Causes of erectile dysfunction

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young age

Let’s know. Causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is seen in men. Now this condition has become quite common at an early age. During this condition, the male penis does not get enough blood flow that it can be fully stimulated. The main reason for erectile dysfunction can be some diseases like heart disease or hormonal disturbances due to which men have to face unsatisfied intercourse. Today in this article you will know the cause of erectile dysfunction at a young age.

Causes of Impotence at a young age

It is entirely possible that this disease can be seen in young men as well. According to some studies, this disease affects 8% of men between the ages of 20 and 30 and up to 11% in the age group of 30 to 40. Diabetes etc. can also occur. Let us know in detail the reasons for this defect.

Heart disease

The most important thing to get excited is to have good blood circulation. If the blood does not reach different parts of the body properly, then blood can accumulate in the arteries. This condition is known as atherosclerosis . If the heart is not healthy, then the chances of getting erectile dysfunction increase manifold, even if you are young.

Hormonal disturbances

Some hormones, such as testosterone , play a special role in sexually arousing . If there is a deficiency of these types of hormones in the body, then the risk of this disease can increase. Along with this, excessive production of a hormone called prolactin also increases the risk of this disease.

Unsoundness of Mind

Causes of erectile dysfunction
Causes of erectile dysfunction

Depression, stress , work anxiety and pressure are being seen very high among the youth. Due to which his mental health is deteriorating a lot. If you feel anxious all the time, you will not be able to find joy in anything. If you are not able to feel yourself as enthusiastic as before even in sexual intercourse, then the reason for this can also be your poor mental health.

Having diabetes

During diabetes, the blood sugar level increases significantly. If blood sugar rises, it can also damage your blood vessels. Some of these blood vessels may also be the ones that supply blood to your penis. Therefore , diabetes is considered to be the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Nowadays the problem of diabetes is being seen even at a young age.

being physically unwell

If you do not keep yourself active or you do not have a healthy lifestyle, then along with diseases like obesity , blood-pressure , you may have problems with erectile dysfunction. So keep yourself healthy.

How to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction at a young age

The brain, nerves, hormones and muscles, circulatory system all four carry blood to the erectile tissue. When any one of these does not work properly then the problem of erectile dysfunction occurs. There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. Many of which can be corrected by treatment. But there are some treatments for erectile dysfunction at a young age such as oral medication, intracavernosal injections etc. But to avoid any disease, you need to keep your lifestyle healthy. If your lifestyle will be healthy then your weight will be balanced. Due to which your risk of diabetes and obesity will be reduced. All these are believed to be the cause of erectile dysfunction. If you reduce the risk of the causes of erectile dysfunction, then you can avoid this disease at a young age.

How is erectile dysfunction related to age?

The risk of erectile dysfunction not only increases with age but also increases with age. On average, it starts in men by the age of 40. The risk of erectile dysfunction increases by 10% every 10 years. As your age increases, your risk of other diseases such as plaque accumulation in the arteries also increases. These diseases are considered to be the main cause of erectile dysfunction. At this age, men also start taking more medicines, due to which changes are also seen in some essential hormones. But nowadays this condition is becoming equally common in boys of 20 years.


The main cause of erectile dysfunction at a young age is poor physical and mental health, obesity, diabetes, and lack of proper lifestyle. So try that you stay physically and mentally healthy because having erectile dysfunction at a young age leads to lack of confidence in men and they can start to feel guilty. Therefore, if you feel its symptoms, definitely consult a doctor and start treatment on time.