Can we eat cashew during pregnancy

Can we eat cashew during pregnancy

Let us know about Can we eat cashew during pregnancy? Like normal times, it is important to have the right amount of all the nutrients in the body during pregnancy. For this, pregnant women are advised to include many types of foods in their diet, one of which is cashew. Although cashew nuts are rich in nutrients, but there is a fear in the minds of pregnant women that their consumption may cause some harm to their unborn baby. Therefore, before including cashew in the diet, it would be good to get complete information related to it.

Can we eat cashew during pregnancy
Can we eat cashew during pregnancy

First of all, know whether eat cashew should be consumed during pregnancy or not.

Should we eat cashew during pregnancy or not?

Yes, cashews can be consumed during pregnancy. It has been told in a research that consuming it can lead to brain development of the unborn baby ( 1 ). It is also recommended to include cashew nuts in the guidelines related to pregnancy diet, as it contains zinc considered essential for pregnancy ( 2 ).
Not only this, many nutrients including protein, energy, calcium, iron, folate are necessary for pregnancy ( 3 ). All these essential elements are found in cashews. In such a situation, cashew can be considered beneficial in pregnancy ( 4 ). Just note that some people may be allergic to cashews, so use with caution. If the woman is already allergic to cashews before pregnancy, then avoid using it ( 5 ).

Read further what are the benefits of consuming cashew nuts during pregnancy.

Benefits of eating cashew during pregnancy

The benefits of eating cashews during pregnancy are many. We are giving further detailed information about these benefits on the basis of research.

1. Constipation

The problem of constipation during pregnancy troubles women a lot. According to research, about 11 to 38 percent of women may have this problem ( 6 ). Cashews can be consumed to avoid this. In fact, cashews contain a good amount of fiber ( 7 ). Studies have shown that dietary fiber can reduce the time food stays in the stomach by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and increasing the propulsion of food in the stomach. This can provide relief from the problem of constipation ( 6 ). For this reason, constipation is also counted among the benefits of eating cashew nuts during pregnancy.

2. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

Folic acid is considered an essential nutrient in pregnancy and can be obtained from cashews ( 7 ). This can help reduce the risk of birth defects (brain, spine, spinal cord and heart disease) in the baby as well as anemia in the pregnant woman. Not only this, folate is considered essential for the development and growth of the fetus. In recent research, it has also been found beneficial in preventing premature delivery (premature birth of a baby) ( 8 ).

3. For Iron

The name of cashew is also included in iron-rich foods. Research suggests that 100 grams of cashew can contain 4.5 to 7.1 milligrams of iron ( 7 ). This iron is very important for pregnancy. According to a study, the need for iron in a woman’s body increases during pregnancy, which puts her at risk of iron deficiency and anemia due to it ( 9 ) .
If you look at the statistics, about 52 percent of women in developing countries are affected by it. Due to iron deficiency, the risk of anemia increases along with the woman as well as the unborn child ( 9 ). In such a situation, along with other iron-rich foods, women can also include cashew nuts in their diet.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes control can also be counted among the benefits of eating cashews during pregnancy . It is also written in a research paper published by NCBI that the risk of diabetes can be avoided by consuming nuts. It is believed that cashew does not allow glucose to build up rapidly in the body, due to which the amount of glucose in the body is controlled. Due to this, it can also help in avoiding the risk of diabetes ( 10 ).

5. For blood pressure control

The benefits of eating cashews during pregnancy may also include controlling blood pressure . It has been told in a research paper related to this that it can reduce both the number of blood pressure i.e. systolic and diastolic blood pressure . By doing so, it can also protect pregnant women from the risk of heart disease ( 11 ).

Another research says that consuming less sodium along with calcium, magnesium and potassium can provide protection against the risk of high blood pressure. All these nutrients are found in cashews. For this reason, cashew has been considered helpful in preventing blood pressure. It is difficult to get this benefit just by consuming salted cashews ( 12 ).

6. Cholesterol

Cashew can also prove beneficial for reducing cholesterol . Research suggests that the phytosterols present in nuts can lower cholesterol levels in the intestines by interfering with cholesterol absorption. According to research, consuming 67 grams of nuts daily can help reduce total and LDL ie harmful cholesterol ( 12 ).

7. For muscles

Cashews can also help in preventing muscle problems during pregnancy. According to a research paper related to this, magnesium is an essential nutrient for muscles. This ensures better functioning of the muscles. Also, it can be helpful in strengthening the bones ( 13 ). Cashews are good in this nutrient ( 12 ). On this basis, it can be said that consuming cashews during pregnancy can be good for the muscles of both the mother and the fetus.

Moving ahead in the article, read how cashews can be included in the diet.

How to include cashews in your diet during pregnancy

After knowing the benefits of cashew during pregnancy, you will definitely want to include it in your diet. If yes, then you can make cashews a part of your diet in this way.

• Cashews can be taken directly as snacks.
• It can also be eaten mixed with other dry fruits.
• You can drink cashew nuts by adding its powder to milk.
• A paste can be made from ground cashews and added to any sweet or cashew barfi can be made.
• Cashews can be eaten as paste, powder or whole mixed with oats.
• You can add it while making carrot pudding.
• You can also add cashews cut into two pieces while making rice.
• It can also be used to make chutney. By mixing ginger and lemon with cashews, you can make chutney and eat it with cucumber, cucumber or any other salad.

After the benefits of eating cashew nuts during pregnancy and the method of use, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of eating cashew nuts during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Eating Cashew While Pregnant

Consumption of cashew nuts is considered safe, but it can cause some harm to sensitive people. Some of these disadvantages are as follows.

• Consuming it in sensitive women can cause an allergic reaction. If you have problems like cough, wheezing, vomiting for four hours after consuming it, then understand that you are allergic to it ( 5 ).
• Cashews containing salt can increase the problem of BP ( 12 ).

You must have understood how beneficial cashews are during pregnancy. Just include it in your diet now and take advantage of it during pregnancy. Yes, knowing its benefits, do not consume cashews excessively. Due to the harm caused by excessive consumption of cashews, pregnancy can be affected. For this reason, get the benefits of cashew by including it in the diet in limited quantity.

Frequently asked questions

Can pregnant women eat cashew nuts on an empty stomach?

Yes, cashew is nutritious, so you can eat limited quantity of it on an empty stomach after consulting a doctor.

Can we eat cashews daily during pregnancy?

Yes, it can be eaten daily by mixing it with other nuts. Just pay attention to its quantity. It should not be consumed in excess.

Who should not eat salted cashews?

Those at risk of high blood pressure should avoid salted cashews.

When should I start eating cashews during pregnancy?

Cashew is an important part of the pregnancy diet, so it can be eaten in limited quantities throughout pregnancy.

What is the limit of eating cashew nuts during pregnancy?

It is said that pregnant women can consume 1.6 mg of cashew nuts in a day. To count, about 18 medium-sized cashews can be included in a pregnant woman’s daily diet ( 2 ). If there are any pregnancy complications, talk to your doctor about the safe amount of cashews.

Should we eat cashews during pregnancy or not?

You can decide whether cashew should be eaten during pregnancy or not, based on its advantages and disadvantages given in this article. Yes, it is clear that cashew nuts are safe to eat during pregnancy.