Chamomile Tea Benefits

Chamomile Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Chamomile tea is made with the help of flowers called chamomile. As beautiful as this yellow and white flower is, so are the amazing properties of chamomile tea. We are telling the health benefits of this chamomile tea, which can help to keep healthy or relieve the symptoms of the disease. In this article, you will also know the disadvantages of chamomile tea, which are caused by not using it properly.

What is Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is made from a type of flower called chamomile, which is called German chamomile or Matricaria chamomilla. Tea bags of chamomile tea are easily available in the market, which can be use like ordinary green tea. It can be use as a traditional medicine for wound healing, arthritis, burns and skin related problem.

Note: Let us tell here that the consumption of chamomile tea is not a cure for any serious problem, but it can be helpful in reducing the problem or disease.

Know about the benefits of chamomile tea in the next section of the article.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

The properties of chamomile tea and the nutrients present in it make it beneficial in keeping the body healthy and protecting it from diseases. Here we are explaining in detail the benefits of chamomile tea for good health.

1. Helps relieve anxiety and sleep better

Chamomile tea present flavonoid called Apijenin (apigenin) to enhance the effects of sleep contains sedative effects, which can help you get better sleep. In addition, chamomile tea has anticonvulsant properties that calm the mind. A research done on 10 people found that after consuming chamomile tea, people were able to get about one and a half hours of deep sleep.

The benefits of chamomile tea can also be found in getting relief from anxiety. In a recent research, it has been found that it has anti-anxiety properties, which can help in relieving anxiety. It can help control mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder. In addition, chamomile tea may also help reduce postpartum depression or sleeplessness in women.

2. Relief from diarrhea and stomach related problems

The benefits of chamomile tea can be found to get relief from them. Chamomile tea relaxes the muscles in the stomach that carry food to the intestine. Thus, it can help relieve gas and soothe the stomach. Chamomile tea also inhibits the growth of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori that cause stomach ulcers, which may reduce the risk of ulcers.

3. Control Diabetes and Glycemic

Talking about the benefits of chamomile tea, it can help in controlling the level of sugar in the body and keep it away from diabetes. Along with controlling the sugar level in the body, it enhances the effect of glycogen in the liver and prevents the build-up of a sugar compound called sorbitol in red blood cells. In addition, chamomile tea helps maintain insulin levels in the body, which may help control blood sugar.

Chamomile tea also protects the cells of the pancreas from damage caused by oxidative stress by increasing blood sugar levels in the body. It also helps in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and increasing the effect of insulin. Thus this tea also helps in glycemic control.

4. Enriched with Antiinflammatory Properties

Chronic inflammation is the inflammation within the body that can damage tissues or cells and lead to diseases such as cancer. This inflammation can be due to the increased amount of nitric oxide in the body. Controlling this inflammation requires an effective antiinflammatory agent.

The benefits of chamomile tea also include that the flavonoids present in it act as anti-inflammatory agents. This tea reduces the effects of nitric oxide in the body and may help relieve inflammation.

5. Strengthen Bones

Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs with increasing age, in which the bones start weakening due to loss of nutrition. In this case, selective estrogen receptor modulators are use to prevent weakening of bones. The benefits of chamomile tea produce anti-estrogenic effects, which work to strengthen bones.

6. Prevent Cancer

Cancer can also be counted among the benefits of chamomile tea. Actually, it has anti-cancer properties, which prevent cancer-causing cells from growing. Many types of phenols and flavonoids are also present in it, which may help reduce the risk of cancer.

While consuming chamomile tea for cancer, keep in mind that it is a disease that can prove fatal. Therefore, a patient suffering from cancer must get proper treatment from a doctor. At the same time, chamomile tea can also be consumed on the advice of a doctor. Due to the properties of chamomile tea, it can also help reduce the symptoms of cancer.

