Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts Benefits and Side Effects

There is no mention of dry fruits and cashew nuts, it cannot happen. It is used in different ways in different places in India. It is used to enhance the flavor of sweet dishes and sometimes spicy dishes. Let us tell you here that the use of cashew is not limited to just eating, but it can be used to get rid of many problems of the body. At the same time, readers should also keep in mind that cashew is not a cure for any disease. It can be consumed to prevent disease and keep the body healthy.

Here first of all we will know what are the benefits of eating cashew nuts for health.

Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts
Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are an excellent source of energy-rich protein and fat, it can provide instant energy. Therefore, children of growing age and sportspersons must consume it. Cashew is also called the power house of energy. It is considered more beneficial for health than it is delicious. Let us know the benefits of cashew for health.

1. Cashews for Heart Health

Cashews are placed in the category of nuts and nuts work to benefit the body in many ways. Nuts are also considered important for maintaining heart health. They contain bioactive macronutrients, which can work to keep the heart healthy.

2. benefits of Cashew Nuts for cancer

Cashew can also be helpful in preventing deadly diseases like cancer. Actually, anacardic acid is found in cashew extract. Anacardic acid can help prevent cancer metastasis (the process of spreading cancer in the body). Keep in mind that the consumption of cashews cannot get rid of the problem of cancer. It can be consumed only as a healthy diet to avoid cancer. If someone is suffering from cancer, then his medical treatment is necessary.

3. Benefits of Eating Cashews to Improve Blood Pressure

The role of cashew can also be seen in controlling blood pressure. According to a scientific research, a supplement made from cashew can reduce systolic blood pressure. For now, more research is needed on this.

4. Benefits of Cashew Nuts for Good Digestive System

Eating cashews strengthens the digestive system, as a good amount of fiber is found in it. Fiber can help relieve problems like constipation and ulcers by keeping digestion fine. At the same time, it should also be kept in mind that excessive consumption of cashew nuts can cause constipation and gas problems. Especially, those whose physical activity is negligible, they should reduce the consumption of cashew nuts.

5. Benefits of Cashews for Bone Growth

Cashews contain a good amount of magnesium and calcium. Calcium and magnesium help in the development of bones as well as strengthen them. The magnesium present in cashews can help in the prevention of diseases like osteoporosis. Due to this disease the bones become weak and fragile.

6. Benefits of Eating Cashews for a Healthy Mind

As we have read that cashews contain a good amount of magnesium. Magnesium aids in blood flow to the brain as well as may play an important role in preventing brain injury. In addition, magnesium has antidepressant properties, which may help relieve depression. Thus, the magnesium present in cashews can also be beneficial for brain health.

7. Benefits of Cashew Nuts to Balance Weight

Cashews contain a good amount of magnesium, which increases the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. In addition, the fiber found in cashews may be helpful in controlling body weight. Actually, fiber reduces the intake of calories. Apart from this, the amount of fat and protein is also high in cashew along with the amount of calories. Therefore, it can work to keep the stomach full for a long time. For this reason, the habit of consuming extra food may improve, which can help in keeping weight under control. Keep in mind that people who are already suffering from the problem of obesity, they should not consume cashews.

8. Beneficial in Diabetes

Cashews contain many nutrients, one of which is magnesium. Magnesium is also called a diabetic friend, which can be helpful in stabilizing the glucose present in the blood. Diabetes can be controlled by stabilizing the glucose present in the blood.

9. Keeps Blood Healthy

Cashews are a good source of iron and copper. Iron helps increase healthy red blood cells, which help carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron may also work to overcome blood disorders such as anemia by increasing the production of red blood cells.

10. For pregnancy

Cashews contain many nutrients, which may be essential in pregnancy. Like the calcium and magnesium found in it. Calcium is essential for the health of the pregnant woman as well as the development of the bones of the fetus. Magnesium plays an important role in preventing low birth weight and high blood pressure in pregnant women.

11. Benefits of Eating Cashews for Healthy Gums and Teeth

Calcium is considered the most important nutrient for teeth. Calcium works to develop and maintain the strength of teeth. The deficiency of this particular element in the body can cause many other problems ranging from tooth breakage. Because the amount of calcium is found in cashew nuts.

12. Gall bladder stones

The fiber present in cashews can be helpful in preventing the problem of gall bladder stones. Obesity and rapid weight loss are risk factors for gall bladder stones. Diets rich in fiber may prove helpful in preventing gallstones. However, the consumption of cashew is not a cure for this disease, so it is also necessary to contact the doctor for the treatment of this problem.

13. Antioxidants

The nutrients found in cashews have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are considered essential for health, as it can protect against cancer and can work to keep the whole body healthy including the heart.

14. Cashews for Healthy Skin

Cashews contain proteins and antioxidants such as vitamin E, which may be beneficial in promoting skin health and beauty and preventing the effects of aging on the skin. In addition, they can protect the skin from wrinkles and the effects of the harmful rays of the sun.

15. benefits of Cashew Nuts for Hair

Nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorus are found in cashews. All these nutrients present in cashews can nourish the hair, as well as help in the shine and strength of the hair.

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Let us know what are the nutrients in cashew, which make it so beneficial.

Nutritious Elements of Cashew Nuts

Some of the nutrients found in cashews are as follows.

