Childhood memories quotes

Childhood memories quotes

Childhood days are counted among the golden days of life. These are those most special moments, when there is neither worry about anything nor care about anything. Everyone’s childhood journey is memorable and beautiful, that’s why often people must have heard saying that. If you want to relive your childhood memories quotes. We have included more than Childhood memories quotes in this article. Through these, you can refresh your childhood memories.

Childhood memories quotes
Childhood memories quotes

Let us now have a direct look at the best poems related to childhood memories quotes.

50+ Childhood memories quotes

In this article, we have divided Bachpan Shayari and Bachpan Quotes into several categories. Read the shayaris in these categories and relive your childhood memories. At the same time, you can also share them with your friends. Come, first of all, read two lines of childhood poems.

two line poetry related to childhood memories

If the sentiment is correct, then the whole thing can be said in two lines. Read below two line childhood poetry that brings back the memories of childhood.

  1. The story of childhood was very pleasant, I
    would have remained in childhood, youth would not have come.
  1. The laughter of childhood has disappeared somewhere,
    perhaps it has been left behind in the journey of growing up.
  2. There was neither worry nor worry in childhood,
    now there is fear of career.
  3. Those days were good
    when we were kids.
  4. Childhood friendship was true,
    didn’t know the meaning, but it was good.
  1. I wish those days of childhood come back,
    when the whole day was spent in fun.
  2. Childhood friends are still together,
    all my friends are special to me.
  3. My whole day was spent in sports, I
    used to live my childhood days freely.
  4. Roamed around the village sitting on father’s shoulders,
    When he grew up, he found his childhood on the streets of the city.
  1. All the childhood memories are with me,
    all those moments are special for me.
  2. There was neither desire to get anything, nor fear of losing anything,
    my childhood was my journey of happiness.
  3. In childhood, there was peace in mother’s lap,
    there was a passion to do something new all the time.
  4. Used to spend days playing,
    used to forget himself in the game in childhood.

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Now the time has come to get lost in the golden memories of school.

School Memories Quotes

School life is full of fun and mischief, school memories are an important part of everyone’s life. This is the time when you are preparing your foundation for the future. At the same time, during this time new friends and new experiences come together. Come, let’s reminisce the childhood memories of school days through poetry below.

  1. I felt very scared on the first day of school,
    after some time I felt school as my home,
    today it has been many years since I left school,
    but still I feel familiar in school.
  2. Playing the school table in childhood,
    singing songs when the teacher was not there, it
    is not so easy to
    forget those beautiful moments.
  1. School friends are still with me,
    their love is still with me.
  2. Didn’t feel like school books,
    didn’t wake up at night to study,
    now I read research papers all night,
    but in between I get lost in childhood memories.

  3. They used to fight over who would sit together at the table, used to stand with their hands raised
    when the teacher did not answer the question.
  1. In school, everyone used to copy homework,
    fight with each other for best friend,
    forget the school fight the next day,
    then everyone became friends.
  2. Used to get ready to leave the school before the bell rang, did
    not go to school without taking money from parents.
  1. Used to get up early in the morning,
    used to wait for the school bus to come, I had lived
    my childhood very happily.
  2. I have been friends with books since school, I
    have learned everything from books,
    have written my own destiny with the help of books.
  3. Sometimes I didn’t feel like going to school,
    but I used to go to school because of friends, I always found myself happy
    with school friends .
  1. Having fun while going to school by bicycle,
    fighting while pulling each other’s bicycle,
    that too was a very beautiful time,
    now it is very rare to meet those friends.
  2. School days were quite relaxed,
    work has taken away all the relaxation, out
    of all the moments in life,
    the best childhood moment has been lived.
  1. I understood about good and evil in school,
    that’s why today I became a good person,
    I got my heart from books, I
    was able to succeed because of good knowledge.

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Come on, now read the quotes related to college memories.

College Memories Quotes

The journey to college after school is also memorable. This is the time to know and understand the world closely. During this time you try to strengthen your future. At the same time, there are many sour and sweet memories associated with college. Come, read below college memories quotes.

  1. Had a lot of fun in the college hostel,
    lived the hostel life very well,
    after the college was over,
    always remembered those days.
  2. Going for a movie with college friends,
    bunking classes and spending the day in the canteen,
    if someone asks me which days to go back,
    I would tell them to take me back to college days.
  1. Used to hang out with friends for a long time,
    used to swing every moment in fun,
    college days were like this only,
    when we used to forget to go home.
  2. Spending nights with college friends,
    being able to live every moment happily,
    I have lived such a life,
    when I used to go to college.
  3. Agreed that now everyone is not together,
    not with each other,
    but the memories will always be together,
    the things of college will always be remembered.
  4. Used to pull each other’s legs in front,
    used to fight for each other behind the back,
    such was the friendship with college friends,
    that they used to care without telling.
  5. We used to eat each other’s food,
    if someone got angry, we would have persuaded,
    college friends were such,
    who used to support in every work.
  6. Going on long drives with friends,
    college was such a wonderful time.
  7. College friends have given a lot of birthday bombs,
    enjoyed birthday with them well,
    now no one near to celebrate birthday,
    I wish someone could return me back to college days.
  8. Everyone has to come in a selfie,
    all three sit in a bike,
    I still remember
    that time of my college.
  9. Coming back leaving your bike at home,
    begging a friend to borrow a bike,
    riding it proudly when you get the bike,
    this is my college fad.
  10. Eating in the college canteen,
    playing tabla on the table while sitting in class,
    telling a friend’s love story after break,
    I am crazy about those days.
  11. Being friends with a new girl everyday,
    old friends getting jealous seeing new friends,
    trying to keep away from new friends,
    now it is difficult to meet such friends.

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Now read some funny childhood memories quotes.

Funny Childhood Memories Quotes

Childhood time is full of many funny stories, that’s why people laugh a lot and are happy remembering their childhood days. Below we are putting some such funny moments in front of you through funny childhood memories.

  1. In childhood, mother used to wear girl’s clothes,
    sometimes used to apply kajal in her eyes,
    lived as a girl for some years of childhood,
    grew up and freed herself from girls’ clothes.
  2. In childhood, I used to be afraid of hearing the story of ghosts,
    I used to fall at my brother’s feet to go with
    me to the bathroom, now I am not afraid of the story,
    but what were those days, how can I explain to you.
  3. I used to pretend to be a naughty Gopal with a flute, I
    was decorated with peacock feathers like Krishna,
    I used to get caught taking money from my father’s pocket,
    I used to tell lies that I do not steal.
  4. As a child he was caught stealing in the mango orchard,
    kept climbing on the tree till the owner went away from the tree.
  5. I used to be afraid of falling off the bicycle,
    I am your friend, I used to tell you not to fall off the bicycle,
    seeing this my other friends used to laugh at me,
    they did not understand my feelings for the bicycle.
  6. My mother has beaten me a lot, I
    have spent my childhood in fear of my mother,
    but all those days
    which I have spent with my mother are memorable.
  7. When I used to sit in front of my father’s scooter, I used to think that I can drive, but
    later I came to know that I cannot handle the scooter at all.
  8. When we were children, we were true to heart,
    we were very good from childhood,
    everyone has thought like this,
    but we know how we were.
  9. In childhood, I used to sleep peacefully when I
    used to get beaten up by my mother.
  10. In childhood, I used to think of leaving home after being beaten by my mother, I
    used to think of coming back after becoming very rich like in movies.
  11. As a child, he had run away from home,
    after an hour he felt hungry, so he came back home.
  12. Used to go to school after morning beatings,
    sometimes used to eat breakfast while crying.