Cheating Quotes

Cheating Quotes

Let’s know about Cheating Quotes. Friends, as much as the feeling of pleasant love is felt, more sorrow has to be suffered in infidelity. What is cheating in love, ask any lover who has been hurt in love. Many times a person ruins his life by getting cheated in love, then there are many who recover from the pain of love. At the same time, we believe that to overcome the pain of love or friendship, it is necessary to take out your pain and for this, giving the form of words to the pain can be a good option. If the pain is kept inside, it will hurt more. Come, read love cheat poetry. Here you will get more than 75 Bewafai Shayari. With the help of these Cheat Shayari, you can feel lighter by expressing your pain.

75+ Betrayal Quotes

Cheating in love breaks a person. Whereas, be it betrayal or any pain, it has to be forgotten. In such a situation, if you get a few lines to share your sorrow, then you can feel lighter.
Below we have divided love cheat shayari and quotes in many parts. Read these dhoka shayari and bewafai shayari and whatever you like, you can share it on social media or send it to someone. So come, first of all read the quotes on cheating in relationship.

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Let us start the article with cheating in love quotes.

Quotes on Cheating in Relationship

If you are looking for quotes on cheating in love, then we have got the infidelity quotes for you. Read below in order of quotes on cheating in relationship.

  1. The cheater never suffers, he just knows how to hurt.
  2. You trusted, someone broke. It is not your fault but his fault.
  3. You have been cheated, don’t be sad, be patient on this fact that you are true.
  4. If you have been cheated, then what happened, think about the experience and forget it.
  5. Forgetting the date as a fraud, then celebrate the freedom you got from evil on that date.
  6. Those who don’t get cheated are lucky, but those who get it are real lovers.
  7. Relationships get ruined by cheating and people say that the world is bad.
  8. Cheating is the new fashion, those who are old know how to play.
  9. Cheating and cheating in love is common now, people don’t love anymore.
  10. The cheater also gets cheated.
  11. Who has been happy by cheating, whoever says that is also a liar.
  12. Don’t be sad if you get cheated, you were truthful, not a giver.
  13. Cheated and what to eat, love was his paper .
  14. Cheater is a coward.
  15. Cheating in love is a habit of people, it is better to forget it.
  16. What is the pain of love, only someone who has been cheated in love can tell.
  17. Wanted to pass the time, so cheated.
  1. The one who stumbles in love is the biggest cheater.
  2. Those who settle a house by cheating in love, they live in hell.
  3. No one gets heaven by cheating, everyone pays the revenge here.

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Cheating in friendship Shayari

Be it friendship or love, getting cheated hurts a lot. If you have also got cheated in friendship and want to express your feelings through words, then in this part of the article we have brought some dhoka shayari for you. read below:

  1. That cheater broke my heart,
    made my heart a spectacle,
    the one whom we made worthy of friendship,
    he made him a lance.
  2. By friendship, he
    had made my heart happy,
    today he cheated and
    took my heart out of my chest.

  3. He proved himself by cheating,
    I was sure that he was a coward,
    just forgot in friendship.
  4. We have been cheated so much by the lights
    , I have been burning in waiting since a long time,
    but there is no light.
  5. The one whom we loved, thinking it as a
    he betrayed us thinking it as an
  6. He has become a trickster,
    he has become a dramatist, what did we ask for leave
    from friendship of two days , he has become a cheater.
  7. They say by cheating,
    those who mix poison in life, if
    life remains, then we will meet again.
  8. Cheaters
    are better enemies than friends,
    who are right out of hatred,
    but, at least take name once a day.
  9. If it was not there, I would have
    removed it from my heart, I would have forgotten it,
    he betrayed me by living in my heart,
    and I could not even oops, oh your friendship.
  10. God, your digging is amazing,
    he cheated whoever he wanted,
    only separation remained in the part.
  11. You have made love a market, wow my friend, you have cheated
    me instead of loyalty.
  12. In the name of friendship, he
    used and
    we are happily cheated.
  1. O friend, I have seen so many accidents, I
    have also seen your deceit,
    so what happened?
  2. Those people cheat,
    whose faces are innocent, not
    every piece of glass is
  3. We will go away,
    leaving you on your own condition,
    may you never get loyalty.
  4. When I was cheated in your love, I
    would have told lies,
    When I was happy alone,
    I would have let you live without you.
  5. Was your friend, now know this,
    you cheated, now accept it.
  6. I am sad that I loved you, I
    lost my heart on your innocent face,
    my luck is bad,
    friend, I trusted your every promise.
  7. Look at the effect of our friendship,
    even after cheating, he takes care of them,
    to see that they are not in trouble, they
    leave the house on foot every day.
  8. Those who break hearts by cheating,
    one day there will be a storm in your chest,
    one day my name will come on your lips,
    you will also ask for forgiveness,
    when you will also be cheated.

