Can you eat potatoes that have sprouted

Can you eat potatoes that have sprouted

Let us know about Can you eat potatoes that have sprouted. If we store potato for too long, it starts sprouting, which raises doubts in our mind whether it is safe to eat them or not, but most people believe that sprouted potatoes are perfectly safe to eat. are safe from While on the other hand, some people warn that sprouted potatoes are poisonous. So today in this article we will tell you the solution to your problem whether sprouted potatoes should be eaten or not.

Why shouldn’t sprouted potatoes be eaten?

Can you eat potatoes that have sprouted
Can you eat potatoes that have sprouted

As we know that potato is a type of vegetable and a natural source of solanine. The glycoalkaloid compounds present in it are naturally found in many other foods such as tomatoes and brinjals. In small amounts, glycoalkaloids may provide a number of health benefits, including antibiotic properties and blood-sugar- and cholesterol-lowering effects. But they can be poisonous if eaten in excess.

As the potato sprouts, its glycoalkaloid content also starts increasing. Thus, eating potato sprouts exposes you to excessive amounts of these glycoalkaloid compounds. Its symptoms usually start appearing within a few hours to a day after eating sprouted potatoes. Ingestion of excess glycoalkaloids usually results in nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. If a person consumes it in excess, he may suffer from blood pressure, headache, fever. Along with this it can become the cause of his death. Apart from this, according to the study, consuming sprouted potatoes during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects. That’s why pregnant women should avoid eating sprouted potatoes.

How to stop potatoes from sprouting ?

You can prevent potatoes from sprouting by adopting the following methods-

One of the best ways to prevent potatoes from sprouting is to avoid storing them and only buy them when you really want to use them.

Avoid keeping potatoes near onions, bananas, apples, pears and other fruits.

You can also keep some herbs along with the potatoes.

disadvantages of eating sprouted potatoes

Hello friends, all of you are very welcome on, today we will talk about a topic which is related to the health of all of us and is used the most in our house, we are going to talk about sprouted potatoes. Disadvantages of eating potato sprouts Potato is such a vegetable that is not found in every corner of the world and the most commonly used vegetable in everyone’s homes is also potato. Potato can be made with every vegetable so that it can be sprouted . disadvantages of eating potatoes The utility increases even more and it is an evergreen vegetable which is available in all seasons.

Potato has many benefits too, but today we are going to talk about the disadvantages of sprouted potatoes. You must have seen at home that keep potatoes for a few days. Sprouts grow on living in which sprouts come out which people ignore but we should not do this because sprouted potatoes are harmful to our health because of the disadvantages of eating sprouted potatoes.

Which toxin is found in potato sprout

When the potato sprouts, a chemical reaction starts taking place in it, during this process, which toxin is found in the sprouted potato , the carbohydrate starts converting into sugar, and along with it, two poisonous substances named solanine and alpha caconin are released. elements are formed, due to this the potato becomes soft from outside and withers, both of these elements solanine which poison is found in potato sprout and alpha caconin both are very harmful for our health.


 Potato sprouts contain high levels of glycoalkaloids which can become toxic to humans if consumed in excess. Therefore, its consumption should be avoided.