancy.
  • Relief from diabetes- The benefits of eating curry leaves during pregnancy include relief from diabetes . According to a research published in this regard, curry leaves have hypoglycemic properties. This effect may control diabetes by lowering blood sugar (7) . In addition, curry leaves also show antidiabetic effects by increasing insulin in the body (6) .
  • For the heart- Increasing the amount of cholesterol in the body increases the risk of heart disease. In such a situation, curry leaves can help in keeping the heart healthy by keeping cholesterol levels balanced. According to a scientific study related to this, curry leaves contain a compound called plant sterol. It is known to reduce high cholesterol as well as prevent heart disease (3) . This is the reason why curry leaves can be considered good for the heart of a pregnant woman.
  • For kidney – Consuming curry leaves can improve kidney health. According to a research, taking curry leaves regularly for 30 days can improve kidney function. Actually, curry leaves restore those kidney enzymes, which help in carbohydrate break down. In addition, it can improve the protein content of the renal tube (kidney tube) and the functioning of kidney cells (3) .

Moving ahead in the article, let us have a look at the side effects of curry leaves during pregnancy.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Consuming Curry Leaves During Pregnancy?

There is no doubt that eating curry leaves during pregnancy is beneficial. Now it is also important to know whether the consumption of curry leaves causes harm to pregnant women or not. Although no exact research is available related to the harm of curry leaves, but it is important to know some things as a precaution. These things are like this.

  • Sensitive women are at risk of allergic reaction to curry leaves.
  • Curry leaves have hypoglycemic properties, which are known to lower blood sugar. In such a situation, due to its excessive use during pregnancy, the sugar level of normal blood sugar can also decrease

In the next part of this article, we are going to tell some precautions related to the consumption of curry leaves.

Precautions To Be Taken While Consuming Curry Leaves

Before consuming curry leaves, it is important to keep some precautions in mind. These precautions are essential to avoid the harm of curry leaves and reap the essential health benefits.

  • The most important thing is to use it in limited quantity only.
  • Use dark green curry leaves.
  • Before using curry leaves, separate its thin stem.
  • Make sure to wash curry leaves before use.
  • If a curry leaf has holes in it, do not use it.
  • If you are allergic to curry leaves before pregnancy, then do not consume it during this time.
  • Do not use if the female body is more sensitive to foods.
  • If any kind of allergic reaction starts appearing after consuming it, then immediately stop the use of curry leaves.

Let us now know how curry leaves can be included in the diet of pregnant women.

How To Include Curry Leaves In Cooking?

Curry leaves can be included in the diet in many ways. Along with enhancing the taste of food, it also helps in staying healthy. Here are some ways to include curry leaves in a pregnant diet .

  • Curry leaves can be used while making sambar.
  • It can be given to pregnant women by using it in upma.
  • You can eat curry leaves chutney during pregnancy. Just avoid overeating it.
  • Curry leaves can be used in potato curry.
  • It can be added while preparing chicken during pregnancy .
  • Curry leaves can be used while making curry.

Small curry leaves have many great properties and nutrients. You must have understood what benefits they can provide during pregnancy. Now include it in your diet with your understanding. Yes, if pregnant is struggling with any kind of physical problem, then before consuming it, definitely consult your doctor or dietician. Just use it while cooking in limited quantities to get the benefits of both health and taste and stay healthy.