Now read some dhoka shayari.

Two Line Quotes on Deception

The pain of betrayal is so deep that it can take a long time to describe and forget . On the other hand, when the problem starts increasing, then it is good to share it. You can also share your sorrow with your friends through Kuch Yun In Do Lines Ki Dhoka Shayari .

  1. Gave me a chance, got cheated,
    friend, I didn’t expect anything like this from you.
  2. This style of yours is unique friend,
    by deceiving, tells you to be happy.
  3. Those who cheat don’t know friendship,
    they just know how to use it.
  4. You have changed, those who fight by saying,
    Your deception has changed me.
  5. Whenever there is mention of friendship and love,
    my friend, you will feel very ashamed.
  6. It was your nature to cheat,
    we got cheated, it was our destiny.
  1. You got our friendship for free, that
    ‘s why you didn’t understand its value.
  2. If you ever find someone who makes you cry,
    we will show you the laughter of your deceit.
  3. We are alive after being cheated,
    not on you, we are ashamed of our fate.
  4. I am not sad about your betrayal,
    I am complaining about my fate.
  5. Those who ignore me ,
    remember, one day mine will also come.
  6. We should try friendship with whom,
    after all, how long should we be cheated in the name of love.
  7. He called a friend and bought,
    we are looted even after being cheated.
  8. Those who wish to see the ocean
    , after your deception, the ocean flows from my eyes everyday.
  9. We have seen many accidents, many scenes,
    we have often seen enemies living among friends.
  10. Those who used to listen to the beats,
    now do not listen to my sobs.
  11. After your betrayal,
    I don’t get used to anyone anymore.
  1. He left me alone,
    he turned out to be mean, he left me unnecessarily .
  2. We were dependent on your promise,
    and you broke the promise of trust.
  3. There is a strange atmosphere everywhere,
    people are breaking hearts in the name of love.

Quotes on Cheating in Love

Cheating in love breaks not only the heart but also the mind. To handle yourself in these situations, trying to put your sorrow into words can work as a balm. Read below some quotes on deception in love.

  1. The love of your need has ruined my golden life.
  2. When the lesson of life is received in the form of deception, it is remembered till births .
  3. Those who consider themselves to be God in love get cheated soon.
  4. Those who easily entice the heart by being an angel, they are soon deceived.
  1. Those people are lucky who do not get cheated in love.
  2. The cheater thinks himself clever, but he does not know that he will get the punishment of his deeds here.
  3. Not everyone has the art of cheating.
  4. The cheated can never trust anyone .
  5. People get cheated by bad people and take revenge on good people.
  6. Cheaters should not be given a second chance.
  7. The betrayal of strangers destroys the lesson and the betrayal of loved ones.
  8. Lessons learned from being cheated are the best lessons in life.
  9. Those who show false love soon cheat.
  10. Often a person who cheats gives many cheats one after the other, so he should not be given a chance.
  11. When friends start cheating, then make enemies, heart will be safe.
  12. Cheating is one of life’s biggest stumbling blocks and an unforgettable lesson.
  1. It is better to get cheated early, but if you get cheated late, there are many disadvantages.
  2. If you believe with closed eyes, then it is certain to be cheated.
  3. The one who learns from mistakes is smart and the one who gets cheated is a fool.
  4. If someone makes a mistake, then forgive, the one who cheats only gets punishment.

Friends, a person remembers the betrayal found in love for centuries, but life cannot be wasted in someone’s sorrow. In this article, we have tried to describe the pain of betrayal through many shayaris and quotes. From these, you can select quotes and poetry as per your choice and send them to others or share them on social media. We hope that you would have liked our attempt to express heartache through poems.