Nutrientsnutritive value
Water5.20 grams
calories553 calories
Carbohydrate30.19 grams
fat43.85 grams
protein18.22 grams
Sugar5.91 grams
fiber3.3 grams
vitamin C0.5 mg
niacin1.062 mg
Riboflavin0.058 mg
thiamine0.423 mg
folate25 µg
Vitamin A0 IU
Vitamin E0.90 mg
Vitamin B60.417 mg
Vitamin K34.1 µg
sodium12 mg
potassium660 mg
calcium37 mg
Iron6.68 mg
magnesium292 mg
Phosphorus593 mg
zinc5.78 mg
Fatty Acids, Total Saturated7.783 grams
Fatty Acids, Total Monosaturated23.797 grams
Fatty Acids, Total Polyunsaturated7.845 grams
Cashew Nuts

After knowing the nutrients of cashew, know how and how you can use it for the health benefits of cashew.

How to Use Cashew Nuts

You can use cashews rich in taste and health in many ways, such as:

  • You can eat cashews directly whenever you want.
  • It is used in sweets like Kaju Katli.
  • Roasting cashews with almonds, adding a little salt to it can be eaten as a snack.
  • Cashew nuts can be used as a topping in kheer and halwa.
  • It can also be used when cooking certain types of vegetables.

Quantity of Cashew – It is believed that 6-7 cashews can be eaten in a day. Nevertheless, to know its daily amount, do talk to a dietician once. Keep in mind that cashews should be consumed in limited quantities and one should stay away from the consumption of salted and fried cashews. The consumption of cashew should also be avoided by such people whose physical activity is negligible.

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Let us know which people should not eat cashew nuts.

Who Should Avoid Cashews

Cashew is not necessarily good for everyone’s health. For some people it can also prove to be harmful.

  • Some people may be allergic to the consumption of cashew, so it would be better for them to stay away from it.
  • Cashews contain a good amount of fiber. Fiber works to clean the stomach. Therefore, those who suffer from diarrhea should not eat cashews.

There is still something special

While cashew is considered beneficial for taste and health, it also has some disadvantages. Know about its disadvantages.

Side Effects of Cashew Nuts

Any item should be used in a limited quantity, only then can it be beneficial. That’s how we should know how to eat cashew nuts. Cashew nuts are only beneficial if used in limited quantities. Its use in excess can give negative results. Let us know the disadvantages of cashew nuts.

  • The amount of sodium is found in cashews. If you eat cashews in excess, the amount of sodium in the body can increase, which can lead to high blood pressure, stroke and heart-related diseases. It may also affect the kidneys.
  • Cashews are high in calories. Although calories are good for your health, consuming them in excess can lead to weight gain.
  • Fiber is found in cashews. Fiber is beneficial for health, but consuming too much fiber in the form of cashews can cause abdominal bloating and gas.
  • Cashews are rich in potassium. By consuming more cashew nuts, more potassium can reach our body, due to which there can be a condition like sudden stop of heartbeat, weakness and kidney failure.

Through this article, you must have come to know that cashew is not only tasty but also beneficial for health. Along with this, you must have also come to know how you can use cashew nuts. If you are wondering what can be the right time to eat cashews, then tell us that when you feel like, then it is the right time to eat cashews. Just take care of the right amount of its consumption, because the consumption of cashew nuts can come to the fore due to its excessive consumption. Hope you liked this article.

Frequently Asked Question

How many cashew nuts should be eaten in 1 day?

Cashew nuts are a very good source of energy. It keeps you full for a long time so that you avoid overeating. Therefore, to keep weight under control, you can consume 3-4 cashews every day.

What are the disadvantages of eating cashew nuts?

Consuming too much cashew nuts also causes stomach upset. Do not eat cashews if you are suffering from headaches or migraines, because cashews contain amino acids that increase the pain of headaches and especially migraines.

Are cashews hot?

Cashew nut is hot. This can cause the problem of hotflash, that is, overheating.

How to gain weight with cashew nuts?

Yes, cashews contain a lot of calories. But if you are adding them to your diet by mixing them with nuts like almonds, walnuts, raisins, then they will not only give you health benefits but will increase your weight. Just remember that you have to take them sparingly. That is, you have to include only 2-3 cashews in your diet every day.

Which vitamin is found in cashew nuts?

Cashew is a treasure trove of B vitamins. Eating honey after eating cashew nuts on a hungry stomach increases memory power. By eating cashews, the formation of uric acid stops and blood pressure also remains under control by its consumption. Cashew is high in protein which makes bones strong.

What are the benefits of eating milk and cashew nuts?

Cholesterol control remains by consuming cashew and milk. Iron is found in abundance in cashews, due to which blood flow remains good in the body, in such a situation, consuming some cashews and milk every day helps in reducing cholesterol. If there is a lack of blood in someone’s body, then he is advised to eat cashew nuts and milk.

Does eating cashew cause gas?

Cashew is high in fiber, due to which it can cause gas problem. Stomach bloating can also occur due to excessive consumption of cashew nuts. People who have complaints related to constipation, gas, acidity or digestion, they should avoid cashews at all.

Does eating cashew increase cholesterol?

Cholesterol level in cashew is very low and the antioxidants present in it keep heart diseases away.

What Makes Cashew Cough?

Because cashew nut is rich in nutrients, and slightly bitter, hot and pacifying vata-pitta and kapha.

How many rupees a kg of cashew is 2022?

At the same time, cashew is Rs 660 to 710 per kg. Raisins are being sold at Rs 200 to 230 per kg (there are many varieties of raisins.) Apart from this, walnut kernels are being sold for Rs 800 to 850 per kg.

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