Corn Flakes During Pregnancy

Corn Flakes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in a women’s life when she needs to take care of herself at every step. During this, she thinks what, how much and how many times is necessary for her to eat. You can also think of eating corn flakes during pregnancy. Is this food beneficial? There is no right answer about this as consuming corn flakes in moderation can provide a lot of benefits to pregnant women. If you are pregnant and have a craving to eat corn flakes, then this article can help you. Here we discuss about eating corn flakes during pregnancy. Read this article completely to know. 

Why You Should Eat Corn Flakes During Pregnancy?

Corn Flakes helps you feel fresh and full throughout the day. Because it contains a lot of carbohydrate and it provides energy. It is also rich in riboflavin, thiamin, iron, dietary fiber and niacin to give you a complete diet. Let us know how much nutrition is available in 1 bowl (100 grams) of corn flakes. 

Corn Flakes During Pregnancy

Nutritional content of Corn Flakes 

nutrients Quantity 
calories 357 
dietary fiber13% as per daily value
protein16% as per daily value
Iron160% of the daily value
Vitamin ‘A’35% as per daily value
vitamin D’35% as per daily value
vitamin C’ 35% as per daily value
Vitamin ‘B6’90% of the Daily Value
magnesium9% as per daily value

benefits of eating corn flakes pregnant 

Corn flakes are rich in many nutrients and hence it is also a healthy snack for pregnant women. Following are some of the benefits of eating corn flakes during pregnancy, let us find out;

  • The dietary fiber in corn flakes lowers blood pressure and provides relief from constipation. Corn flakes contain about 25 grams of fiber by filling a medium sized bowl which especially helps in curing constipation problems. 
  • If you eat a bowl full of corn flakes daily, then it reduces the risk of preeclampsia. Problems like preeclampsia increase blood pressure and this can also cause problems related to development in the baby. 
  • Eating a bowl of corn flakes for breakfast keeps your stomach full of dietary fiber and satisfies your hunger. 
  • Eating corn flakes during pregnancy also keeps weight under control. 
  • The iron present in corn flakes keeps problems like anemia during pregnancy to a great extent. 
  • Corn flakes contain Vitamin ‘D’, Vitamin ‘C’ and Vitamin ‘A’ which is very important for a pregnant woman and her growing baby. 

Side Effects of Eating Corn Flakes During Pregnancy 

Eating corn flakes in moderation during pregnancy is beneficial as eating too much of it can cause some problems. Eating more corn flakes during pregnancy can also cause the following side effects, let’s find out;

  • Corn flakes available in the market also contain fat, salt and sugar. Eating it in excess during pregnancy can be harmful for you. 
  • Eating corn flakes can also lead to health issues, such as flatulence, intestinal gas, abdominal pain and bloating. If you eat too much corn flakes, it can reduce your body’s ability to absorb zinc, iron and minerals. 
  • Corn flakes with grains are often acidic so they can build up acid in the blood and tissues. 
  • Eating grains like corn flakes is more difficult than sprouts, fruits and vegetables. 
  • If you eat corn flakes then it can also increase your stomach related problems. 

However, now that you know the benefits and side-effects of eating corn flakes during pregnancy, you can control the amount you eat and decide how often you should eat corn flakes when pregnant. . But if you want to get the most out of this breakfast, then you should follow some tips. 

Some tips to keep in mind while eating corn flakes

Make sure to follow the following tips while eating corn flakes during pregnancy. What are those tips, let us know;

  • If you like eating corn flakes for breakfast, then you can also include it in your pregnancy diet. Just keep in mind that you eat it in moderation. 
  • If your corn flakes have artificial sweetener or artificial flavor then don’t eat it at all. 
  • You can also add a natural sweetener, such as strawberries or honey, to enhance the flavor of the corn flakes. 
  • If you make any changes in your diet plan, then do discuss with a nutritionist once. You can also talk about your eating habits and cravings. 
  • Always eat corn flakes mixed with lukewarm milk because eating dry corn flakes can also cause nausea. 
  • You always eat corn flakes in breakfast, do not take it at all in the day or dinner. 

If you eat corn flakes in moderation during pregnancy then it will not cause you any harm. If no artificial ingredients have been used in your corn flakes then it is also beneficial for pregnant women. But if you want to include corn flakes in your pregnancy diet, then do not forget to follow some of its tips. If you still have any doubts about corn flakes, then first consult a nutritionist and then include it in your diet accordingly.