Can you gain weight in one day

Can you gain weight in one day

Let’s know about Can you gain weight in one day. If you are taking a weight loss diet for weight loss, then if you overeat one day, how much weight increases. This is the biggest concern of those who take a diet plan to lose weight.

Those adopting weight loss diet plans are always worried about this. People adopt healthy diet plan to lose weight. Most weight loss diet foods are healthy but not tasty. People get bored after a few days and eat the food of their choice. In such a situation, the question arises that how much weight can be gained by overeating in one day. Some people start to worry that their weight loss plan has ruined several weeks of hard work in just one day. But does it really happen?

Can you gain weight in one day
Can you gain weight in one day

How much effect on weight due to overeating in one day

Even if you do overeating for a day, it does not have much effect. Because weight gain is not that easy as compared to weight loss. For this, you have to pay attention to the calorie count. Let’s understand with example.

Effect of calorie diet on weight loss 

According to health experts and diet experts, 7700 calories are needed to burn to reduce one kg of body weight. Similarly, if you want to gain weight, then you have to take the same extra calorie diet. Here extra calorie diet means you take 7700 calories more than your body needs, then your weight increases by 1 kg. So according to this, you cannot eat so much food in a day.

One thing becomes clear from this example that even if you take a high calorie diet once a week, there is no significant effect on your weight. But if you change your diet plan, it can have a bad effect.

One day overeating is also necessary

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You know about cheat day diet. You can eat whatever you want one day of the week. This means that if you are following a diet plan to lose weight, then one day you can eat more calories or food of your choice.

Diet experts believe that eating more a day does not make any significant difference to the weight. But eating more a day can make a person feel full and satisfied. Fitness experts also suggest that people adopting a weight loss diet plan can eat anything on one day of the week. But they should follow their diet the next day.

Apart from this, diet and fitness experts believe that apart from this, regular exercise and workouts should not be stopped.