Cold drinks during pregnancy

Cold drinks during pregnancy

Let us know about cold drinks during pregnancy. Most of the women are aware that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is harmful for the development of the baby and hence, they turn to flavored drinks, sodas, diet sodas, even plain sodas to satisfy their cravings during pregnancy. That drinks cold drinks.

Is it safe to drink soft drinks or carbonated drinks during pregnancy?

Cold drinks during pregnancy
Cold drinks during pregnancy

If seen, during pregnancy, pregnant women should consume milk, fruit juice, milkshake etc. and at this time all types of soda, cold drinks, caffeinated drinks and energy drinks should be avoided. If you consume it in limited quantity then it is safe, but even then it is not a very good option for you. Women who want to know whether they can consume cold drinks during pregnancy, then here you have been told why you should not consume cold drinks.

Harmful effects of drinking soft drinks and fizzy drinks during pregnancy

Here are some of the harmful effects of drinking soft drinks during pregnancy, after reading which you can know why it is forbidden to drink during pregnancy.

1. Side Effects of Caffeine

Most colas contain caffeine, which is addictive and has many side effects. Caffeine enters your bloodstream through drinks, which quickly reaches the baby with the help of the placenta, Caffeine affects your central nervous system and adrenal glands and stays in your circulatory system for about 11 hours, making it harder for the unborn baby to break down these toxins. Caffeine is a diuretic which also causes dehydration.

A pregnant woman should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day. Consuming it in excess not only affects your sleep and rest, but it can also cause miscarriage if it exceeds 300 milligrams. Consuming more than 500 mg of caffeine a day can cause rapid heartbeat in the child for a long time and may cause problems like heartburn etc. Hence, it is advised that you avoid consuming coke, coffee, chocolates, brownies and any caffeinated beverages.

2. Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners and Preservatives

Coloring agents, preservatives, sweeteners and flavors are injurious to health, especially during pregnancy. What are the possible side effects of consuming it? Consuming sugar can make you gain weight, which can cause problems in pregnancy and can also affect the development of your baby. The coloring agent contains a dye, which can cause an allergic reaction in the baby. Soft drinks contain a substance called saccharin which passes through the baby and gets deposited in the bladder.

3. Side Effects of Ice-Cold Beverages

The temperature of a pregnant woman’s abdomen is sensitive. Drinking iced and chilled drinks can cause sudden contraction of the stomach and blood vessels, which is not good for the baby. Side effects can include loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal cramps, and early miscarriage, and apart from this, the food supply of the unborn child may decrease and they may also be found to have problems like congenital disabilities.

4. Side Effects of Sweetener and Calories

When you are pregnant, you eat for two people and hence you need extra food, nutrition and more care. Cut down on soft drinks as they increase your calories but the growing baby does not get any nutrition. Consuming more calories can result in an overweight baby.

5. Side effects of carbonated drinks

Cola and soft drinks contain carbon-dioxide bubbles. In the last days of pregnancy, you become very sensitive and carbonic acid can give you severe heartburn and indigestion, within about an hour your acid level can rise. The caffeine contained in it can further increase your heartburn problem which is even more dangerous for the baby.

6. Side effects of flavoring

Phosphoric acid is used for flavoring, which pulls calcium from the bones. Calcium deficiency leads to weak bones, which should not happen during pregnancy at all.

7. Side effects on the child’s brain 

Studies show that when a mother consumes a lot of sugar, especially sweetened drinks, her children have decreased problem-solving ability and verbal memory. Apart from this, consuming it during pregnancy leads to poor motor skill development in the child, apart from this, consuming it during pregnancy leads to poor motor skill development in the child, it can also negatively affect the vision, special and visual motor of the child. Could

What can you drink instead of soft drinks or fizzy drinks during pregnancy? 

yes of course! You have cravings to drink cold drinks during pregnancy and to overcome this craving, you can consume caffeine-free substances which are also beneficial for you and the baby, it contains less sugar and more nutrients. So let’s know which drink or beverage you can consume during pregnancy. 

Constipation, itching in the stomach, feeling tired, headache, etc., gives you relief by consuming water. You need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, which can be a daunting task for you. You can try the recipe mentioned below to remove your cold drink cravings, which will also reach water in your body and reduce your cravings. It is safe to consume fizzy drinks once, but it is better to avoid it. Drinking fresh milk, fresh fruit juices, lassi, coconut water etc are options that will reduce your cravings and at the same time provide you nutrition. Instead of soft drinks, you can consume the drinks mentioned here daily which are healthy for you.

1. Chaach (Butter Milk)

Ginger, onion, coriander and salt can be added to buttermilk to make a great health drink, you can mix it with smoothies or drink it on its own to experiment. But be careful not to drink too much of it.

2. Homemade Smoothie

You can use apples, bananas, chikoo, melon, watermelon, grapes and whatever fruit you like to make smoothies. Blend these fruits in half a cup of water or milk to make a delicious smoothie.

3. Fruit-Veggie Combos 

Blend fruits and vegetables well in the juicer and avoid adding sweeteners. Try making it by mixing apples, oranges, pineapples etc. with carrots.

4. Lemon Based Cold Drinks

If you want, you can drink lemon slices or lemon juice in plain water. You can also add some fresh fruits to it for flavor. Lemon is known to overcome the problem of morning sickness and nausea. Plus, you get the benefits of vitamins and minerals from it.

5. Fruit Cup in Mineral Water

You can make your own fruit cups by adding watermelon, lemon, orange, pear, kiwi, lychee, passion fruit, mango, cherry or banana. You pour mineral water over it and leave it like this.

There are many homemade flavored drinks that you can try in place of soft drinks and reduce your cravings, which will not only keep you feeling refreshed during pregnancy but also provide you and your baby with lots of nutritional benefits. Will also get