Cross trainer exercises

Cross trainer exercises

Let’s know about Cross trainer exercises. You will often see a crowd in the gym, the cardio section is also the busiest in this. People are seen running on the treadmill in the morning and evening, the rest take the help of ‘elliptical machine’ for the exercise of hands and feet. Elliptical machine is known as cross trainer in the language of exercise. Cross trainer is such a machine, in which both arms and legs are exercised simultaneously.

This machine was invented in the year 1995 by the fitness company Precor. Since then, it has become a staple machine in gyms and fitness centers around the world. However, just like other gym equipment, how effective a cross trainer is has long been debated. Amidst all this, in this article, we will give you the benefits of exercising through cross trainer machine and every little information related to it.

How does a cross trainer work?

Cross trainer exercises
Cross trainer exercises

Cross trainer is one of the machines used for exercise that you can easily find in all gyms and fitness centers. This machine has two handles and two foot pedals. To start exercising with the machine, first you have to hold both your feet on the pedals and hold the handle with both the hands.

As the name suggests, a cross trainer combines different movements and exercises to create the perfect workout. Exercises like walking, running or climbing stairs can be done simultaneously with the help of this machine. With this, you can exercise the whole body in one go.

You can easily adjust yourself on the cross trainer machine to work different parts of the legs, hips, back, core, chest, shoulders and arms. You can work different muscle groups at the same time by pedaling both forward and backward on the machine.

While exercising on the cross trainer machine, try to get your rhythm and speed up as quickly as possible. Take special care of your physical condition during the whole exercise. Adjust the machine properly before starting the exercise with the machine. Keep in mind that your back should be straight during the exercise. At no point of time do not lean the back forward while taking support of the handles. Not only this, keep your ankles stable as well, do not lift them from the pedals.

Benefits of cross trainer workout

There have always been a number of questions regarding elliptical machines as compared to treadmills or other cardio based machines. In this regard, fitness experts believe that using a cross trainer is very easy. Practicing on this makes your whole body easy to exercise.

If you have any complaints of arthritis or knee pain , then you may be better off exercising on a cross trainer than running on a treadmill. Just 20 minutes of exercise on a cross trainer is helpful in burning calories . You can start with slow exercises on the machine to warm up . On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, then you can exercise with full speed.

Cardio exercises increase heart rate, improve lung capacity and strengthen the body. Similarly, you can get all these benefits by working out on a cross trainer. You can get many benefits from this one machine, just once you need to get used to it. After this, you can set the speed of the machine by changing the settings according to your ability.

If you want, you can exercise daily with this machine at home or in gym-fitness centers. The biggest advantage of a cross trainer over a treadmill is that you can also work your shoulders and arms with a cross trainer.

You also get the following benefits from a cross trainer.

weight loss aid

One of the most effective exercises for burning calories is the cross trainer. Through this, you can easily burn 270 to 400 calories in just half an hour. The higher your body weight, the more calories you burn. Of course, the higher the speed you keep on the cross trainer, the more calories you’ll be able to burn. Plus, since the cross trainer is a low-intensity exercise, even overweight people can safely do it without putting too much stress on their joints.

People with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 – 29.9 are considered overweight and those with a BMI of 30 – 39.9 are considered obese. BMI is a measure of the ratio of height to weight.

How long should I keep exercising on a cross trainer to lose weight ?

According to an article published in the Harvard Health Journal, you can burn more calories in less time with a cross trainer than with other exercises. If you spend 30 minutes on this, you can easily burn 270 to 400 calories. However, the number of calories that can be burned in one session is determined by the intensity of the exercise.

Can cross trainer reduce belly fat?

Since the cross trainer uses both the upper and lower body parts, it is a great exercise for reducing belly fat . This requires exercising at a moderate to high intensity, so that you can burn calories faster.

Along with reducing body fat, the elliptical trainer also helps in the development of muscles. Many muscle groups work together during this exercise, which is effective in strengthening the muscles. Cross trainer helps in strengthening your arms, buttocks, thighs (front and back muscles), chest, back as well as core muscles while reducing excess fat. It is necessary here that you do your daily exercises with it and keep increasing the intensity of the exercise as per your capacity.

If you are in the beginning stages of exercise, keep the pace slow. Exercising on a cross trainer at high speeds can leave you short of breath within minutes. In the beginning, if you start pedaling too fast, you may experience lactic acid build-up in the legs. If you feel any discomfort in this way, then it is necessary to stop and give rest to the body for a while. Leg pain and shortness of breath usually go away on their own over a period of time.

After a short rest, you can start exercising once again. Your speed and ability will improve over time. Try to get your heart rate 50-85 percent higher than normal during exercise. Subtract your total age from 220 beats per minute to find your maximum heart rate.

Is a Cross Trainer Better Than a Treadmill?

Whether you are a beginner in exercise or have been exercising daily for a long time, you will be used to certain types of exercises. Treadmills are a favorite of people who want to do long runs or walks. On the other hand, people who are starting a new exercise or who do not like running too much, such people can spend more time on the cross trainer.

If we talk about the advantages of a cross trainer compared to a treadmill, then its biggest advantage is that the cross trainer is a less intense exercise, while treadmill training requires continuous pounding of the legs. Since both the machines have their own distinct advantages, fitness experts recommend that you alternate or work out on both the machines on a daily basis to reap the maximum benefits.

How much can a cross trainer machine cost?

Like other electronic exercise machines, cross trainers are one of the costlier pieces of equipment. Starting from 10 thousand rupees, its latest models are available in the market till lakhs. If you are thinking of getting a machine for home use, then consider these points before that.

Space: As this machine requires you a lot of space. In this case, make sure that you have enough space, so that the machine can be comfortably placed and practiced on it.

Electricity: Before buying the machine, know from the seller that how much electricity will be consumed in it? This machine needs more power, so take advanced technology and less power consumption machine, your electricity bill will not increase.

Machine Maintenance: It is also important to make sure that you use the equipment regularly. It has to be used regularly to run smoothly. To make the machine run for a long time, keep servicing it from time to time.

Maintenance Cost: If you use the machine regularly then you will not have to spend a lot on its maintenance. Since the machine has fewer moving parts than a treadmill, a cross trainer machine does not require a lot of maintenance.

Buy new or second hand: You can also buy a second hand elliptical machine. If you find a less used machine in the market at a cheaper price, then you can also take it second hand. However, before buying second hand machines, try running them thoroughly. On the other hand, if you want, you can also take a new machine from the showroom. Buying a new machine gives you a warranty. More or less the choice depends on your budget.