7. Keep Heart Healthy

Cholesterol in the body and increased level of sugar in the blood are considered to be the biggest causes of heart disease. In such a situation, it is advised to reduce the level of cholesterol and blood sugar to keep the heart healthy. As we mentioned earlier in the article, calomile tea can help reduce the level of sugar in the blood and bad cholesterol (LDL), which can reduce the risk of heart disease. Thus, the benefits of chamomile tea can also include keeping the heart healthy.

8. Pain during menstruation

Chamomile tea can also be consumed to reduce pain during menstruation. According to a research published on the NCBI website, chamomile tea has antispasmodic ie pain reducing effect. This effect may be helpful in reducing pain and cramps during menstruation.

9. Reduce the Effects of Cold

Consuming chamomile tea can be beneficial to reduce the effects of colds caused by viral infections . According to research, consumption of chamomile tea boosts the immune system and can help fight infections associated with colds.

10. Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Skin

The benefits of chamomile tea can also be seen in keeping the skin healthy. Chamomile tea can also provide relief to the skin from a variety of irritations such as skin rashes, sunburns and bacterial infections. Being anti-inflammatory, it can reduce the inflammation caused by any reason on the skin. The properties of chamomile are also considered beneficial in protecting against skin cancer.

Nutritional Elements of Chamomile Tea

Various types of nutrients are found in chamomile tea, which we are telling through a table below:

Water99.7 grams
energy1 kcal
Carbohydrate0.2 g
calcium2 mg
Iron0.08 mg
magnesium1 mg
potassium9 mg
sodium1 mg
zinc0.04 mg
Copper0.015 mg
thiamine0.01 mg
Riboflavin0.0004 mg
folate1 microgram
Vitamin A1 microgram
carotene, beta12 micrograms
Fatty Acids, Total Saturated0.002 grams
Fatty Acids, Total Monounsaturated0.001 grams
Fatty Acids, Total Polyunsaturated0.005 grams
Chamomile Tea Benefits

In this part of the article, we are talking about the disadvantages of chamomile tea.

Side Effects of Chamomile Tea

If not consumed carefully, chamomile tea can also cause harm, which are as follows.

  • If someone is allergic to the flowers of the daisy family, they may also be allergic to chamomile tea. This can cause skin rashes and inflammation of the lungs , as chamomile is also a part of this family.
  • Pregnant woman can also face the disadvantages of chamomile tea. Consuming chamomile tea during pregnancy can tighten urine muscles. This can cause harm to the pregnant and unborn fetus, such as uterine contractions. In this problem, the muscles of the uterus start contracting. This causes the cervix to dilate and the fetus may come out of the womb prematurely.
  • Chamomile tea acts as a blood thinner. Therefore, people who take blood-thinning medicines may face the disadvantages of chamomile tea. Such people should consume it only on the advice of the doctor.

You must have understood that along with the benefits, chamomile tea can also have disadvantages. Of course, the properties of chamomile tea are beneficial for health and can protect the body from many diseases, but it cannot be considered a substitute for medical treatment. To eliminate any disease from the root, right diet and doctor’s treatment is also needed. However, diseases can be avoided by making chamomile tea a part of the daily diet.

frequently asked Questions

Can I consume chamomile tea daily?

Yes, chamomile tea can be consumed in limited quantities with the advice of a doctor.

Does drinking chamomile tea improve sleep?

Yes, chamomile has sedation effects, which may be somewhat beneficial in improving sleep.

How can chamomile tea be bad for you?

Consuming chamomile tea during pregnancy can tighten urine muscles. This can cause harm to the pregnant and unborn fetus.

Who shouldn’t drink chamomile tea?

Pregnant women, those taking blood thinners, and those allergic to chamomile should not consume it.

Is Chamomile Tea Good for Your Throat?

Yes, it can be used to reduce inflammation of the throat.

Can Chamomile Tea Reduce Anxiety Problems?

Yes, the antianxiety effect present in chamomile can be helpful in reducing anxiety to some extent.